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Hi guys Kelsey in Kendra and today Kelsey and I decided to do something a little bit different for today’s video We decided to do a wine tasting version of a chit chat You’re ready with us cuz we know when it comes to makeup you guys prefer chit check and ride with us videos But we also wanted to implement us tasting some lines that we’ve never tried before because Kelsey and I are huge fans of wine We love wine we considered winos if you want to put us in that category Love it. So if you love wine Then you’re going to enjoy this video because we have some Recommendations that you may or may not like and we gave our honest opinions on the one that we were drinking And we also just chatted with you guys about different things that we were feeling that we should talk about So yeah, let us know if you enjoy this type of video and we’re just gonna get started and hop right into the video Okay guys, so we’re starting up priming. Obviously. I’m just using my finchy Beauty primer I haven’t used this in a while And I’m gonna be using this no core blonde prime essence then we talked about in the bucket our video. Okay for foundation I’m going to be using look heels. They put me on to this NARS natural radiant long wear foundation which is Actually, very nice One I saw the word radiant. I got scared for them oily. So I was like, I’m already ready I know naturally so perfect. I’m just gonna be using the cover FX Power play foundation and I told you I like this foundation, but I don’t love it I like I don’t have to keep using it. So yeah, and I just mixed two different colors in a 100mg 101st wine that we’re gonna be tasting is from the brand Sonoma touch her Couture are Cutr Dr. Does that make you say that? It’s from a Sonoma Coast and I actually tasted some Sonoma wines at restaurants So I think those are from the same Here that I’ve tried we’ve gone out to eat and I’ve excellent. Chardonnay is the most buttery a lot of the times they say Oh, we have Sonoma whatever. So I wonder you know, this is one of them. This is Chardonnay, by the way I’m not a short nigger. Oh, I am. I love gardening Yeah Oh, no, I own the buttery ones Well, yeah, I’ll have those but I feel like most of them kind of taste like beer Yes, we hate beer, but I don’t think it tastes like beer Well, some of the ones that I’ve had taste like beer That’s enough. I don’t like it like This Mel’s good Oh That’s not there told you this is a lighter chart because I feel like I’ve had some that are a little too bitter those are the ones that I don’t prefer the Smoother ones are like the best to me. Yeah, this is very smooth I mean some of my favorites that I buy like from the actual grocery store myself. I like butter mint is a really good Bread and butter is also really good. So those are my two favorites. Yeah, butternut one. It’s like the olive sure I like That’s that’s good like I’d like it too. I actually will drink it enjoy it and that’s not a lot cause I don’t want our neck No, she doesn’t she hates it by the way We’ll have all the names of the life that we’re trying today in the description box just in case you guys want to try any Of them because if you’re white I was like damn Yeah, you’ll benefit really Really well from this video. Mm-hmm And I want to thank we have like good recommendations when it comes to mind Usually whatever wines we recommend people like them so far Anyway, like we’ve mentioned a whining some of our favorite videos people end up liking them So but then stop drilling the five point points very why they we used to get our holes It was a local line, but we don’t see it there anymore. Yeah, so maybe it was season Yeah, thank you will seasonal so maybe yeah, hopefully it’ll come back more than that more natural. Why? natural more organic wine Isn’t that to me or? But we kind of replace Jam girl with that the rare jam jar Yeah, what our current favorite Jim Jones didn’t really mention in our last favorites video I think don’t be on track there. If we do see spike on schools still purchased it look if I see it again You probably will next fall cuz I feel like that’s only drunk at a little bit more. Yeah, so that’s why I think a seasonal But honestly, I feel like we are really good wine um, we’re experienced wine drinkers now, I like to claim that because when we first got a drinking wine, We just all the dry Moscato and nothing else, but I thought this is a starter why because it’s not bitter It’s like a sweet wine, but it’s low-key like juice after you’ve been drinking a while for last is so so sweet Yeah, so if you’re like not Into lines like that and you like something sweeter and not as strong than Moscato is really good to start with But if you are more of like a liqueur linker then Visconti No Definitely not it’s juice like else It’s me, and I used to think that when people say that I’m like no they just don’t like sweet wines But once you start dressing the other ones, you’re like it’s a really is it alcoholic like that’s how light it is Yeah, so usually if every Moscato now just drink it for the taste definitely It’s a good wine to order if you’re out with your friends and You want to like look the part, you know, I don’t think you should drink for that reason But muscala doesn’t give you a buzz. That’s true. So very true. Yeah You can just look fancy while drinking it. You know, you’re not drinking a wine. That’s like that good. That’s very true Cuz some people just don’t like wine. I like that but some people don’t don’t want to know if they like it enough Yeah, that’s true. So there’s so many different kinds of wine. So I try Try to know what you like. Yeah, it’s true By the way, I’m just using my Wario. Keralite bio dubious. Yeah, I’m also gonna be using my packaging though I’m also going to be using my more feet down 3 502 which is to me better than 3 5. Oh Yeah, this one is better too I’m using the siharan my dubious this palette so we saw The Lion King this past weekend and I have mixed emotions Yeah, so the visuals in the movie were gorgeous plant breeding They did a fantastic job with the visuals Like, aesthetically it was pleasing to look at but I mean I expected that because do you think I love money? Yeah, these need they can do this. So, I mean that’s expected. But I was Dissecting the entire movie if you’re not like a huge Lion King fan, you’ll probably love the new one but if you’re obsessed with the original and you’re a 90s baby like us and you grew up loving the original Yankee and then you’re gonna dissect the entire Yeah, you’re gonna be a little bit more critical. Yes, because I was so critical. I’m not gonna lie I was okay up until when the same canvas car and he started singing