Craft Beverage Training at A-B Tech

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uptempo music what comes to mind when you think of the
North Carolina mountains scenic vistas, beautiful rivers,
pristine forests crystal water falls, biking and hiking
well those are great things but the answer
we’re looking for is craft beverages of course, the craft
beverage industry is booming and nowhere is it booming like it is in the
mountains of Western North Carolina but Asheville Buncombe Technical
Community College or AB Tech as it’s known around here we
train tomorrow craft beverage workforce and we do it like few other places can
we teach a curriculum called brewing distillation and fermentation it’s the
first of its kind among community college systems in the nation, we collaborated with
several other North Carolina schools to develop it, it’s based on a wealth of
information collected in the US and abroad, they’re gonna get some classroom
it’s about for forty percent classroom so they’re understanding the science
behind it, they’re also gonna be you know kind of understanding some the other things
out in the marketplace between marketing and distribution and
then they’re gonna be here in our production floor getting about 60 percent hands-on
experience or so they are getting the best of both worlds with with this program
whether you’re looking for a place to expand or relocate a craft beverage type
of business or a place to start one or you’re trying
to get yourself ready to work in one you need to get in touch with AB Tech
here’s why our curriculum covers all the things you
need to know to start a career in craft beverages topics include fermentation production calculations, microbiology, filtration safety and sanitation and all the
process technologies that you need understand beyond the basic topics you can follow any of several tracks that
will take you into a specialty area that suit your interests you can do mechatronics or agriculture or malting or
logistics or marketing or packaging or serving and that’s not all there’s another great
reason why you need to check out our program it AB Tech Asheville itself, this whole region is
alive and growing it’s like no other place, the people
the outdoors the arts, the music, not to mention the
south slope the local economy and the sense of
community, we train people in skills they can use to jump right in and start
contributing from day one funny thing about that they don’t need
much convincing when you’re here somehow that’s what you
want to do, you just want to be a part of the place its easy to feel that you belong here
it was my father’s dream he was in Charlotte at the time my
parents started this thing Asheville fell in love with the city
fell in love with the people and fell inl love with the culture and he had this idea to start a second
business, he is an engineer by degree, he went to my mom said I have
an idea, she said I can’t imagine a better thing for you to
than start a brewery so whether you wanna be one of the
people learning in using all of these great brewing distilling and fermenting
skills or you wanna hire these people for your
business, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better place to do it than the Asheville
area or a better school than AB Tech to help
you achieve your goals but don’t take our word for it, ask
someone who’s been here cheers for more information go to or visit

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