Dangers of energy drinks (side effects)

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Many people, due to the extreme fatigue produced
by their required activities, opt for drinking a beverage that provides them with energy. In the market there are different brands of
all prices, and they usually have almost the same main ingredients: caffeine, taurine,
among others. However, several deaths have occurred due
to their consumption. Let’s see: “dangers of energy drink over consumption”: According to scientific studies carried out
during all these years, when a person ingests several doses of energy drinks in a short
period of time, it could be lethal, since these alter the blood pressure and accelerate
the heart rate. But the damage to the body does not end there,
many more have been described, such as insomnia, anxiety, irritability, tachycardia, addiction,
etc. Athletes tend to use them after their practice,
but they are also sought after by thousands of people to stay wide awake during party
nights and nightlife in general, as well as university students. According to Max Dickens, neurologist, energy
drinks affect sleep, cause lack of concentration and increase appetite to excessive levels,
as well as diarrhea, chest pain, headache and annoying tingling. In view of the alarming numbers of deaths
and sick people, alarms have been set off in several countries, which has forced governments
to require distributors of this product to implement the information on their harmful
effects on the respective labels, especially considering children, who do not usually see
the risks involved in eating such energizers, and there is no regulation for minors. The reports from medical centers in different
countries are not encouraging; There are increasing chronic cases of young people with cardiac
arrhythmias, because they are frequent consumers of these stimulant drinks.  
Long-term hazards In a prolonged period of drinking these fluids,
doctors predict that serious neuronal, hepatic and cardiovascular complications may develop. In some nations, factories have been ordered
to reduce the level of caffeine, with the aim of reducing deaths. According to experts, several people who don’t
know if they have a pre-existing heart problem could trigger such problem with energizers. The deadly combination
Statistics show that on average, on a night of drinking, a young man will consume three
to six cans, in between alcoholic drinks. Many of them have died from heart attacks
caused by the clogging of the arteries. But the thing gets more serious when the mixture
is with hallucinogens. A good number of individuals, used to mix
alcoholic beverages with energy, leaving as a result several irregularities in the body
such as high blood pressure, arrhythmia and even heart attacks. The medical community has proposed that instead
of calling them “energizers”, it should be “stimulant drinks”. Because caffeine and liquor act as vasodilators,
the pleasurable combination could end up in an alcoholic coma or a serious stroke and
even sudden cases of death have been reported.

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