Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – The Murder Of An Alcoholic – Ep 542 – 17th July, 2017

By Brian Lemay 51 comments

Sister, I can’t sleep. When will mom return? Sahil, mom will return soon. You just go to bed. Greetings. Welcome to
‘Crime Patrol Dial 101.’ Women in our society are
looked down since a long time and few people have
this distorted mind-set that women can never be
treated equal to men. Today’s episode raises
such unanswered questions that if answered wisely a lot of positive changes
can be brought in our society. No matter if the woman is a
home-maker or a working woman.. They are forced into
such relationships that all they get from it is
pain and distress. A woman is a mother, a sister and sometimes a wife
and a daughter. But this generous and
affectionate heart of theirs is it created only
to be exploited? Have we ever tried to understand
a woman beyond all these things? Have we tried to know
what they want? That one.. Give me that one..
– Please.. – Give that.. Pal, please give me that one..
– Hold on. P-Please wait.
– Tell me? Suresh, give me a bottle. Ma’am, the owner has asked
me not to give alcohol to you. He has asked you to pay
all the old dues first. I-I will pay it right away,
y-you just give it to me. Ma’am, listen up! Catch her!
– Ma’am.. Thief! Catch her..
– Thief, catch her.. Mister! Why are you driving so slow? Can you speed up? Ma’am, I can ride fast once I know where
should I drop you! Tell me,
where should I drop you? Well, mister. Take me any place, come on. Idiot! He was asking me for money! He asked me to clear dues and
only then he’ll give me alcohol. He doesn’t realise that
I am a very old customer. Ma’am, have you stolen it? Why do you ask? Are you a police officer? Just mind your own business. Rickshaw..
Why did you stop the rickshaw? Ma’am, please get down.
Please get down. I-I won’t..
– Get out! Will you do it yourself
or should I call the cops? Why are you acting over smart? I am paying you, all right! I don’t need your money! I don’t want to get
into trouble! – Come on! Even I don’t want to
argue with you, go away! She’s a such a terrible
drunkard! Hey! Do I take money
from you to drink? Just go away! Go away! Who is it? Open the door and I
will show it to you! First tell me, who are you? Your mom stole the bottle
of alcohol from our shop! Where is your mom? I have no clue about her and I already told you not to give her alcohol
in credit. Why did you give it to her then? Don’t try and act over smart! Tell me where is she! Hey! Where are you heading..
– Get out of my house. S-Sahil.. Dear.. Are you trying to threaten me? I will show you better
ways to threaten someone. Mithila, is there a problem?
Is there a problem? Are they bothering you? Until when will
you hide your mom! Come on! You can’t even handle it!
Come on now! Anjali divorced her husband
four years ago. Due to this mental stress Anjali pooled
herself in alcohol. She wasn’t able to fulfil
her basic duties as a mom. Like every mother,
she loved her kids a lot. But alcohol is one such habit that if you consume it once then coming out of it
is almost impossible. And her kids had
to pay the price for this uneducable
mistake of hers. This plight was just the
beginning of a disaster that no one would’ve ever imagined in their
wildest dreams. ‘Once Alice
was sitting near a river bank’ ‘with her sister.’ ‘She was getting bored..’
– Sister, I am not sleepy. When will mom return? Sahil, mom will come back soon. You just sleep tight. Please sing me the lullaby
that mom used to sing for me. Hey, Mithila! Where are you going
alone at this hour? It is not advisable to leave
alone at this hour. Should I accompany you? Mister, look. Please don’t touch me. I will lodge a complaint
against you. You will lodge a complaint! I will teach you a lesson. Where is mom? Hey! Stop her! Sir,
Anjali is a single mom. Sahil and Mithi
are her children. Sir, would you look
for my mom and sister? Dear, don’t worry. We will
find them at the earliest. Sir, since Anjali didn’t
return home since last night so Mithila put Sahil to bed.. We call her ‘Mithi’ with love. She went in search of Anjali. Even Anjali can’t
seem to be found and Anjali even forgot
her mobile at home. Mithla’s phone is
switched off too. Who are you? How do you know her family? Sir, I am Anjali’s friend. Anjali got divorced