Be prepared and soon as we went over our new customs. No say It was wrong that one did that was naughty initiative Rerecord it because it was it didn’t have the same Flair as the original be prepared. Yeah Hey Oh no, and then certain like the lines and stuff like they change I like some of the additions like they added to it like the script with Timon and Pumbaa like those are funny and I actually feel like someone who Pongo kind of made them, Olivia Yeah, um thankfully made the movie But hang on when I was comparing to the like so like the original scene those two ideal like that Fact that they had the same exhaust. Oh, yes. Yeah. Oh, oh and I would have been wrong Like his voice is so like iconic. So yeah, I’m whether they kept him, but don’t over do a great job older Santha Yes, I was though the one clay averse. No, but he was in little so cute. I love him. I love him Yeah, he did a really good job – really good. I thought the SIDS Nalu But when ye near her when you lie, she is a fantastic performer She is be like, but when you hear her you that’s what you think that night gonna be, huh? I’m gonna hear me. I say you do not hear Nala. No, you don’t think of any other character So I feel like her voice is too distinct. I think so, too. I don’t know I love you up there. We’ve watched homecoming like five times. I looking more like three. I watched it by myself in my room Yeah, okay, man, but I don’t know. I don’t I wasn’t that convinced of her You know the behalf of my talk to me bubs, I’m just telling the truth Yeah, we’re just being honest if you You haven’t seen the new lime Kingdom. We’re giving away like some spoilers What was technically not because it’s a remake so you really miss nothing. Yeah, it wasn’t really anything And it was a couple of parts of the spurt that was kind of like a minor change. Yeah, but not a lot Um, but they did the other songs are really good. Like I Don’t know the actual title back, you know, can’t wait to be king. Yeah, it was pretty good. Yeah Hakuna Matata Matata, of course, but thank the cab that you prepared That was not right. He went into Paki. I was like he was like be prepared be prepared Just like Know this I did not Yeah, we’re extremely critical Yeah, a lot of the small details and I wish the hyenas were more prominent because they were so funny on the original Yeah, even though it looks like counting on Whoopi being in this one cuz I loved her in the original idea, too So definitely we just made With our favorite days, but when it’s a class again, it’s something that you grew up off of brain that you’ve waited Years the years we’re going to finally we do it, right And everything is not what you thought it would be if you just left it along It was good, but it wasn’t like amazing and I think that the visuals that’s the only thing that wasn’t me. Yes It was gorgeous Laughs I was like like shocked at what they weren’t real animals with just their mouth was moving like this I found out that it was actual like a computer Mm-hmm. It’s amazing. What you can do with technology these days. I was in shock at how real they looked I know you like looking at that after close because Kendra Cuz I love like I always I have always been fascinated by animation animation And I remember when I was really little I used to think I wanted to be an animator because I used to draw really well But then I realized we had to draw every single emotion and I was like, I ain’t doing that Um, this thing’s a little stressful because you have to like embody that character through obviously the voices But the facial expressions you hit still have to see it even though it’s not real. So I Commend like animators because they don’t look like a easy job at all That’s why it takes so long to make the image. It takes years. So Kay a lot of work I’m sure it goes into it. So that’s the craft. I Definitely have a lot of respect for it. It’s just so cool just to see it come together. So I’m just fascinated with that And now that I think about it, we’re so obsessed with the Lion King so now I know why I enjoy Aladdin because I didn’t really watch it that often growing up like the original so I wasn’t really dissecting me like that cuz I was like I’m really watching that much when I was little so the noodle was just fine to me But my yeah, I hear a lot so I was like because we’re cuz you got you so man man Yeah, right before I was like, I wonder if I’m not crying, you know Keep like the same emotions that I got in the original when I watch it. Am ia mean grass though Yeah, cuz we were walking with theater and we went to our friend Claudia and Kendall was like you gonna cry Like I hope I don’t cry Because I Think it’s a crime though. Yeah, so you expected more out of this marriage But you know cry because it because it was real that can really have the facial Expression stepped up a cartoon character like the animation love dat Though still enough real lies. Don’t show facial expressions. Oh, yeah my Sorry, so yeah, that’s why you didn’t cry because you just see that emotion. Oh You can hear some of it in the voices a little bit, but you can really see it action. But I mean if you didn’t want to see how these you showed out as far as the quality then go see it but Don’t expect it to be better than the original Okay, so that one that we just tried I don’t give that a second I’ll give it a 6 cuz I still like my enjoy my logo. Charnae’s a little bit more Okay Okay. So the next one is a red, which should we love red is our go-to Especially if I’m drinking during the week I prefer a red wine because it’s really high in antioxidants. Yeah, it’s good for your heart I actually only drink Chardonnay on the weekends. Okay. So this is called Lola. This is from Trader Joe’s Thank you think this one. Yeah, and this is a Argentinian wine And this is love Simcha la finca so this is a Malbec oak aged. It’s a 2018 by the way I already opened all of these with the court downstairs, so I won’t have to be up here opening with court coming I Don’t get a little bit of this ready. Have you been? like some of them some of them are pretty like but This is sweet this is a tasting a Little more at least in the tasting mmm Glass Bland I Still taste a Chardonnay in my mouth like the appetizer the sharp Chardonnay is still there This is bland Hmm Blanche I’ve had better it Definitely. Mm-hmm. It’s not nasty. It’s like Very light tasting it’s not bitter It’s bland but it’s not sweet. Either I went back again definitely not It’s not nasty, but it’s not like amazing either. It’s good if you’re like starting out during rear. Yes, sir. That’s not Overwhelmingly strong. Yeah, some ribs kind of like are too strong it up. Honestly, she’ll soon our answer mostly blended ribs I’m