Chateau Montaud – Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits

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Hello everybody and welcome back to FairgroundsTV,
I’m your host Peter Moeller. As you can see behind me, Spring has sprung,
we’ve got some leaves on the trees coming through.
And what better time than to do a bottle of rosé.
This is Chateau Montaud. It is a Côtes De Provence rosé.
Just came in, plenty of it. Let’s give it a sniff.
*sniffs* It’s slightly floral.
*sniffs* It’s got a light fruit.
Let’s give it a sip. *sips*
I’m getting a light acidity. Slightly floral, but I’m getting more of a
subdued strawberry slash melon kind of flavor. Very nice, this is slightly chilled.
*sips* The door is squeaking.
A nice rosé, nice and light. Chill it up a little bit, sit on your porch,
for this beautiful weather, enjoy a nice glass of rosé.
Like I said, plenty of it, good supply of it, that’s why we tasted it, and enjoy the
Spring, and come out and check out all of our rosé selections.

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