four years ago since then she lives
in the same building. Sir, there is an important
thing about Anjali. She.. She is an alcoholic. Sir,
she drinks alcohol incessantly. You may leave,
we’ll try to look for her. Sir, thank you.
Sahil, come on. Sir, you would find my sister,
right? Sure. Did you see Anjali last night? Sir, no.
He might know it better as he works at night and
I do a morning shift. Did you see anything? Did you fell asleep while
guarding the society? Sir, not at all.
I never leave this gate. I didn’t see Ms. Anjali
last night but, yes! Mithila was heading
somewhere in the night. I tried to stop her asking her not to leave so late. Tell me! Listen, we need to talk
about your neighbour, Anjali. Sir, we know Anjali exactly
the way others know her. She’s a drunkard. Listen, the issue
now is that even Mithila
has disappeared now. That small girl. What could be the reason
behind her going missing? Poor Mithi.. While looking for her mom,
she herself went missing. Sir, I’d suggest,
find Mithi. You will come across Anjali
somewhere or the other. She might be lying in some
park or a gutter, drunk. What more do you know
about Anjali? She is addicted to alcohol,
sir. She doesn’t have a husband. She has no one to restrict her. She has spoilt the atmosphere
in the society. She stays out the whole night. Sir, I have gathered
information about Anjali from her neighbours. She is addicted to alcohol. Prior to this, on many occasions she stayed out
the whole night. It also has happened that
she hadn’t returned home for a couple of days. Raj, I am more concerned
about Mithi than Anjali. She is a small girl.
I wonder where she is and in what condition
she might be. Though she started from
here in search of her mom but I wonder where she is now. As time is passing by Mithi’s life is getting
into danger. Show Anjali and
Mithi’s pictures and enquire in the
surrounding areas. And yes, also circulate their
pictures to the police stations hospitals and
morgues in the city. Gather their cell phone
details too. Had you come across them? Yes, sir, I had seen her. She was looking for someone
in the park. ‘Where is mom?’ Okay. Don’t worry, dear.
Everything will be fine. Have you eaten
anything since morning? No. Come on, let’s go out and
have some food. Come on. Come on. I won’t
eat anything until mom and
sister return home. Sahil, if your mom and
sister come to know that you haven’t eaten
anything since morning then they will be quite upset. Come on, let’s go.
– No. – Come on. Come on, dear, let’s go.
– No. More than 12 hours had lapsed
since Mithi went missing. Since she was a minor,
the cops didn’t wait for 24 hours
and started looking for her. But they didn’t get any
information about Mithi yet. Now, it became even more
challenging for the cops because even Mithi was
missing after Anjali. Sir, the pictures of both,
Anjali and Mithi have been circulated
to all the police stations hospitals and morgues in
the surrounding areas. But we haven’t got
any information yet. Excuse me. Hello. Okay. Fine, I’ll be there. Sir, we have got
information about Mithi. Let’s go. Sir, she is alive. Call for an ambulance.
– Yes, sir. Search the surroundings,
thoroughly. Sahil, what
are you thinking? Come on, have it. Come on, have it. Everything
will be fine. Have food. Where might mom and sister be? They haven’t returned yet. The cops are
looking for them. Okay? They will
return soon. Don’t worry. I always eat with my
mom and my sister. Even they might be hungry,
right? Sahil, don’t cry.
I am with you, right? I want mom. If you don’t want to eat food,
then don’t. Don’t waste my time
unnecessarily. Get me the bill.
Take this money. Catch a auto rickshaw
and go home on your own. Sir! Sir! Come on, Mithi,
have some water. Mithi, don’t worry.
Relax. Mithi, what happened
with you last night? S-Sir.. Mom didn’t return home
last night. So, I thought of searching
for her in the surrounding
areas of the society. Thinking that perhaps,
she might’ve fallen somewhere. She always visits the garden.
I even checked there. But I didn’t find her. Then I thought of.. Then I thought of
catching an auto rickshaw and searching for her..
And searching for her further. When I took an auto rickshaw that auto driver took
me to some other place. And..