not like over Marlo girl or like those super bitter. It’s like I can’t really do those Yeah, just depends for me the kind of red but I love a sweet red. That’s my favorite So I’ve been really confused with Instagram lately like every time they do an update I feel like I have to relearn how to use the app and Obviously without the whole app I’m just confused as far as like the new additions like the IG TV in lives and I feel like I’ve been up there they’ve been on there, but honestly, I’m bad even though I know this sounds crazy just left I’m an influencer and up on YouTube and the internet and all this stuff But I’m always still left to learn how to use this stuff. Like I feel like our little cousins and stuff Like I feel like I’m like the last to know how to use it because I’m not like that tech savvy Well, I don’t know the way sometimes I feel like kind of an old soul So I feel like an old person sometimes I do too I’m not confused us how to use it because it’s kind of the same as far as usage. It’s kind of Making about that pathetic. Okay, and one more the techie person. But yeah, that’s the heart is the changes aren’t that different? Okay, but I’d have noticed Some people that I follow I don’t even see them on my feet feet anymore And I’m just playing it’s a sensation if you like somebody completely stop posting, but you just don’t see it anymore Right it sometimes I forget I’d be following people right up Yeah, you gotta spend again. Yeah, and no just pops up on your feet after months and months and they very austere. So That’s kind of annoying. But I look he think that Instagram is in coops with some of these brands So they won’t have them in a the influencers is much because a lot of the times you can charge them more depending on your followers So and then your likes as well So I think they’re looking Introduced I’d be rid of article and they were saying that it was that they could have blocked on certain people’s accounts That’s why some people don’t come up on your fees. They could lock on some people’s account So they won’t know people won’t see them so they don’t get as many likes so that it doesn’t feel like a competition to people with less followers a Competition. Yeah, that’s what I read an article. This Instagram is not that serious. It was on CNBC That’s what I read the article, huh? So it’s accurate Yeah, that’s what they say. But I think it’s a brand thing a brand thing like with different companies Our neighbor’s dogs barking. Yeah, uh-huh That’s what I think huh. So the brakes won’t have to pay as much It’s just it’s just it’s just confusing sometimes when they just add different elements or change certain things Like I feel like adding like the ID TVs and the lives like that kind of stuff is necessary They think certain additions would help people connect with their followers more So I understand that I like the LG TV because I did a couple I’ll get two so far Woodmansee talker I think they’re cool. Like if you’re doing like a short tutorial because we didn’t start out on Instagram. So no you started Oh you Jim like it was the opposite for us. So people who start out on Instagram They’re used to doing like super fast short tutorials, but we started out on YouTube. So it’s the opposite for us so even though when we started on YouTube you at one point like you remember when we could Like couldn’t even do like a 30 minute video. They extended time at one at some point You always have like the extended. Yeah, I’ll try to upload like an hour long. You know, you can do that Ellie I’m about her memory. That’s true. Yeah is evolving. I Wasn’t trying to keep up Berkeley But actually I feel like I’m like I still don’t feel like I’m a millennial because I feel like even though we are Millennials But I can one point I thought that was like our little cousins and yeah they get after us I date – I just I should have looked that up before I Wasn’t claiming millennial cuz I I still don’t claim millennial I don’t think I’m a millennial either, but I don’t feel like one based on age. We are. Thank you It’s from 1981 if you were born from 1981 to now, you’re a millennial But I don’t feel like I am juicing because like everything everything but some things that people think are Cool and care about and care about I don’t I feel like an old person or sometimes. We’re all souls Definitely way less true. Maybe that’s why for sure as far as music I’m like this system crap. I’m gonna do stuff somebody Like when we went to see Drake amigos, I sat down for more than half of me though yes, but I was like, I don’t know what The way I don’t know what the other day. I understand at all like I don’t know like as far as music like especially rap, I like Lyricist I need um Sam. Yeah a whole can Kendra. Yeah J : kindergarten Definitely in my top three. Yeah, I have to understand what you’re saying. You gotta be like talking about something valuable. I Mean or just like you just hear them expressing like just expressing themselves. Not just What you did in the club? You know how many I mean some of it if it’s like a reason for cuz you didn’t want the party song Yeah, you do need club music wait wait, but I every single song It’s just like I get old and a lot of it starts to sound like the same song Yeah the song I’m like this is a different song like this sounded like the last one no shade But yeah, sometimes gonna be sounding like that. Yeah, that’s true. I mean people feel like that about YouTube That’s something most of us do the same like like we like recycle the same makeup looks and they kind of recycling the same dogs That’s very true. But sometimes like but I mean I hate to be like biased towards youtubes are like We’ve been on YouTube for like nine years and some of them be like making music Coming out with stuff in like two years and I’m like, it’d be selling the same. Yeah, it’s true I’m like, yeah, you have a short window so far. So you should yeah be a little different Yeah, like you would think they have more ideas within that short frame. Oh, yeah, that’s kind of about repeating the same thing Yeah, do what you’re saying. So yeah, it’s a little harder the longer you’ve been doing. Yeah. Yes That’s very true very to stay relevant, especially in a creative field. Mm-hmm. That’s true I mean you try to stay current but also still stay authentic Without going outside of who you who you are as a person but also trying to keep up with What’s current like you? Sometimes mom, you know will be falling we just beyond our own leg. Yeah, it’s true Well that leads us to the topic of taking video requests. Yes we want to like start retaking them because Even though I feel like well We have to taking them in the past like some of a lot of you guys with