Columbia Valley Red Wine – A Partnership with Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

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I’ve always been intrigued and blown away
by Washington state wines. Look at where we are here! You know, this is … it’s beautiful
and I wish the camera could really catch the topography here. It’s very unique. There’s nothing like this out there. Being able to partner with Ste. Michelle Wine Estates … it’s incredible. They are pioneers in the Washington wine industry. These guys are killing it
and it is such a privilege to be working with them. Ste. Michelle Wine Estates truly was one of the
founding wineries of Washington state. We’ve been around over fifty years
and we have some of the oldest vineyards in the state as well. Ste. Michelle Wine Estates is known for a lot of
different collaborations. We do Old World / New World partnerships,
but this collaboration with Cooper’s Hawk will be a little bit different and totally
unique. This first wine we’ve made with Cooper’s Hawk
with Ste. Michelle Wine Estates
is a Cabernet Syrah blend. And what we’ve done, we went to the blending
table to find that perfect combination of
“YES, this is Washington state,” but, “YES, this is a Cooper’s Hawk style of
wine.” For me, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah
are some of the great grape wines that are coming out of Washington,
and to be able to produce a blend of Cabernet and Syrah
I think really highlights the best of what Washington state has to offer. I always say this …
It’s my FAVORITE Wine Club wine we’ve ever made! It’s the best one ever! It’s kind of the perfect marriage of two really
wonderful wine styles.

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