And he tried to molest me. I resisted until I could. After that I fainted. Mithi, do you remember that
auto rickshaw driver’s face? Not vividly, sir. But his auto rickshaw
was too colourful. And it had.. It had green
colour lights in it. Thank you, Mithi. Search for the auto rickshaw
which fits the description Mithi gave us, in Jawahar
Nagar and in that entire area. And check all the CCTV
cameras in the locality to find out about Anjali. I am afraid that Anjali herself
might’ve got into trouble because of her
addiction to alcohol. It is possible, sir. Hey, Sahil!
Sahil, where did you go? Who took you? Mister, here you go. Come, see, they have
found your sister, Mithi. Come on. Sister, where had you gone? Sahil, please don’t cry.
I am back, right? Don’t cry,
Sahil. Stop crying. The cops will arrest the
scoundrel soon. Wait and watch. The cops will find your mom,
soon. Haven’t they found mom, yet?
– No, Mithi. They haven’t
found your mom, yet. Don’t worry.
They will find her soon. Cops are looking for her. Sister,
they will find mom, right? Yes, Sahil, they will find her. Do you know her?
– Yes, sir. Anjali, right? Anjali
owed you money, right? Just because she stole
liquor from your shop you kidnapped her, is it? Where have you kept her?
What have you done to her? Sir,
neither have I kidnapped her nor am I holding her captive,
anywhere. Sir, I haven’t seen
her since a week. And she hasn’t visited
my shop since many days. If you need more
information about her then talk to her ex-husband,
Satish. Sir, though their
marriage has fallen apart but they fight
even now. How do you know
about all this? Sir, I have been running
this shop since 25 years. I have news about all the
families in this locality. At least, agree now. What has your mom
done for your sake? She ruined yours and her life because of her addiction
to alcohol. Listen, irrespective of
whether the court’s verdict is in my favour or not.. Whatever be it,
I’ll handle everything. But both of you come with me,
now. No, Dad. We won’t leave mom and go,
anywhere. If you want to take us with you then you’ll have to take
mom also, along. She has poisoned
your mind against me. Dad, I don’t want to
discuss about all this. I’m going from here. Wait. We will leave from here. All right, you may leave!
I do not need you! I told you
to let them be. They both will not listen but you do not
listen to me anyway. They are not a part
of my life. They are a part of my life
and will always be. If you have any problem
with that then let me know. I made a great mistake
by letting them go four years ago
and now, see their state! These kids will stay
with me no matter what! Do what you want! I will never
live with them. Anjali may not care
for them but I do! These kids
are my responsibility too. ‘From the
information given by Mithi’ ‘the cops checked
every rickshaw.’ ‘Every lane and
every street was scoured’ ‘and so was
every cctv footage.’ Come on, let’s go.
– Where to, sir? I’ll tell you.
Come on now. All right. Sir, the fare.
– You want the money! Sir! Sir!
What are you doing? You harass girls!
You harass girls! I never did that!
I never did any such thing! You did it!
You! Come on in. I’ll pay you.
– I did not do anything. Come on in now.
– Let me go. I did not do anything!
– Sir! Sir! Stand up!
Up! Tell me.
– Please forgive me, sir. She was all alone and I took
her to the forest. She resisted and she fell. I thought she was dead.
So I left from there. I did not do anything. People trust you that you will
take them to their destination and you.. Treat him well. Sir! Forgive me! We checked about you from
your office to your neighbours. They all that
you are a mean man. You only think
about yourself. Hence you left Anjali. You do not care for Anjali
nor your kids. Since you had no kids
from your second wife you started caring
for those kids suddenly. If I am wrong
then is she right? Was Anjali responsible? She took the kids from me
so that I can give her alimony. And that she can spend
that money on alcohol. One cannot be right
by proving others wrong. Where have you been
since last evening? I was with my wife. Satish was with me
here at home. I know Satish is selfish. All he cares
is about himself. And that is what
led Anjali in depression. And hence she
started drinking. Rather than helping her,
Satish left her be. I knew of all this