messages like incoming video on the screen some Video on this and we’ll film it and it doesn’t get a lot of views and it’s like kind of frustrating amazing Confusing and frustrating because it’s just like okay today. We wanna see this. I mean they requested it my ex I’m not gonna film something that nobody request later. It’s just a waste of my time So it’s just something like doing well, we also still film stuff that we like to yeah, of course Yeah, just to see like if they would like me to get it sure. So yeah this kind of sucks for a week You don’t really know what people want. They’ll say what they want but according to views they want something different and I know some people a lot of people say Oh, it’s not all about views or whatever and I’m like that’s like saying that everything even though money isn’t everything Yes, something is something yeah. Also when you’ve been at home, you’re going along use equals dollars if it was like You know people actually are Enjoying what they’re watching like the more they watch here You feel like you’re doing something right and then if less people are watching you’re like, okay, what should I change them? I don’t roam. Yeah. Um, so you’re constantly being really critical of yourself. Yes, and because I’ve had those moments where sometimes I just like One of just like I’ve had so many moments why you want to quit YouTube? I’m just gonna be honest because like the community’s changed the vibe is different It’s just it just feels very Trendy like whatever is cool. Now, even if it’s not you you should do it just because a lot of people are watching it Yeah, and then and you’re not doing the next thing you’re tired yeah, like you lame or you’re keeping up with what’s cool, but I’m like okay, but that’s an opinion in my in my opinion So yeah, I still try to stay true to myself without trying to do the exactly what everyone else is doing because I feel like and I feel like I feel like we don’t try to Push it off also as we don’t keep like if we stay true to ourselves, we’re keeping the original YouTube alive Yeah, I don’t want it to get lost in what’s going on right now Yes, because like like these days when something is hot like this month in three months. Nobody gonna hear about Oh, yeah, so I feel like what we bring to the table is Something that’s more a little bit more timeless or no egos or more informal forms. There’s a knowledge here Yeah, so I feel like we still have a place on YouTube, which is also keeps me motivated and coming back Also, of course, you got to support I see your comments and some people tweet me and say like keeping what you’re doing We still love you guys and I appreciate I appreciate that – Mm-hmm But angle a still we know those people will be creeping basically telling you know Nothing, you should do this and that you ain’t doing that, right? and obviously we’re not going to please everybody because that’s like you can’t make everybody happy but It does get in your head sometimes when you’re not seeing the group so you get confused as to what? People liking the people you do see growing It’s trash putting up a bunch of bullshit Yes, yummy, Washington Like like some of the stuff that my younger cousins watch and our stepsisters watch like some of these long channels our little sister Kylie I’d be like Saying they are cause like we get that on my vlog Channel you guys do the same things This is a repetitive and then the people with like 9 7 million followers I’ll go watch their videos because naturally I like to compare numbers because this is my job Yeah, try to figure out what you’re doing. Then they’re not they’re not doing it and then I’ll watch Ain’t nothing. Nein. I know I’m not doing my worrying. Yes. I get so confused and I also think people get wrapped up in the family challenge because they just like the idea of Looking at family a picture per picture perfect life Even though you don’t know those people’s lives like it could be far from perfect picture. Yeah I’m not saying just go have a baby and give this and just to have 10 million views not saying that that’s the reason I mean for me personally I don’t want to feel the pressure of having this sort of life. Just so people can live through me. Yeah That’s a lot of person that’s a lot of pressure And I don’t think I’ll ever do like a Family Channel or anything like that. Yeah, they’re all my life to stay separate Yeah, my private life is a separate no idea where my view authentic family channels Like I really like daily Davidson’s just because we do much of Tiffany for a year. Yes I love she’s like an OG on YouTube I love daily Davison’s but they do a really good job in not giving too much of themselves away But still giving people what they want. So it’s like a nice balance. Yeah, that’s true But I still feel like they don’t have enough subscriber. Yeah, I would I would They would have more yeah, but oh Just I already know people as long as people see like a cup holder you got you do a channel to gether I’m like, no, please don’t curse then Let I wouldn’t know on my release meadows have become world of relationships I already work You don’t want to come work with them work. Literally. No. Thank you Thank you. But yeah, we do. I want you guys to request more videos people still be asking us why little hair tutorials no more and we’ve got YouTube for like I said it nine years now almost a day and It’s only so many things that I can do to my hair or so many things I would like to do to my hair because I feel like when you Manipulate your hair too much And kind of like what our what our channel is based upon. It’s about the health of behavior hair goal So our hair our hair isn’t based on like styling as far as like hair tutorials I feel like we were kind of known for our Tips as far as maintaining hair. Yeah, and we don’t want to kind of go outside of it Yeah, and even if we did do hair tutorials, it would still be the updated version of what we were already done Yes, if something changed, yeah So that’s why I recently do like a deep conditioning Routine on my curly hair because I did have some different elements that I didn’t have before a few years ago So just little changes like that I will film if I feel like you guys need to see it and then eventually I’ll do it updated blown out waves I don’t know if you guys remember that video booth No, that’s how we were out here at my cousin’s wedding A lot of people were asking you was a twist out spread out and uh my blowing out wage tutorial So it’s where I pull my hair out and hand wand it with a curling wand. So that’s what that was So I did I’m doing a couple of things different than like I used a few different products then my original video So that’s something