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(SINGING) It’s Phillip and
Julie, we’re at the llama farm. Petting some well they
won’t eat your arm. They’ve got grapes on grapes,
the wine is real great. Swish, swish, ah,
let me have a taste. I got my mic on. I want some grapes. [MUSIC PLAYING] The largest
llama farm in what? In the southeast. And one of the top
breeders in the country. And these are
award winning dudes! These are award winning dudes. Yeah, yeah. So tell us who this. This is patriot,
he’s one of our males. He’s about 15. And he is a gorgeous,
sweet, sweet boy. He’s got a regal feel to him. He’s got a fancy walk. And he’s standing
on a plot of grapes, because this is also a winery. Let’s talk a little bit
about what’s happening here. – It’s a vineyard.
– Vineyard. Wineries are where
they make the wine. Correct.
Correct. We just grow them, and then
sell the wine after it’s made. Llamas and wine, it’s
a unique combination. Two treats in one. Two treats in one. So what happens here? What do you guys do? Well, we have
our tasting room. So folks can come
out, do a tasting, grab a glass, a bottle,
whatever, and then just walk around the farm,
and visit with the 80 plus llamas we have. And how many acres
do you have here? We have a total of 91. A lot of it’s in the
woods around us, which is where we also do our tracks. People pay you to
walk your llamas. You bet they do. They gladly do. So hopefully
we’ll get some wine. Julie, how do you
feel about that? Wine about it. I wouldn’t. I’m about to whine about
it if I don’t have some wine, like, asap. And it better be chilled
on ice because it’s hot. Oh, you are fancy
about that wine. Swish, swish. $60,000? That was years ago when
there were a lot more. A generic llama at that
time was like, $40,000. So a national award
winning llama, $60,000. I could have paid my
student loans off with that. Does he spit gold? Spitting gold, like. Hey.
– Hey. – How’s it going?
– Good. Is this your first time here? It’s our first time here. How’s your experience so far? Great. Phenomenal, yeah. Where are you from? Charlotte. Charlotte. So you drove all the way
from Charlotte to come here? Yup. What is that? What are you sipping on? I don’t know. It’s free, that’s all I know. I didn’t pay for that bottle. [MUSIC PLAYING] It wasn’t this grand plan
to come start a winery, and do all this. It just kind of evolved
into that quickly. Because we liked the land,
liked the property, bought it. We liked wine, let’s
start doing that. We love llama, we’re
going to do that. And I knew the llama would
be our people magnets. (offscreen) Especially
when you have eight of them. Yeah. And that’s the largest farm
east of the Mississippi. (offscreen) So how
do you feel about being the largest llama farm? I don’t really– (offscreen) Southeast? It’s east of the Mississippi. That’s not something I
necessarily brag about. It’s just kind of
like, OK, this is the evolution and
taken over, it just keeps getting going on and on. Hey little llama, let
me whisper in your ear. Let us know when
you’re rolling. (offscreen) I’ve been rolling. Have you? You are welcome. Boom.

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