after I got married. But what else could I do? I had no control. You may have hired
someone else for the murder. What are you saying? Due to her drinking
habit, my case is stronger why I get myself in
trouble by having her killed? The court can grant
justice in a while and some people lose
patience. Can it be that you lost
your patience and you.. Sir,
I met her a week ago. Sir, the auto driver
confessed about Mithi But we have got no clue
about Anjali. Raj, there is
something that is confusing us. As per the FIR, Anjali
went missing on the 22nd. But the
people around her and the liquor shop owner
says that she has been missing
since a week. We have not seen her
since the past week. Neither did she speak
to her ex-husband. Sir,
I met her a week ago. Even the guard did not see
Anjali leaving on the 22nd. I did not see Ms. Anjali
last night. But Mithi was going out. There is something odd. What about Anjali’s
call records? Her phone was active
on the 16th of this month. Since then the phone
is in active. The location pins
the phone at home. Ketan filed the report
for Anjali gone missing. If Anjali went missing earlier then why did Ketan file
a report later? Raj, get Ketan here.
We need to talk. – Sir. From Anjali’s phone
activities and the statements of people related to
this case, the police felt that Anjali was not missing
since the 22nd of July but from a
date before that. When the police checked
CCTV footage of Anjali’s society the matter became clear. The footage shows Anjali
going out on the 16th of July and since then Anjali
was missing. What happened to Anjali?
And why did Mithi hide it? Sister, please have food. Where did you get this? Mr. Mishra sent some. You eat.
I do not want to eat. Please have a little. Sahil, I do not feel
like eating. Let me help you. Sister, who will feed mom? Why did you file a false report? Sir.. Sir, I did not know
when she went missing. Sir, a week ago,
on the 16th of July she asked me for marriage. I refused so she
started fighting. Then she stopped
answering my phone. Sir, I thought she must’ve
calmed down so I went to her house
to speak to her. There, I only found Sahil. Mom! I got him here. Sir, if I had done
anything wrong why would I come here
to the police? If you did something bad
and you keep it from us then you will pay. Sir, after the 16th mom
did not come home and I did not inform dad since he would have taken us
and stopped looking for mom. I did not inform Mr. Ketan since he always made me feel
very uncomfortable. He always wanted the same
from mom. Sir, please find my mom. Sir, please listen to me.
Sir! Sir! She is lying! She is lying! She is not what she seems!
She is just like her mother! She is using people
for her gains! I know you will not trust me
and you will listen to her but I have never done
any such thing! She is like my daughter. Is that so? What is this? Is this how one speaks
to his daughter? Does one send such messages
to his daughter? You have sent all
these messages. You have been sending
romantic poems to someone you think
of as your daughter! No!
– Listen to me. No matter who you are we have our eye on you. We know well how to get
your kind in line. Come on!
– Sir! Sir! Sir!Listen to me. Raj.
Some people are so selfish that they care
for nothing else. Mithi has a phone, right? Everything thinks that she has
not seen Anjali since a week. We have not seen Anjali
for a week. So get call details of Anjali
and Mithi for past week and check every detail.
– Sir, Mithi.. She seems cunning. Her mother is missing
since the past week. She never spoke
to her neighbours nor did she come to the police. We have to check in detail.
– Sir. Sister, take your medicine. Sir.
We have Mithi’s call details. She is speaking to a Ranjan
these days. Her phone was regularly active
in an isolated place for the last week. Break it open.
– Sir. Sir, from the circumstantial
evidence it seems someone was kept
captive in here. Can Anjali be kept here? It is possible. Raj, find out whose place
this is. Sir. As soon as they
got to know about events happening with Meethi Satish realised that
he had made a grave mistake by leaving his daughter, alone. On the other hand, the police was unable to find out
anything about Anjali but they had got
a clue that Meethi was hiding a lot of facts. Once again,