that I’ll redo for you guys Yeah, because it’s too hot outside because I’m I usually like to do that when It starts to get a little cooler Gotcha before I went straight so close to the fall. Yeah, so that’s probably when I’ll do that So also like we strategically don’t do things that cert time to either because my hair is looking on the schedule. That’s so true It’s like on the schedule Um, and I also want to do a week and my curly hair, right? Because that was a good request that somebody asked me to do I watched a couple of those that’s a good video Did you kind of Leslie that’s the thing? Yeah, you kind of some people’s weekly routine is different for a curly hair guy Okay, some people want to see like how you refreshing or timox Like what’s your hair looking like on day three or something like that? So that’s a really good video idea So I did see a few people mention me about that. So I’m gonna film that Probably within like the next week or so. Uh-huh. So do you want to do that? I’m glad we’re doing first time Fridays because it gives me reason to shop but also because I’m tired of shopping at the same places And it’s so many boutiques on Instagram So you guys can also let us know what are some people who teach you guys who wants to shop it That we might not know of very true Friday. It’s gonna be missing Empire Kevin has a longer list. So we’ll just yes I do see What we do the week after that. Also, we want to like do more routine videos that I really enjoy watching those type of lifestyle lifestyle videos and Like self-care stuff and those are fun to me – what could I thought there’s something you can implement? It’s something you can implement into your own everyday life. Like I’m all about like what can actually help you I want to be entertaining, but I still want you guys to Actually benefit from watching us like a star because you could implement into your everyday life So I feel like I want to be helpful, you know, so it’s then I’m gonna be mostly Beauty But we want to start doing more like lifestyle videos. Uh-huh So maybe like cook with us videos in the kitchen with Kelsey and Kimber maybe This new say they know is Kelsey suggestion. I think it’s a good idea cuz we cook a lot we do Well, we cook the same stuff. I’m not like the chef. I just look shop I’m me everybody gotta eat so we can help you out with recipes and stuff. That’s true so yeah, we do here you guys I’m people with valuable advice and information But with backtracking when you’re talking my Instagram, I do want to start doing wives Instagram life because I watch a few people’s an Instagram lives And I just noticed that you can like connect with people more so I do wanna start doing those so I’ll probably do one Saturday I’m trying to pick a day where I’m not doing that because Wednesday Friday I probably do a Saturday so Let me know it’s a good time for y’all. So I can have as many of you on there. I can answer some questions for you guys And we can just talk you know in life. This is Kelsey’s individual Instagram If you guys are curious we both have a joint Instagram Yeah, this is gonna be on is different kind of me on her. Personal Instagram. Yeah, I will not be there Not this one not this one. I don’t want anybody confused Yeah, so maybe you can do your own circle once after a while see that’s what happened Every time Chelsea do something everybody just thinks so first. I do one to write It is every time one of us decide to do somebody expect another person I do lose million when you do do it. They say you copy me You can’t win no you cannot win but I don’t know if y’all notice like at this point I don’t know if y’all notice that I do what I want to do So even when Chelsea does something that everyone enjoys and that’s great and it’s really like, you know Like what? I don’t know like if you wear your character and whether people like it or I don’t know just like people compare us to other people like On YouTube that aren’t on this channel when people can hear us to each other I’m not pressure to do with Kelsey’s doing because she is Kelsey and I’m Kim so I don’t feel the pressure do Yeah Yeah, we’re two separate people also PLC I’m not just about our couch yesterday. What’s today Tuesday? Yes. Yes. We just about our couch yesterday Finally, even though it took us ten thousand years and a day To finally decide on this couch Yeah, because the reason my couch that we just got rid of we have for like maybe five years I think That’s a guy here’s four Four four, that’s a good enough time to have a couch. It starts to get too soft and it didn’t have enough support I don’t know. I need a little bit more support. Oh, yeah, I think I know Yes, me too. And I used to talk about my mama, but she hates like a bear. That’s too soft She’s not even sleep with the pillow. No, like that’s just how she is but I’m starting to get like that, even though I still like sleeping with a pillow. Yeah, me too Like I’m the type of person I had my fake like I started sleeping on my bed, cause I’m trying You know the entire thing and I wake up on my stomach with my face buried in the pillow I know I’m not gonna want to do that sometimes depends on how I am but typically, you know, I don’t sleep my baby Lashes on cuz I gotta lash extensions recently and um, it was the first time of me getting them So I want to do something that was softer because I want to be like, oh, okay That’s a little too much I think next time I’m gonna let her go a little bit more dramatic because when I wear makeup You can’t really see them capture and I don’t want to put mascara on cuz they’re gonna guess some of it How long are they supposed to let us I posed to get a feeling every two weeks The joys of amazing, I don’t know right every time you want to try something new with Beauty you gotta keep it up That’s very true. And a woman is not cheap about like a girl who doesn’t my life Just I’ll put her in the description box, even though I vlog the whole process and begin my lashes down So that’ll be over on the vlog Channel and that vlog goes up on Sunday So yeah, so you’re putting on lashes a lot put some I don’t care if I mess these up I’m gonna cap it less for me some line while I’m suggesting you an order Can you pour me some wine while I put my lashes off yes I can Without the attitude I don’t have it. So I have another red and this is called new age We got this from whole food. This is the last rib I’ve ever drink. Yeah, it is kind of like it’s almost robotic. I Think it has no say in it. Yeah, it’s that’s New Age Rosie. Oh Okay, wait. What? Oh, yeah, wait new ad Rosie. I thought it was a man, but it drank on the bed. No, ma’am It’s called fresh rose Yeah, this is a new age rose egg mix with oh, this is all