Cow Urine Magic! | Hidden Secret in Gaumutra Explained by Dhruv Rathee

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Hello Friends, Have Gau Mutr (cow’s urine).. Ooh Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry! This is not cow urine but it’s my urine! So friends, have my urine! Why should you have it? I would like to answer you that in this video. I would like to show you a scientific experiment, which is a very miraculous experiment friends. I have this bottle infront of me which has ordinary water in it. Just imagine this bottle as our own body, extremely clean, miraculous, you can see here what’s happening inside it. So friends, the experiment that I’m going to show you, you must have seen that it has been made viral by many people. Iodine and gau mutra(cow’s urine) experiment! But it’s going to be for the first time that betadine and my own urine’s experiment which I will be showing you now. and I will show you the miracle. So, this is our body, this one is betadine. I’ve gt betadine in this bottle. Betadine is normally used to heal any wound. If you get hurt you use it there. But if you drink it then it’s going to be very dangerous. Understand it like a poison, so it’s a poison that I’m going to put in my body. This happens normally. We are born clear but as we grow up chemicals keep getting inside our body. and you can see, our body turns to something like this. Our body has got chemicals now. Betadine and poison. Now what will I do Friends is I have a spoon here Now what to do to clear it? I will use my urine! I will add some urine here.. And here it goes… Take a spoon and stir. Let me add some more. some more and you can see how slowly the chemical is getting cleaned. See the miracle!! Great! Look, the water has turned exactly like before. The way we were born. Our bottle has been purified completely by adding my urine. Amazingt Isn’t it? So this was friends, the miracle of my urine. This miracle is just not only in my urine but also in yours. Even your urine has this hidden miracle. That’s why I say everyday after waking up in the morning just have two sips of your urine. Just two sips. If you do so then your body will also turn clean and fresh just like this water. Our body gets a lot of pollutants when you work the whole day. because our environment is also so much polluted so just 2 sips of your urine and your body will turn just like this. Thank you. How are you friends? before you start having your urine, I would like to tell you that the video which you have seen was a humorous video, a joke. However the experiment that I have done is a real experiment but I don’t have the purpose of motivating you to have your urine behind making this video. My purpose behind making this video is to educate you. to educate you about the superstition. These days friends superstition has crossed all the limits in our country. It has become very easy to viral any superstition by using social media. and to make people fool far and wide. A same superstition recently got viral friends you must have seen on youtube. People have uploaded different videos about this. gaumutra (cow’s urine) and Betadine experiment videos. Just as I’ve shown in the video, people will take a glass of clean water saying it’s your pure clean body and add betadine in it and it will turn brown in colour. and will say that look poison is spreading in your body. and then will add cow’s urine which will make water transparent again. and then they will talk about the benefits of Gau mutra for your body and if you take it daily then it will help to remove the poison from your body and makes your body clean and pure. I have seen many videos like this on YouTube, faceebook One such video had more than 1 million views and I was surprised to see it’s like and dislike ration More than 6 thousand people have liked it that means so many people have made a fool of themselves after watching that video. So I thought how important it is to make a video on this topic and bring it before you. *Some videos about Cow’s urine* What do I want to say Friends that no need to take any medicines, even if you take one capfull of this once a week then it’s very healthy for your body. So I suggest, drink cow’s urine and take care of cows Thank you so much. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat. Now what makes this hilarious friends is that in this complete experiment if you add your own urine instead of Cow’s then too it will be successful. Your urine will purify water exactly in the same way as the cow urine does. In reality there’s a simple chemical reaction happening here which is even known by an eighth class student. There’s an inorganic compound called as sodium Thiosulphate present in gaumutra, in ours or in any of the mammal’s urine It’s chemical formula is Na2s2o3 and betadine antiseptic medicine is called as Povidone Iodine. Povidone Iodine has Tri iodide ion present in a very large ratio It is written as i3- This ion gives brown colour to the iodine. Important thing is that when this ion is present in the large quantity it’s gives brown colour to the solution also. and it gives yellow colour when it’s present in low concentration. You must have seen when I was pouring betadine in the solution it turned yellow initially It was because this Iodide ion was present in a very less concentration. If I kept adding it then water must have turned more brownish in colour. This same tri iodide ion reacts with ssodium thiosulphate present i our urine and makes a sodium iodide and this sodium iodide is colourless/ transparent in the solution. That’s why the water turns transparent again. A question raises here is who spreads such superstitions? Who are these people