COCA-COLA CAKE How To Cook That Ann Reardon 3D Coke bottle Cake

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Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon
and today we’re making a Coke bottle cake. There have been lots of these floating around
on the internet so, as always, I tried to track down the original creator. The person
who did it first to give them credit and the earliest one I could find was Margaret, a
blogger who did a photo tutorial in Italian in September 2015 and I’ll link to her blog
post below. To make my Coke flavoured version you’ll need
a 2 litre bottle of cola and mark where the drink comes up to on the bottle there. And
now to make the Coke jelly layer. You’ll need some gelatin and some Coke. And
just tip some of the Coke into the gelatin and I’ll put all the recipe quantities for
you on the website and I’ll link to that below.
Stir that around and leave it to soften and then once it’s thickened like this, we need
to microwave that for about 30 seconds to melt it. If you’re vegetarian you can use
agar for this instead of gelatin. Add the rest of the Coke and stir it really
well, then let those bubble subside and pour it into a tray lined with plastic wrap. We
want to leave that in the fridge to set. Next take some chocolate and some sherbet
so that we can make our fizzy discs. Melt the chocolate, you don’t need to temper this
because we want it to be a bit soft and mix in the sherbet. Now sherbet is powder that
is fizzy in your mouth and if you live somewhere that doesn’t sell it, I’ll put a simple recipe
for it on the website. Once that is mixed through, squash it flat
between two sheets of baking paper so that it’s really thin. Once it’s starting to set,
cut circles a bit smaller than the Coke bottle size.
Next for the Coke cream. Pour 500ml of Coke into a saucepan and heat it over high heat
until the water evaporates off and you’re only left with about 50ml.
Leave that to cool and then we can add it to the cream. Now you do need to make sure
this syrup is compelely cool or it will melt your cream.
Whip them together until you get soft peaks like this. For the cake part I’m going to
be using one round chocolate cake and one round sponge cake.
And you can make them using the recipe I’ll put on the blog post or you can buy them.
Cut each cake into two even layers and then use a circle cutter to cut two circles from
each layer so that you end up with 4 circles of chocolate cake and 4 circles of sponge
cake. Now take the Coke bottle and carefully remove
the label, we’re going to use this later so don’t rip it. Just take it off super carefully
and hang onto it. Then take a knife and in the middle of where
the label was cut the bottle in half. Now it doesn’t have to be super neat but you do
obviously need to end where you started so that you end up with two halves of the bottle.
Turn the top side upside down and fill it with tempered white chocolate, up to the line
that we just drew. Leave that for a minute and then tip it upside down to pour out the
unset chocolate so you end up with a nice lining of chocolate there. And then just straighten
up the line using a spatula and let that set. Pour in some tempered dark chocolate into
the base of the Coke bottle and turn it and spin it until it covers all of the sides.
And then tip the extra chocolate into the top half and do the same with that one, turning
it until it’s completely covered. And then place them both upside down to set.
To the base add some Coke cream, a layer of sponge-cake, more cream, chocolate cake, then
a layer of fizzy chocolate, then add a circle of Coke jelly and more cream and continue
to layer it up in this way right up to the top.
Place the top half in a glass to help it balance and layer it up in the same way as we did
for the base. Now I have lots of you telling me every week
in the comments that you are the biggest HowToCookThat fan ever and one lovely girl has even made
a HowToCookThat quilt cover for her bedroom. So finally I said yes to one of the companies
that keep emailing me wanting to do HowToCookThat T-shirts for me. But here’s what I want to
know is what do you want on them. Do you want a HowToCookThat logo, do you want Make It
A Great Week? Do Giant Things? Let me know what you think, I’ll set up a poll and link
to that below so that you can have what you want on the T-Shirts.
Now we need to get the plastic off our cake, so take a knife and cut down that thin plastic,
pulling it away from the cake as you cut so you don’t cut the chocolate.
Rip off the think part of the plastic then turn it the right way up and put it on some
paper. Remove the lid and push down on the white chocolate so you can take off that top
hard part of the bottle. Repeat that for the base, cutting down the
plastic all the way to the base to remove it. Stand the base upright and add chocolate
around the cut in the middle there and then place the top onto it.
Support the cake inside of the top as you flip it over so it doesn’t fall out.
Arrange it so the bottle is straight and then use a knife to smooth out the chocolate and
fill in any gaps. And this area will be covered by the label but we still need to make it
as smooth as we can so that label will sit flat.
Add the label back around the centre, then take a strip of red fondant and wrap it around
the top of the bottle. Now you could just put the lid on but it looks a bit unusual,
it doesn’t quite look how I wanted it to. Then use a knife to draw a line around for
the piece of plastic that sits just under the lid. Add a circle to the top and then
use something flat to make indents around the lid.
Use a hot knife to cut through the chocolate and take a slice of the layered Coke cake.
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Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday.


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