so handsome Merlot in it and Malbec I’ve heard of that. That’s the red. That’s the real. That’s what we just drunk. It’s 50/50 Okay, so this does not have Rosie never mind You can tell usually the real world super dark ones like the one you can’t even see through those get you get real This one is very sweet mmm That’s good. It has kind of a fear, but the Nestea is it kind of has like a Prospective taste. Mm-hmm This is fruitiness in there. This is very good. It’s very fruity. So this is good if you don’t like bitter, I Like this, this is good, I like this This naturally sweet see I was right is a naturalist week That’s good This is my favorite so far What is the last line get the one you say? It takes blend? from Devon one to ten like a fourth I Say a three And it’s just like a eight for me. This is good. This is a for me I haven’t had a Whole glass so I can give it a full ten Exactly. Did you guys know how you feel after that? We’re heading for? So true so the house tour is coming along I know we’ve been saying that for an eternity since we bought this house I think what we’ve been in this house for well a year now A year and a half a year and a half but is taking a lot longer than weeks if you could purchase your own home then you know that it takes time to put the right decor that you actually love in your home and you change your mind a lot and Especially when you’re preparing for like a house tour like we can’t redo it So we want it to be exactly how we want it, you know Yeah, and I’m very indecisive when it comes to certain things like I like something one weekend to later. I’m like I want it Yeah, so I want to be sure But Italy with changing is like paint colors and keep in mind we built this house So it’s a fairly new house. So we originally moved in. We were like, okay just paint all the walls This is a great color and then do the office and chemical room in white now. We do change their minds again Yeah, because the themes have changed like the stuff that we you know Like this room were like this room will no longer be Gray’s not gonna stay great Yeah, so we’re changing this room. Just the color on the walls the paint on the wall. We made some changes to our amenities Just like some minor changes that I feel like to make the space look better. Yeah I’m so excited for a new couch. Thank the way to say them take 30 days because this Custom so I have to make it. Yeah, but 30 days is this one amount of time cuz you gotta be taking months That’s very true Months, it’s actually pretty good And this is a large couch that we just got It’s pretty big if you guys are thinking about getting a house just to remember. It’s a huge responsibility If you’re not a yard person go get a yard because Kelsey and I just planted some flowers this past weekend And it’s a lot of work my nails still hurt from digging because I forgot to get a shovel at Home Depot Yeah So this is the kind of stuff you do it do it when you buy your phone unless you want to hire someone to do The stuff at that cost money. Yeah So we just decided to plant some vincas if you ever heard of that flower if you’re not, you know Informed with flowers. You don’t know what is but our mom recommended us to get them but since they’re low maintenance And I don’t know she buddy got signed with either. We don’t see if they really are low mean. That’s very true Because little babies to her might not be low Magus to us is we never planted flowers before yes But it looks really pretty so far and I think they’re gonna look better when they bloom even you know more. Yeah No, but it was exhausting in the hot Sun like that. It’s not what I would want to be doing on Saturday outside I Mean I run my help – she was like sweeping and she’s got you she helped in any way that she could yes She did and then my mom went crazy with the hedgers good thing to chop off hinges. Yeah the hedges. Yeah those But initially when Chelsea in our house hunting we wanted a house with no yard So all the houses with no yard had small room. Yes. So like the inside was a little too small for us So we just had to deal with the fact that we have a yard But we might be thankful for that later when we do decide to sell this house with us It’ll sell faster for those probably running the yard like a family or time. Yeah, so when we do sell it’ll sell faster So that’s another thing to consider when you buy a home think about how it’s gonna sell like what people are gonna want to buy Cuz our backyard I’m not gonna lie still too much for me. It’s very large We’re going to add to it at some point like um a covered patio situation But that cost money so we gotta save up for that Yeah I think so we go a little bit at a time a little bit so you don’t want like we don’t want to do too much at once Right you like we want to budget out our money in that Lake go crazy Yeah, but it’s been fun decorating the house though. This is my favorite part. Yeah, I like the decorating part – love that part. So If you’re not huge on decor then you probably thought this house store should have been up but if your decor person Then you know why it’s been taking up so long. Yeah Yes, and it’s probably not even gonna be perfect once we put it up But I just want to be satisfied with how it looks Yeah And I’ve been enjoying look how everything has been together cuz you know you first move into the space like you just put stuff Anywhere just for that moment and you like I change you later And we’ve been getting into that kind of space where we are changing things that we knew we were going to change anyway, yeah But we’re finally actually going through with the changes. How do people put makeup on with later? Lash extensions in my are like soft look You can’t even see them for real But I’m trying to be real I can’t I put I need to take their an excerpt Can I put false lashes all of these? I don’t think you can but more like more natural Just go with the natural lash look today, even though hello Keith like this looks a wee bit incomplete but or no Which is no role waiting Ok, so this is not a swine and this is the Lord just talking about Moscato So we still like to keep some on hand and this is the one we recently purchased from the brand Barton er Barton row door babe. It’s a private Italy This is an Italian wine, and it’s a 20-18 Moscato so yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s very like and it’s nice, you know, this is apple juice so See how this tape. Oh and by the way, this is from Whole Foods to you know a lot of our minds from Whole Foods you know some licks and Trader Joe’s so honestly I was so confused the less how we went in there because She asks for both of our IDs and they usually only ask for one of our IDs So when they