who spreads such video and encourages them? and more important is that why is such thing done? the answer to this question is quite easy friends. Just think whenever a superstition spreads in the country then who is benefited from it? Two types of people are benefited. First are those businessmen who takes advantage of your superstition to make their profit. they earn profit from your superstitions. You will be surprised to know friends the average price of cow’s urine in the market is Rs.200-300/l whereas the average price of milk is Rs.50/liter. so have you ever thought of this that a cow urinates everyday however it lactates only after a child’s birth? So how come a urine’s price is 3-4 times more than the milk? It’s only because of profit. You are getting fooled here! Second type of people are those politicians who takes away your votes in the name of cows and religion! Now constructing a school or a hospital is a tedious task. It takes time, money. and also takes an intention from a politician’s side. But for politicians it’s very easy to do something for the cow because people will start questioning if school and hospital turns out to be a jumla (fake promise) but if they do something for cow, they poor cow won’t be able to say anything. No one will be there to talk on their behalf! So very easily these people can publicise and advertise themselves in the name of cow. These are the same religious care takers who have turned politicians in the last few years also many such people have come up even on the social medias who keeps shouting that “Hindus are in danger” “Bollywood is against Hindus”, “Hindus are in Danger” and on the other hand they spread such superstitions and spoils Hindu religion’s name in the world. First spoil religion’s name, country’s name by spreading such superstitions and then earn profits by selling such over priced urine! and on the basis of this same drama, come to ask for votes later! They have started a good business to make you all fools. So who is in loss because of all this? It’s you! a common person is in loss and this loss is not just in your waste of money and vote but this is also turning out dangerous for your life. Recently you might have seen how much the Mob lynching has increased people believes on fake WhatsApp forwards and kill other people. The root cause of this is somewhere the superstition I would say So what is the solution for this friends? Solution is very simple but you will have to work hard. You will have to work hard to do your own research! You will have to work hard to analyse everything critically. By critically analyse I mean that if you read or see anything anywhere then don’t believe on it directly. Like If I have seen it so it must be true You will have to do your own research, whatever you have seen or read, go and search it on Google, read the other results see what other people are talking about it, what other research paper says about it. and then make your own opinion about it whether it’s true or it’s fake. But some topics are such where you will need to research in deep like the topic of this cow’s urine. If only search on Google about the benefits of Gau mutra then you see a lot of websites who will say that it will cure cancer and this that. but these are all unverified websites, fake websites who don’t have any source Like this you will even find many doctors online who will say the benefits of it. So in such cases for deep research I would say there are some websites like PubMed which is a website Research gate is another such website, You can see scholarly articles on these websites and scientifically publications and research papers. So basically they are the search engines for the research papers. You can write key words in these websites like cow-urine-benefits and you see the researches done related to cow urine and what are the results of it. You can read the abstract of any paper to see the research and the result of it. How to do a proper research, is an different topic in itself if you want me to make a video on it in detail then you can write that in the comment below and let me know. In all the publications that I’ve seen about the cow’s urine none of it says that there is any such benefits of drinking it. A research says in it’s conclusion that Cow’s urine might have anti microbial properties This research had kept bacteria in petri dish and added cow’s urine and then it was known that maybe it has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. and this experiment was again done in the lab, no such experiment has been conducted on a human body that drinking cows urine will lead to health benefits or cure. Those people who think there are benefits I would ask them to publish their scientific papers, prove it scientifically and we will surely believe that. and even if this gets proved that cow’s urine is anti bacterial, anti microbial then too it would be a big thing friends. because you know what other things are anti bacterial? Alcohol, green tea, vinegar, onion, garlic so it won’t prove much unless in future there’s some research which will give us a sure shot proof of it’s health benefits. Hinduism respects cow a lot because how has a lot of uses Cow’s faeces can be used as a bio fuel, cow gives milk which can be used to make curd, cheese many things can be done. Cows can be used in the field and some people even uses cow’s urine as a fertilizer But to say that drinking cow’s urine can cure cancer, body will get cleansed it’s all rubbish! so share this video friends and stay safe from these superstitions. and if you like my work then you donate on to support me. so that I can keep making such videos. Let’s meet in the next video. Thank you.