the police started to analyse the facts of this case. Sister, if mom didn’t come back what will we do? Do we have to stay with dad? No, Sahil.
Mom will come back. Police is there. They’ll
find her.Don’t worry. Sir, we’ve found out the owner
of that warehouse. Who is he?
– Ranjan Joshi. Ranjan Joshi? These days, Meethi was
spending a lot of time speaking to someone
named Ranjan Joshi. Is he the same person to whom
Meethi used to speak often? Yes, sir.But how is
Ranjan Joshi related to Meethi? Ranjan Joshi will explain this
to us. Come with me. I’m sure your visit has
a purpose but I’m sorry. Neither do I recognise
this woman nor this girl. Listen, Mr. Ranjan. Meethi has received a call
from your number several times and her mother is missing and we’ve found traces
of someone being held captive in your farmhouse. These things are enough for us to take you into custody. Sir, but I’ve given
these numbers to my sons Ishaan and Romit. We haven’t been to our
farmhouse since long. Where are you sons? Where do they study?
– M.G. School. Sir, Meethi too studies
in M.G. School. Mom, where are you? Dad, please..
Dad, please I want to.. Meethi, come with me.
– Satish.. Your mom.. – Dad..
– …can’t take care of you. She is too busy drinking. They are not just
your kids.I’m their father and they’ll stay with me. As long as I’m alive you can’t take them with you.
Understood? I’m ready to do
anything for my kids. You are a self-centred person,
aren’t you? And I..
I am just a show piece. My aspirations,
my dreams, my love.. You crushed everything
and got remarried. Now you want me to lose
the purpose of my life. Don’t torture me so much that it becomes impossible
for me to survive. Look at this poor girl. Her father had abandoned them
and her mother keeps drinking all day long. God knows what will
happen to them. Mom!Mom.. Mom,
why don’t you quit drinking? Do you know how much
people tease me as well as you? Okay, dear. I’ll quit drinking for sure.
– Promise? Pinky promise? Pinky promise.
– Thanks, Mom. Okay, I’m leaving now. Bye.
– Bye. Sister, open the door. – Meethi.
– Sahil, keep quiet. Nothing will happen to mom.
– Meethi, open the door. Meethi! Dear, open the door.
– Sahil, keep quiet. Nothing will happen to mom.
– Open the door. – Meethi! No, Mom.
I won’t open the door! Meethi.. I just had a little
bit. – Sahil, don’t worry. I.. I promise you.
I won’t have it now. Meethi, please open the door.
– No, Mom. You always break your promise! Open the door, Meethi.
– Keep quiet. Sister, mom will die.
Please open the door. Please open the door. Mom! Excuse me, sir.
Hello. Okay.
Fine, we’ll be there. Sir, I am the one
who had called you. There is a foul smell
of a corpse. Sir, this is a female corpse.
It has been burnt completely. Raj, what if
it is Anjali’s corpse? Send the corpse for post-mortem and summon Anjali’s family
for identification. – Sir. Search the nearby area
and try to find some clue. Raj! – Sir. Come here.Look at this.
Tyre marks of a car. The corpse might have been
brought here by car and dumped. Car must’ve come from this way. Check the footage of all the CCTV camera’s on
this way. – Sir. We’ve recovered this
from the body. Mom..
Mom.. Mom! M-Mom.. Why did you kill Meethi’s mom? Sir, we haven’t killed anyone. Nor Meethi has got
anything to do with this. Sir, she used to love
her mother very much. All we wanted was for things to become normal
between Ms. Anjali and Meethi. That’s
why we helped her. Help?
– What do you mean? Sir, Meethi is our best friend and she wanted Ms. Anjali
to quit drinking that’s why she even
tried to commit suicide. What are you doing? Have you lost your mind? Yes, I’ve lost my mind! Let me die! Meethi, if you have any problem tell us.
We’ll solve it. I can’t bear it anymore. Mom is killing herself
and I’m helpless. People try to take
advantage of us! Everyone tries
to get close to me! Even Mr. Ketan’s intentions
are bad. All I want is that mom should
quit drinking. Please help me. We came up with a plan. Sir, we thought
that if we hold Ms. Anjali captive for a few days and don’t let her drink then perhaps she
will quit drinking. Sir, Meethi used
to beg her mother daily not to drink. Mom..
Mom, you had promised me that you’ll quit drinking. Quit drinking, please. Meethi, why are you doing this? Dear, I can’t quit drinking. Please take me home. No, Mom.
Until I become sure that you can stay
