Cha Cha Tea | Loose Leaf Tea Beverages | MBS Festival Melbourne

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– Hi, I’m Sam from Cha
Cha Tea and Madame Dry at the Mind, Body, and Spirit Festival. I would love to show you some products that we’ve got here today, showcasing. So, I’ll start with the Rose Water, which is a new product launching today. It’s a beautiful sparkling
water with rose extract. It’s got organic rosella to
give it this gorgeous colour, and we’ve also done some rose
quartz immersion, as well. So, it’s got some great
vibrational crystal properties, and then, I’ve also got my parent company, which is Cha Cha Tea. We specialise in tea mixes,
but also, cold brew coffee. So, basically, I’ll pass
through and show you. So, this our Wake Me Cold Brew Coffee, which is an organic, fair
trade coffee from Melbourne. It’s cold extracted for 48 hours, and one of these bottles
will make 10 to 15 coffees, but also, great for
espresso martini, as well. Next, we’ve got our Chai Charmer, which basically takes the
fuss out of making chai. So, it’s got cold-pressed
ginger, raw honey, and all of the chai spices, and you can heat this and have it iced, and then, the next three products here are the signature pieces in Cha Cha Tea, which is basically tea
that’s been concentrated, and you can add it to
still or sparkling water, but you can also add
it to champagne, vodka. You can have fun with it, and we’ve got some samples here today. So, if you’re nearby the
Mind, Body, Spirit show, come down and check it all out. Thanks.

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