Chatoe Rogue Pumpkin Patch Ale – Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits Video

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What’s going down everybody? Welcome back
to Fairgrounds TV, I’m your host Peter Moeller.Today we have Rogue’s Chatoe series. It’s got a
little G.Y.O. here for “Grow your own”. This is their Pumpkin Patch Ale, I believe it’s
coming in at 5, 6 percent alcohol maybe 5.6 it didn’t say on the bottle. I believe it’s
25 I.B.U’s. Um, the season’s ending as you can see behind me, the leaves are falling
it’s a little rainy today. But this is the last pumpkin beer that we’ve heard of and
we’ve gotten in and we’re running a little thin. Let’s give it the “Check out”. It’s
got beautiful, hazy, deep brownish color. Medium-sized carbonation, the head’s not much
to speak about. Let’s give it a sniff. *Inhales* Lot of spices. The description of this is
that Rogue has a pumpkin patch right outside their hopfields and they drive them 77 miles
straight to Rogue and toast them. *Inhales* I’m getting more spice, I’m getting Nutmeg
and the cloves and allspice in there. I’m not too much pumpkin, I was thinking this
was going to be like Sam Adams’ FatJack. So let’s give it a sip. *Sips* Alright the spices
are definitely there. They’re not as prominent and as sweet as most of the pumpkin beers
out there. But you do get that, that charred, toasted fresh pumpkin, you know, mingled in
there. I am getting a little bit of, almost a cinnamon on the finish. *Sips* But it’s
definitely lighter than, and not as sweet as all the other pumpkin beers that I’ve had.
And there’s definitely that pumpkin, like I’m getting it in the back of my tongue a
little bit, I’m getting the spices in the middle and the tip. But actually this is one
of the better ones, I’m gonna have to put Sam FatJack on top of that and this is coming
into second place for me for pumpkin beers this year. Like I said this is running thin,
two cases came in yesterday, so this will be out so come grab some. And I’ll be finishing
it. Cheers.

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