started doing that that’s a little just break juice I’m sorry. I forgot when I started doing that. I don’t know Cuz if you were underage and you really wanted me to buy the alcohol Like cuz I love age you would not be with I would’ve stayed in the car I mean, that’s what we used to do when we wanted Somebody older device got caught please. Don’t do that you please don’t do that. Yeah, don’t do that. That’s a horrible idea We’re not condoning drinking underage Yeah, you have your whole life to drink now that thing back we went to a lot of house party opportunities to make bad decisions It really is but I think I turned out great. Me too. Me, too Yeah, that’s definitely mama gave us enough for the like just enough freedom. That’s very true but Like like I’m older now that I realize I’m like I could’ve waited so long to learn the textbook is really not that big deal Huh, but what was the rush of me trying to turn there should be no rush But yeah, the house tour should be going before the fall. I feel like they always give me all the time I should stop doing it. Yeah, we’re probably going y’all nervous about that. I completely understand you cannot know up I’m gonna have a look. How many would you say that is you know my I’m King on my owner. Yeah, I mean to like because It’s not just us. It’s like the people we’ve hired. It’s like just hanging up with me Yeah, I want when I when you want something done right you want Help. Yeah, like this is not an apartment We can’t call Magnus if something go wrong, because something is all of late You know you have to well, I refuse Yelp a lot of stuff. Yes So yeah, let me just show up cuz I’m giving excuses But this is what you have to look forward to if you want to buy a home so we’re just giving you guys some, you know, our own experience so far and It’s pros and cons but we still look though the best investment we ever made Definitely because we gonna make thank off this house. Like that’s all we put so much into it It’s just I’m not gonna lie I’m not even anymore picking the designs to like and we started doing accounts that are like how old so yeah So some of the stuff like the fireplace and the beans in the living room. There were a lot of money But I told Kendra I was like we’re gonna get so much more back. They’re gonna put in there true. So Yeah, and it’s been fun together let you do it together because we always like to buy a home together Before we you know separated yeah, you know married all that. I wanted to have a house with a Chelsea Just wanted to have a house with me So I feel like in there and I felt like you might have to compromise a little bit more when it come to taste know It when you have to compromise, but our tastes are similar. I’m sure I taste a more sane movie Me and care about before my back some of them do you see surprise? I’m hoping my know. Yeah, I hope I can still make Decisions when it comes to decor, yeah, because I like to think I have but that’s what I’m saying Like it’s like different when it’s like only women in the house, but it’s true a bit more like oh we can do this But like email be like man, I even though I probably won’t care this much I’ll listen but some stuff I might good, you know some things I might not budge on Like I just hope my husband don’t care me too, because when it comes to decor, I mean if you just don’t say nothing Yeah, all right. Don’t really care like coming down below There are any of you married and you’re your husband’s care about the decor or you just make all those decisions? Like how does that go? Yeah, cuz I feel like they shouldn’t care. They should trust your taste. I agree definitely cuz if you that critical about like how like the decor like if that matters that much to you Like I feel like if you love me you just know let me do the decor myself Yeah in trust that I would you know have our living room like super girly I would consider the fact that there’s a man living like It would look like both of our space. Yeah. Yeah. I feel like man who’d like that Critical of like the decor space and want to kind of take over in that Space don’t really trust the woman to do their taste. That’s the thing. Y’all got a good thing yes this I would feel absolutely so maybe this is a Speaking for myself. No one else. I’m using while a my lips with true bow okay, but I’m using this look a lipstick by the lip bar in the color know it all if I remember I asked me, uh – I see a little lipstick like her mother name. Oh, it’s very far. But I’m gonna mix it the way favorite L’Oreal color And that is in the color Explorer number four to eight on Top just do something a little bit different cuz I haven’t tried this yet And I’ve been eyeing a my lip run for a while, but I haven’t used it cause it’s more of a fall color. That’s alright Some of the colors I use on my lips are more fall anyway, because I prefer like deeper colors my skin tone okay, so I just use three colors and true Kendra for So this is more feet called nibble She also got me this Brown pretty brownie burnaby ish color, then I use the balm cosmetics Trustworthy and last but not least I put in the middle dirty peach about trying to Cosmetics That’s what I decided to go. If for this look I didn’t know where I was wrong with the eyes. Oops. I Just figure it out as I go Okay, guys So that completes this wine tasting version of this chitchat get ready with us My scan conversion. So we hope that it was interesting We just added like a different kind of touch on these. She’d shake your rating with us Yeah, this is Kelsey’s I didn’t do this because we start Carli bybel do this with her best friend, Nicole That’s more like a story time. Yeah, there’s a storage time ours is more chitchat style and that’s something else people have been asking us to do but honestly a Lot of things that will be a story time involve other people’s business Yeah, so I don’t think I can tell them on the Internet. Yeah Yes, I mean what’s next be respectful of People in my past life. Yeah, it’s not appropriate. Yeah But this we love my I know this a good idea, you know, yes Let us know if you want more of these with different lines next time so We’ll have to explore some other wines. Like if you guys want to see more of these types of Get ready with us. You should check your a with us videos. Yes Typically, when we do makeup videos people like to see these more not to chitchat versions of them Event less than makeup tutorials. I feel yeah Just let us know if you enjoyed this also, like we said earlier Don’t forget to leave your video requests for what you would like to see down below, huh? Um, yeah cuz finished it’s apple juice. That’s call Moscato Yeah, we hope you guys enjoyed this video and we’ll see y’all next time


