Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage & Wine Chiller

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We’ve all been there. You’ve spent all day preparing for a party. You’ve just got home from buying your drinks and ice. Your guests will be arriving any minute now and you fear your drinks won’t be chilled in time. What do you do? It’s a beverage emergency! At Revolutionary Cooling Systems we’ve designed a sleek and innovative Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage and Wine Chiller to solve all of your beverage entertaining needs. No other beverage chiller on the market is as fast, versatile, and as stylish as the Cooper Cooler. The Cooper cooler chills 750 mL wine bottles in 6 minutes, glass or plastic bottles in 3.5 minutes, and cans in 1 minute to refrigerator cold. In minutes you can chill sports and energy drinks, water bottles, wine, spirits, and soda. It’s 90 times faster than a refrigerator and 40 times faster than a freezer. The Cooper Cooler is functional, fun, and easy to operate. Watch how quick it is to set up: Add two trays of ice, two cups of water and plug in. You are now ready to Chill-On-Demand. Place your beverage inside close the lid, select your settings on the touchpad, and hit START. The Cooper Cooler automatically stops when your beverage is ready to drink. It’s that simple. You can keep chilling more beverages. Have you ever been thirsty for an extremely cold beverage after work or play on a very hot day? Use the EXTRA option which will chill your drink to an ice-cold 33 degrees Fahrenheit. The Cooper Cooler uses a unique patented chilling process to chill your beverages rapidly. Our engineers have spent years perfecting the process. Spinning and spraying the container with ice water is the fastest way to chill the inside contents, not just the outside container. The heat in the beverage is removed by the water as it passes over the spinning beverage and this heat slowly melts the ice.
The result is a cold beverage for you to enjoy every time. Now we know what you’re thinking–that beer or soda will explode if we spin it! Won’t this be messy? We get asked about this a lot. The Cooper Cooler’s patented chilling process prevents carbonated drinks from exploding or foaming over since rotating your beverage does not agitate it like shaking or dropping would, so it’s safe to open your beer or soda immediately. Chill anything with our Chill-On-Demand concept: beer, wine, soda, spirits, water, energy and sports drinks, or even anything in a single wall drink bottle that you’ve prepared yourself. With Chill-On-Demand you don’t have to make space in your refrigerator to store drinks and you don’t have to remember to chill drinks ahead of time. No more icy mess from those exploded beverages you forgot about in the freezer. Our Chill-On-Demand technology saves space, energy, and time. With Chill-On-Demand, wine connoisseurs can store their wine warm, freeing up valuable refrigerator space. Then when the time is right for a glass of wine use the Cooper Cooler to chill your 750 mL wine bottles to the proper serving temperature in minutes. Chill wines to 68 degrees Fahrenheit in 1 minute 53 degrees in 3.5 minutes, or 43 degrees in 6 minutes. Are you worried that spinning may agitate your delicate wine? Use the NO SPIN option. We include a handy wine chilling guide so you can enjoy your wines at the best temperature. When you are done using your Cooper Cooler it’s easy to clean up: just unplug, dispose of the ice water, and dry. That’s it! Nothing else to clean, buy, or replace. Try out our Tailgater models that have all the features of the Cooper Cooler plus a 12 volt adapter accessory for use in a car, boat, or RV. it’s perfect for parties or picnics on the go. Get your Cooper Cooler to make you the perfect host every time. For more information visit our website today

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