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crazy yuvraj

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crazy yuvraj

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Debanjan Mukherjee

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Great Work Dear… Samajdaar Hi Samajh Saktein Hai.. app ke Saath Addition Karna Chahunga… Chalein Agar Prove Hobi Gaya Keh Sehat ke Lye Acha Hai.. To Kia Aqal Awr Tabiat Ejazat Daitein Hai Peene Ka??.. .. you Are Genious And Reality Acceptor Indian.. Look Very Sober and Nice Personality You Have…me From Pakistan.

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Information 360

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Bheem Singh

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Baap dada ke gyaan ka beda garak kar diya keval ek science project ke madhyam se, but aisa nahi hai dhurv bhai bujurg pagal nahi the wo aise ki jaha ab tisra aadmi ko kensar ho raha hai, sugar, blood pressure, diabetes sab science ke hi parinaam hai ab desi jadi butiya aur dwaiyo ka asar kam ho gaya hai jaha pehle fever aur jukham jaisi cheeje apne aap theek ho jaati thi, yaha tak ki badi se badi chot, fecture bhi par ab nahi hoti kyon antibiotic jaruri ho gayi hai ab toh fever bhi dengue, swain flu, kango fever pata nahi kya ho jaata hai mein samjhta hu aapke paas iska koi jawaab nahi hoga theek vaise hi ki bhagwaan, god, allah kya cheez hai maine toh dekha nahi but kabhi kabhi manana padta hai acche acche ko.

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Ansari ,

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Rishen chatterjee

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Good job on your research and enlightening fellow Indians. Can we see a video from you on Islamic Jihadism, whether Earth is Flat, Uniform Civil code and whether Islam is a political tool more than it is a religion? Also, please make a video on what is being preached in Madrasas and how what they preach are so unscientific. People of India will love you for your unbiased views thereafter. Until then you are piece of shit

beautiful Life

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Barkat e khuda

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He really said very important and logical words.But I have much better thoughts that he had totally forgotten to add on his lecture.
1. If you take a bath for 56 days with an cow urine, you will disappear.
2. If you urinate it in your eyes, you will magically get a spesical power to see in sleep.
2. If you had a ugly voice go and drink the cow urine, your voice will become better than a cocktail.
When the urine will solve your this typical problems, you will realize that you had no disease other than mental illness?
So friends please listen carefully that the cows also never drink their own urine .??

Mohd Shamsher

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Alpha Gaming

Sep 9, 2019, 6:38 pm Reply

1. Cow urine is costly than milk because of cost introduced in refining the urine that milk doesn't need.
Bhai itna bhi sense nahi is aadmi Ko ? Baki to kya hi bolu..

Naveed Ahmed

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Excellent brother. We need people like you to provide REAL education and awareness.

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Sep 9, 2019, 3:52 am Reply

Drinking cow urine cures cancer?
What a logic.. Whoever is spreading this idea should get Nobel peace prize

dikhya sarma

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dikhya sarma

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Sep 9, 2019, 8:26 am Reply

Cow dung is used for many years as fertilizer, as gas or fuel for cooking people eat food cooked in it, it is used in making floor where babies of your ancestors play and eat it as mischieve….. Cow urine is used for years as disinfectant….. You people really born in air conditioner you don't know Indian village…… They don't have cancer cells like now a days. Now people are born with cancer defaiming culture.

sam kaur

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Ritesh kumar.

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indranil maity

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Kamal Saini

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गौ मूत्र दो प्रकार के होते हैं देशी गाय का ओर विदेशी गाय के नस्ल पर निर्भर करता है विदेशी नस्ल की गाय क तो दूध भी हानिकारक होता है

Ajay Patel

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यहाँ जो गोमूत्र का मज़ाक उड़ाते हे वही लीबरनडु जाहिल चूतिये पढ़े लिखे गवार हलाला की पैदाइस
मुर्गी की गांण्ड से निकले अंडे चाट चाट कर खाते है। वाह रे तुम्हारी माको चॉदु वाह ।
तुम्हरी माकी चुथे फट जायेगी लेकिन हमारी सनातन संस्कृति जिवंत रहेगी हमेसा। कुछ भी करलो। साले अब तो गोरे भी फॉलो करते हे तुम्हारी क्या ऐसियत दो टक्के के चुतियो।

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How to research yourself

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swapnil jagtap

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amiteshwar gupta

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Guys mujhe nahi pata ki pina chahiye ya nahi lekin dhruv mentioned researchgate sahi website hai…..mai iska pahla dekha aapko bhi dekhna chahiye

amiteshwar gupta

Sep 9, 2019, 9:06 pm Reply

amiteshwar gupta

Sep 9, 2019, 9:07 pm Reply

Read the very first para that is abstract…from the link I have shared nd this site is approved by rathi to be good

Pravesh Vashisht

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