away from alcohol I won’t take you home! Have you gone mad, Meethi! Untie me.
Meethi! I can’t quit drinking. Meethi, please take me home. Sir, Ms. Anjali fooled us
and managed to escape on the night of 22nd. We tried to find her but we couldn’t. Oh, man! What are we going to do now? Y-Yes, Meethi.
– Hello, is mom fine? M-Meethi..
Ms. Anjali has run away. – What! Sir, we haven’t done anything. Sir, we can’t do
anything as such with our best friend’s mom. Sir, we are innocent. We wanted things to become
normal in our friend’s life. Bring Meethi here. Let us see what she has to say. Sister, where are you going? Finish your milk.
I’ll be back by then. Sir, you? Sister is not at home. Where did she go? I don’t know.
Our step-mom visited us and then sister went somewhere. Dear..
Dear, calm down. Meethi, calm down. What was going on? What was that noise? Nothing.
Actually.. Did you try to kill Meethi
by holding her captive? Tell us or shall we
extract the truth? I’ll tell you. Meethi. Meethi! Whatever I did,
it was self-defence. Neither did I kill Anjali nor did I try to harm
Meethi on purpose. Dear, tell us. Why did you kidnap your mom and attack you dad? Sir, I just wanted
to live a normal life. I wanted my mom to quit alcohol. And then Ms. Shruti told me that only dad can kill mom because he wanted
to take us along. He used to hate mom that’s why I got furious. Raj. – Sir. Shruti’s role in this case will give us a breakthrough. Bring Shruti here.
– Yes, sir. Why did you tell Meethi
that Satish has killed Anjali? If you had a doubt,
you could’ve contacted us. Satish ruined Anjali’s life
first and then mine. He got rid of Anjali but he wasn’t able
to forget his kids. He wanted to bring
his kids back that’s why I told Meethi that her dad has killed her mom and that he’ll take her along,
forcefully. It’s very unfortunate, Shruti. You instigated a small kid
to commit such a grave crime. Do you understand
what kids go through after losing their mother? You can’t. It has been confirmed
that this is Anjali’s corpse. She was first raped
and murdered. Then her body was set on fire. If the culprit is neither Ketan nor Meethi and her friends or Satish and Shruti then who else could do this? Sir, here’s the CCTV footage
of the area nearby the jungle. Play it. This black Sedan
is going towards the jungle via this route. Find out in whose name
this car is registered. – Sir. Sir, here’s the car. Check it thoroughly. Sir! Look at this. Catch him! Sir.. Sir.. Sir.. Sir! Come..
Come on! Take him along. – Sir..
– Sir, tell me what I’ve done. Come on.. – Sir, tell me. Sir! – Sir..
Sir, I made a mistake. Sir.. – Sir.. I’ll tell you, sir.
We made a mistake. Tell me. – Sir..
– Why did you do all this! Why did you kill Anjali!
– I’ll tell you, sir.. I’ll tell you everything. Watchman! Yes, ma’am.
– I need money to buy alcohol. I’ll repay you later. I don’t have money, ma’am. Please check.
– What? What happened? Sir, she is Ms. Anjali.
She’s asking for money. I see. Here. Give this to the
autorickshaw driver. Let me handle. – Yes, sir. Come on, Ms. Anjali.
Come with me. Where? – Come on. I’ve arranged fine alcohol
for you. Come on. – Really?
– You’ll enjoy having it. Come on.. Come in..
– Where.. Where have you brought me?
– This place belongs to me. It’s my garage.
Come on, sit down.. Well.. Alcohol..
– I’ll bring it. Wait. I’ll get it for you. She was crying for help and we got scared that what if we got caught? We would end up in jail that’s why we killed her and.. We hid her corpse in a sack
and went to the jungle where we set it on fire. No matter how hard you
try to hide the crime but the truth gets revealed,
eventually. – Sir.. You’ll be punished
for your deeds but I want you to get
death penalty. Sir.. Ketan was held guilty
for molestation Mishra and the security
guard was held guilty for rape and murder. They are being prosecuted. Satish and Shruti
have been divorced. Meethi and Sahil
stay with their dad. It is said, that our destiny
depends upon our habits and we can change our destiny
if we change our habits. On this note, I,
Anup Soni bid goodbye to you. We’ll meet again
in the next episode with another shocking case. Till then, take care of yourself
and your family. Keep watching
‘Crime Petrol, Dial 100’. A lesson to one,
learning for all. ‘Jai Hind!’


