Check, Please! Bay Area Beverage Notes: All About Punch!

By Brian Lemay No comments

– Punch, I remember sneaking sips from my parents’ Christmas
party bar as a kid. Whether made with added alcohol or not, at the time, punch’s reputation
as the drink of the day was starting to decline. But punch is back. The word comes from a
Sanskrit term meaning five, as the original punches
had five ingredients, with alcohol, water, spice,
and sweet and sour flavors from sugar to citrus. Hailing from India in the 1600s when British sailors concocted or adopted this group-worthy cocktail,
punch made its way across the globe and became a staple in British pubs and pre-Revolutionary American watering holes. Cultures from across the
world have their own versions, but in my signature
blend, I use a little rum, a lot of fruit, something fizzy, and did I say rum? Yeah, it packs a punch. Ah. Cheers. (jazzy music)

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