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I want to try that wine ya'll really like these makeup looks are everything. I live!???❤❤?


Jul 7, 2019, 1:13 am Reply

I enjoyed this video and I love y’alls channel. Y’all stay true to who y’all are and that’s admirable considering so many people follow the crowd. Definitely would enjoy more lifestyle videos and more of what y’all already do ?

Jada Harris

Jul 7, 2019, 2:23 am Reply

I love yall…. I loved this video, and will be trying the wine….

Peace Asemota

Jul 7, 2019, 3:46 pm Reply

lmaoo Kendra like… sis you better bend that wrist and get into the pouring of this wine now chillllddddd

Ellanora Foreverbeauty

Jul 7, 2019, 6:31 pm Reply

Hell yeah wine wine wine tasting

Tiana B.

Aug 8, 2019, 1:56 pm Reply

I love y’all! Every video entertains & teaches me!

Aaronetta Hillman

Aug 8, 2019, 8:08 pm Reply

I have bern married 21.5 years and no my hubby does not care about decor but i still ask for his opinion…we just purchased a home and when i cant make a decision he makes it and it is sometimes better than what i would pick…please include your hubby in decor for the home you BOTH will live in…They appreciate you including them…TRUST ME!!! LOL


Aug 8, 2019, 1:31 pm Reply

I agree with the climate of YouTube. Sometimes it brings me slight anxiety to watch some channels because I feel like I’m behind in my achievements. Over the years it’s been hard to separate real vs fake. I’ve been watching you both since 2012 and I appreciate the old school YouTube feeling that’s been kept. I’ve seen you tubers change left and right. Y’all are definitely timeless. ??

M 205

Aug 8, 2019, 5:58 pm Reply

Lion king is my all time favorite & I went in critical and dissecting but loved every bit of it. I didn't dislike any part.
I've never tried wine but everyone tells me moscato is a great starter.

M 205

Aug 8, 2019, 6:13 pm Reply

Video suggestion
Curly hairstyles you've never tried before. Just simple curly hairstyles from pinterest.

Uchechi Anokwu

Aug 8, 2019, 7:17 am Reply

I love these kinds of videos from y’all :))

Sharonda Mayes

Aug 8, 2019, 3:47 pm Reply

You can actually purchase the five points online ????


Aug 8, 2019, 5:11 pm Reply

Kendra what shade are you in the NARS foundation?

Jessica Smith

Aug 8, 2019, 1:47 am Reply

I havent seen a look book from y’all in a while……… something similar to your fall 2015 lookbook

Sigmone Evolve essence

Aug 8, 2019, 10:03 am Reply

Love this video – creative???

Tia Ma

Aug 8, 2019, 10:57 pm Reply

Girls , I’m am like y’all all the way with scar because he was NOT! Prepared lmao ? ??‍♀️??‍♀️


Aug 8, 2019, 4:37 am Reply

Looooooved this!! Bomb make up looks ??????????? Such beauties ??

Jenn Watson

Aug 8, 2019, 3:57 pm Reply

Men do NOT care about home decor lol. My husband lets me do any & everything that I want throughout our home & just tells me to forward him the receipt ???. I do, obviously take his “tastes” into consideration but the house is basically all me ?.

Helena Shoy

Aug 8, 2019, 6:03 pm Reply

Loved this! Yessss would definitely like to see more “Wine Tasting” get ready with me

Kaylyn Boyd

Aug 8, 2019, 8:51 pm Reply

I feel the same way about what you said about other channels doing the same thing but getting way more views. At the end of the day though I feel like people are just following their own life paths with who and what they are interested in watching. A lot of people have families and such now so that’s what they like but I don’t agree with people calling someone boring just because they don’t want to watch it anymore. That and people tend to act like youtubers have to stay the exact same way as they were when they started YouTube and they forget most youtubers started as teenagers and they’re adults now. A lot of you have grown up on YouTube so yes you will change and some don’t know how to deal with and accept the changes.

Monique Wilson

Aug 8, 2019, 5:52 am Reply

Hi ladies! If y’all see this message, I would like to apologize to the both of you for being absent from watching your videos. As you already know, I’m a busy stay-at-home mom so I’m always occupied when it comes to my kiddos, and I love watching you ladies. I just haven’t had time to sit quietly and watch. It’s 1 in the morning and it’s quiet, so I’m watching. ? love you both ?? As far as my husband goes, he’ll ask me what I want and what do I like and if he’s not feeling it, he’ll tell me. That’s when we have to compromise and it works out in the end. We’ve been together for a long time! 15 1/2 yrs since I was 20, married for almost 12 yrs so when we do buy our own hm, I’m pretty sure he’s going to come to me when it comes to decor and all of that exciting stuff. ?

Wintana .t.

Aug 8, 2019, 2:50 am Reply

You two are so delightful. You come through as genuine which is rare in the business your in.

As far as wine goes, get your hands on some Argentinean Malbec. So good! My favourite red.
Xoxo from BC Canada


Aug 8, 2019, 1:26 pm Reply

I didn’t drink until I was 21 though I had my very first drink at 19 and I think my dad gave me a taste at like 11 or something lol great videooooo?

Myesha Butler

Aug 8, 2019, 12:47 am Reply

Both of y’all makeup looks are BOMB, really inspired me to start doing my makeup again!! I love y’all!?

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