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Hi, I’m Jerry Wilson, the founder of Coastal
Custom Wine Cellars Honolulu Hawaii. I’m going to take you on a short audio and video
tour of a wine cellar that we installed a little over a year ago.
But I get so many comments and so many remarks as the photographs of this wine cellar is
part of the photo gallery on our website, that I thought we’d have a little bit more
fun with it. It was easy for me to work with these folks even though they’re in Hawaii
and I’m in Southern California. I’ve been in the industry for 12 years,
prior to that I was a homebuilder, so I’m very accustomed to working with architects,
interior designers, general contractors, and such. It really was quite easy for us to install
a beautiful wine room. I’m going to take you to these drawings
really quick. When we prepare a three dimensional wine cellar design Honolulu Hawaii package
for a client, they’ll have multiple pages: overhead views, elevations of each wall, and
finally the 3D view so you get a great idea of how everything ties together.
The total bottle capacity on this cellar was 2,446 bottles. It was a large rectangular
shaped room. Here’s the entry and just outside the entry is a very large, very elegant dining
area. This was a focal point of this house. This is not just basic storage.
We’ll take a look at all the elevations. These are the walls just to the left and just
to the right of the entry. On each side, there are quarter round display shelves, which are
great for standing the magnum up vertically, placing decanters or decorative items. It’s
kind of the first thing that catches your eye as you open the wine cellar doors.
The wine cellar doors were created custom for her, dual paned full glass doors with
wrought iron detail of a grapevine motif. We’ll have some pictures of these wine cellar
doors for you shortly as well. These are curved corners. Our curved corners
are true radius in nature. There’s no angle or segmented effect to any aspect of it including
the spacer bars. Elevation C makes a transition on the short
side walls to the back wall, and we do so again with another curved corner that’s
a little bit shorter and I’ll explain why in just a moment. Here’s the back wall.
A little bit of a challenge was working around a family heirloom or an antique that she had,
which was a cabinet and a sink area, so we built the wine racks around this.
All these wine racks are created in unfinished Mahogany per the client’s request. Unfinished
Mahogany wine racks are really quite beautiful. It has a very light tan color and very natural
look. These are grill covers. We used a ductless
split refrigeration system for this wine room by US Cellars. US Cellars creates a product
that the fan coils are indeed as you might imagine are mechanical looking, so we clad
them with a matching wood and grill covers. Now we’ll get into some better visuals,
so you’ll see how this project came together. This is the entry that I spoke of and the
quarter round display shelves. The grill boxes and grill covers that house the RM Series
— Rack Mounted evaporator coils by US Cellars. This is the back wall. This is a lattice style
arch and the pictures really don’t do it justice, so let me inject a picture here real
quick. The craftsmanship by the folks at the factory is just remarkable creating this beautiful
lattice style Mahogany wine racks. There are other styles available and our client simply
prefers this. I think it looks beautiful actually. These tabletops were provided by her. You’ll
see in the pictures, there is granite and we allowed for the thickness of that of course.
This open area is where her antique cabinet and sink was. This is a long visual.
I hope you enjoy the tour, the articles, and the photographs. Cheers!

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This one does look nice, when are your organizing a wine cellars tour?

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