Check, Please! Bay Area Spirits Tips: About Limoncello

By Brian Lemay No comments

– For anyone who’s had a
chance to bask in the sun of Southern Italy’s dramatic Amalfi Coast, there’s no drink that
captures that feeling better than Limoncello. Hailing from the areas
around Naples, Sorrento, and the islands of Sicily and Capri, Limoncello is a sweet,
lemon based liqueur, usually made with native Sorrento lemons. In Italy it’s served chilled
after a meal as a digestif, but it’s perfect in cocktails or poured over ice with a splash of tonic. There are wonderful Italian
and domestic versions, but you can make your own. I use Meyer lemons and steep the strips of the oily zest with vodka. Mm, that releases all the aromatic oils. Now, you let that sit for
several months before straining, and you add water and sugar. Hmm, very easy, and you too can enjoy a virtual trip to Italia.

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