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♫ Cookin’… gonna make us some food now… Cookin’…♪ Well guys, we’re at the beautiful Honeymoon Bay. Now this place is absolutely spectacular. We’ve got the whole campsite set up, and it’s
time for a bit of a feed. Now what am I gonna cook up? Well I’m gonna cook up a hearty meal. Something you can sort of get your teeth into,
and it’s called–we’re gonna call it a red wine stew. So lamb red wine stew. I’m gonna use little lamb cutlets. So we’ll call it cutlet red wine stew, how’s
that sound? All right, here we go. We’ll get a bit of heat going. So this is quick and easy. The longest part will be sitting back watching
it sort of simmer away on the coals with a beer. So a little bit of oil. Onions go in with some garlic. Now this is an awesome, awesome dish to to
feed the troops, so to speak. Heaps of garlic. We love the garlic, don’t be slack on the garlic. Or stingy, as they say. We’re gonna put a bit of salt and pepper in
there. So now I’ve just chucked that straight into
the camp oven. Now this camp oven is seasoned, by the way. So it’s good to go. Oh you can hear that frying up. So that’s the onion just frying away. Now I need some lamb, so let’s go to the fridge
here. What have we got in the fridge? I’ve got some lamb cutlets. About 10 there. Nothing like a good feed. So what do we want to do with these is basically
you just want to open them up, and you just want to chuck them in like that. All righty, so while that is simmering away,
I’ll get some carrots going here. So basically I’m just going to chop the carrots. Potatoes, I’m not going to bother peeling
them. But what I will do is I’ll cut them up in
sort of little cubes. This is a bit of parsley. Chuck that in. And we just sort of, you know, just rough
chopping the old basil. And we’re just gonna chuck that in like that. Now I got some mushrooms here, so a couple
of mushrooms. You know you’re looking at really good–there’s
a lot of veggies and it’s good, healthy tucker. This will give the the old stew a bit of body. Now a couple of tins of tomatoes. So these are just mixed herb tomato. Something you’d use in a bolognese sauce. We’re gonna chuck them in. Two of those tins. There we go. Oh, these ones were whole peeled tomatoes. I thought they are the same ones, but who
cares. We’ll get that mixing around. Oh look at that. There’s nothing like a hearty stew, I’ll tell
you now. There’s actually some good flavors in there. Tomatoes and herbs. All right, this is where we make the red wine
jus. Juzz, jus… I don’t know I don’t know the fancy French
name for it. And so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna give
it a bit of volume. It’s gotta have, you know, the liquid that
we put in there, you don’t want it to be too runny. You want it to have–you want it to stick
to the pieces of meat and veggies when you eat it. You don’t want it just dribbling off down
your chin. You know what I mean? So we’re gonna use the some of the beef stock. We’re gonna use some of the beef stock to
mix that up, and the rest of it we’re gonna put in here. So I’m gonna stick pretty much that whole
liter of beef stock in there. Alright yeah, that’s looking good, looking
real good. Mix this one up. While that’s mixing up, let’s stick some red
wine in. Now you think this is a spring water bottle. There’s a story behind that. Simon was instructed to get the red wine,
and anyway he brought back the red wine but didn’t have a screw cap. It had a cork in it. Yeah once you pop the cork, it’s hard to put
it back in unless you got a cap or whatever. So he’s put it in this bottle. So if you want to know, it’s red wine. So I’m gonna pour, and I was instructed by
Simon as well, not to use all the red wine. So we’ll keep him a little bit. Okay otherwise he’ll be up me. Alright so that is really gonna give it some
flavor. And so those of you who worried about feeding
this to children, all the alcohol evaporates off the top. So you don’t have to worry about it. It’s not alcoholic. All right so I’m gonna mix this up making
sure I don’t get any lumps. This is what’s gonna thicken it. Pour that sucker in. Strain it to make sure the lumps don’t go
in. There we go. See kept all the lumpy bits out. Alright now we can do a big mix-up. Oh yeah look that’s a serious mix. That is just gonna–the flavors hanging out
of there are just insane. Alright the trick now is to get the lid on, and we’re gonna take this whole shootin match over to the fire. It’s gonna simmer for at least a good hour
to an hour and a half. And you want it simmering, because you want
that meat to just melt in your mouth. Let’s do it. Perfect. Alright so there we go. That’s gonna sit there, and it’ll simmer away. And we’re gonna sit back and we’re going to
enjoy this awesome sunset and have a nice beer. All righty, we’ll have a quick look at it. Oh look at that. Oh yes the meat is just falling off the bone. Oh the flavours are awesome. The boys are gonna love it. I’ll just flick that off. Here we go, boys. How’d you go, mate? Is she cooked? Yeah got the tucker ready for youse. We’re in here ready waitin for you to dish
it up. There we go, a couple of chops. You want a couple, hey? One. There we go, there’s two. And fair bit of this jus, mate, they call
it. All my red wine in there. That’s it, there you go, mate. Nice work, buddy, nice work. Smells good too. Jeez it is smokin hot. There’s yours. Have a crack of that. Thanks, mate. How is it, boys? It’s perfect. You’ve outdone yourself, Jase. You have. I hope you like that recipe, because there’s many more in my new bush cookbook, “about that much”.


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