Citra IPA – Tasting Big Drop Brewing Non Alcoholic & Gluten Free Beer

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welcome friends we are back with big
drop brewing oh and today we are going to try the citrus IPA Citra IPA I’m
looking forward to this because Citra is one of my favorite hops good hop so what
else is in here so hop wise we’ve got Citra Simcoe
Centennial and Columbus so the C’s all C’s yeah four hops
special it was a bit of a it was a bit of an accident this beer because we we
actually ran out of the mosaic cop that we use in our pile ale okay and the
brewer ran around and sourced some Citra and some other stuff and said I can make
another beer and I said well let’s let’s do it and we called it the four hops
special edition and then people were with that happy with it that we’ve
launched it in its own right smells good so this is you realize with all of those
hops this is the much fruitier version of The Pale Ale which as I said is a
more traditional English Pale Ale a little bit bitter this is yeah it’s a little bit of bitterness but it’s
not it’s not um it’s not knock you over bitter not
like like no yeah you know a really you know really big IPA a really big
American IPA but again going back to what I said is a light version of the
style you hopefully would drink that you drank it blind and I weren’t here
telling you what was in it and you would say I wouldn’t know it I would know the
style really yeah yeah we’d say okay yeah that’s a fruity IPI or fruity pale
out then as someone who bruised beer if you had just handed this to me without
telling me what it was I could have probably picked out a couple of the hops
yeah like the rate they are right there it’s not it’s not reminiscent of or
masked by anything it’s it’s right there is that yeah you should know what you’re
drinking and with with all of that is because we’re not messing with the the
brewing process particularly yeah because we’re not extracting you have
for you should you should know what you’re drinking so in case you’ve missed
the other the others in this series this is brewed to strength there’s nothing
removed it’s not brewed to 5% or 6% and then having the alcohol removed it’s
actually brewed 2.5 or 0.4 yeah which allows us to keep all those boards and
allowing you to pick out those hops which it’s very good so where is this
where is this one available this is only in the UK at the moment we’re looking to
roll it out into some of the Nordic markets that were in but because it was
an accident yep of all of my children this this was
the accident I have my firstborn of my favorite yep this was the accident so
it’s relatively new and it needs time to be sort of plugged into the different
mark yeah so it’s still pretty it’s not difficult to get hold of you get hold of
it online or wherever you want but it will be rolled out over the next year so
it’s not here yet it’s not here yet we’re trying I promise we’re trying so I
this is a really good I again I it’s it’s hard because I don’t want to
say this is a really good beer for what it is because it’s just a really good
beer yeah it is just thank you very much right here okay and that’s what we go
for it people drink a can go that’s a good beer yeah yeah that’s what we’re
aiming for you shouldn’t have to say that’s a good
beer for a non-alcoholic we should just stop that is just a good well I’m glad
that’s what you think so thank you very much
thank you bye thank you see you again soon just you


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Thanks for watching everyone! Have you tried any Non Alcoholic beers? More details about this series in the ^^^description box^^^
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Jan 1, 2020, 4:48 am Reply

I don't drink beer, never had alchohol but this makes me want to go out and buy a Big Drop beer. This video series makes it seem so nice

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