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Jo case solve hota hai. Wo hi case dikhate hai

ezaz alam

Dec 12, 2018, 4:30 am Reply


Rahat Saleem

Jan 1, 2019, 9:19 pm Reply

Is episode Mai ak woman sharb pee ker khud hi crime ko dawat Dy Rahi the aur k c woman the apny bacho ka koei khyal hi nahi that dakha Jaya to wo b matlabi hi thee

gokul sahu

Jan 1, 2019, 9:59 am Reply


Alisha singh

Jan 1, 2019, 8:01 am Reply

Sala y sb ko bcha paida krne m mja ata h sale phr dvrc lkr bccho ki lfe brbd krte h,jb aps m bnta hi nhi toh bcche q paida krte h…cheap peaple😡😡😡

Gul Soom

Jan 1, 2019, 6:43 pm Reply

Sahil is such a great and natural child actor
Apriciated ❤️💋
Hope to see him more in other episodes

Iqrar Khan

Feb 2, 2019, 9:25 pm Reply

this wouldv never happend i her stupid dauther didnt tell her friends to kidnap her mom

Jaspal Singh

Feb 2, 2019, 8:11 am Reply


Obaid khan

Feb 2, 2019, 4:57 am Reply

kash ke police asal me ase hote

pankaj singh

Feb 2, 2019, 4:17 pm Reply

Tumari ma ka bur tumhe achhe se PTA h sabhi mahilao ka Dil Komal hota


Feb 2, 2019, 12:00 pm Reply

Tu uska baap ho ya na ho pr hm tere baap jaise zaroor hai😁😁

Naval jha Jha

Feb 2, 2019, 8:09 am Reply

Srab ka itna lat

Pratima Rai

Feb 2, 2019, 12:11 pm Reply

Little boy acting awesome God bless you

Golmei Thuigonglung

Mar 3, 2019, 7:48 pm Reply

Bidwah hone se har aurat daru pitahai kya…

Golmei Thuigonglung

Mar 3, 2019, 7:57 pm Reply

Dono bacche bahut pyara hai…


Mar 3, 2019, 7:41 am Reply

Sahil baby 👶 kinna cute h 🥰😘😘

chandan Rajak

Mar 3, 2019, 11:15 am Reply

Wow nice episode

Keshavji Shah

Mar 3, 2019, 1:17 am Reply


Mir Biswas

Apr 4, 2019, 10:43 am Reply

Mother chod dono ki land kat Dena chahiye.uske bad pepper namak us jaga pe Laga Dena chah hiye. Fasi dene se to Mahat ki taste malum nhi cholege beti chod dono ko…I am very much shoked for the woman and her son & daughter.

Rakesh Tikhatri

Apr 4, 2019, 3:32 pm Reply

Omg ye bachaa kitna over acting kar raha hai yrr mai khud irrited ho gaya dekh kar

Ashwini Poojari

Apr 4, 2019, 7:18 pm Reply

Omg! Sahil baby is so cute

A Queen

May 5, 2019, 6:26 am Reply

That kid playing role of sahil is so good. May God bless him with lot's of happiness and prosperity 😌

Kaleem Khan

May 5, 2019, 4:24 pm Reply


Sony kv Vipul786

May 5, 2019, 4:05 pm Reply

That small baby is toooooooo cute..Beti is over intelligent.

