Check, Please! Bay Area Wine Tips: About Barrel-Aged Clear Spirits

By Brian Lemay No comments

(jazz music) – Spirits lovers are used
to the amber hue of whiskey, which gains its telltale color by aging in charred oak barrels,
but one of the hottest trends these days is aging
tradition clear or white spirits, such as vodka and gin, in wood to gain complexity and color. It may seem like a novel idea, but cask aged vodka dates
back at least five centuries to Eastern Europe. I’m sure it made harsh vodka
taste so much smoother. Barrel aged gin is also trending, infused with botanicals
from juniper to cucumber, gins are thought of as
crisp, aromatic, and clear, but barrel aged gins also
have a centuries old history and are now being revisited with dozens of versions on store shelves. Aged in old whiskey,
wine, or cognac barrels, these once clear spirits
gain layers of flavor. As they say, what’s old is new again. Cheers. (jazz music)

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