Tulsiram Kaushik

May 5, 2019, 7:12 am Reply

Ye mira road wale eoisode kab band karoge ye sab maharastra me hi hota hai or ha tyagi g k eoiside dhikhaya karo

Varsha Jagtap

May 5, 2019, 1:39 pm Reply

Nalayak…. Aurat maa k nam pe Dabba

Arun Sumbria

Jun 6, 2019, 9:16 am Reply

Too much heart touching episode

Arun Sumbria

Jun 6, 2019, 9:11 am Reply

Sahil is sooo cutee

ranjan vaghela

Jun 6, 2019, 9:24 pm Reply

Mithi ke friends ne maa ke saath accha kiya but baap ne bahut bura

Syed ibn Ali Hussain

Jun 6, 2019, 12:10 am Reply

Pakistani police are very Criminal in the World….from Pakistan

Syed ibn Ali Hussain

Jun 6, 2019, 12:17 am Reply

crime petrol men alcohol ki shop dekh kr Pakistan kay Muslim Chief yad aatay hen

Manju Joshi

Jun 6, 2019, 7:28 am Reply

phli baar bacche ko rota dekh dil se rona aa raha tha….itni natural acting…..

George David

Jun 6, 2019, 9:48 am Reply

not good direction, why did you have to show body being draged so many times. the children try to get mother back to normal, they are idiotic children, they should have taken her to a drinking rehab instead of kidnapping and taking law in their own hands. police are stupid and ill mannered and don t know how to talk to people, very bad

Jayesh Manek

Jun 6, 2019, 5:25 pm Reply

Do bacho ki jimedari ke bavjud sarab me dubane vali mahila ki soch sahi ho sakti hay kya ?
Par jab bharartiy kanoon aisi mahila jo khud ke liye (sarab pi ne ke liye) aour bacho ke liye gujara bhatha ke nam se rupaya pati se le sakti hay aour us rupayo se sarab pi sakti hay aour koyi puchh ne vala bhi nahi ki gujara bhatha jo bachho ke liye milta hay kya us se bacho ki sahi parvarish ho rahi hay ya nahi to aisa hi ho sakta hay bas bharatiy sarkar & bharatiy kanoon to jay se parivar bikharne aour mahilao ko galat raste ke liye gujara bhatha ke nam se rupaya dilati hay taki galat soch vali mahila aise patise rupaye etke khud ki aour bachho ki jindgi barbad kar sake agar talak lene vali mahila sahi hay to sarkar ki jimedari honi chahiye ki use nokari ya rojgar dilaye taki khud aour bacho ki jindgi savar sake begunah pati se rupaya gunahgar sarabi ya galat kam karne vali mahila ko dilake purush mahila aour bacho ki jindgi barbad ho sakti hay to bhi be kashur pati se gujarabhadha dilana kaha ka nyay hay ?
Jay hind

Sangita Malasi

Jun 6, 2019, 11:06 am Reply

Nice video

balasaheb sakat

Jul 7, 2019, 3:43 pm Reply

Nice episode

balasaheb sakat

Jul 7, 2019, 3:44 pm Reply

Trishna Mukherjee episode upload plz

Jyoti Saw

Jul 7, 2019, 11:41 pm Reply

I love this episode but I don't like any episode but only for only for crime patrol you know what my mood 24 crime patrol

Mantu Kumar

Jul 7, 2019, 4:22 am Reply

Bahut achha movie

The third eye

Aug 8, 2019, 7:47 pm Reply

So when a woman becomes an alcoholic it is because of the stress that she is going throigh in her life. But when a man becomes an alcoholic it is because he's an asshole. Wow, Logic!

R&T Rahul Raj

Aug 8, 2019, 2:29 am Reply


Ziyuu Khan

Sep 9, 2019, 9:09 am Reply

उत्तर प्रदेश में ऐसी पुलिस कहाँ मिलेगी

Tarlochan Sehmi

Sep 9, 2019, 10:25 pm Reply

Love the Indian POLICE.

chinmaya Nayak

Sep 9, 2019, 7:12 am Reply

God bless u sahil.masoom bacha hai

kiran singh

Sep 9, 2019, 5:10 pm Reply

i like this police inspector..

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