Can I drink alcohol and still lose weight? Bodybuilding and drinking l College life style

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[Applause] coming out in my basement the chill zone is where we chillax like relax and chill at once some guys kris el Bano kris up in a fitness seeing how it’s the weekend me and bunch of my friends probably gonna go out tonight I figured I’d make a video about something I get asked a lot about anyway which is alcohol and lifting bodybuilding like drinking and seeing the results you want all that I always get asked like can I can I drink the way I want to can I go out all my friends and still lose weight still gain muscles still get spring break ready all that so I figured I just jump into it the video so let’s talk about the negative and positives of drinking negative number one alcohol is a diuretic it just means it’s going to dehydrate your body the whole like the more you drink the more you have to a bathroom breaking the seal all that it’s just because alcohol is a diuretic and it’s trying to drain your body of all the fluid in it the reason why that’s important is because your body is made up of mostly water which means your muscles are made up of mostly water so your body needs as much water as it can get to really perform at its peak potential and give you guys like the best workout and best results and keep the most muscle or build the most muscle that you can so being dehydrated is gonna really hurt your gains negative number to the empty and negative calories that you’re gonna get from drinking empty calories or anything from alcohol itself there’s about a hundred calories in one shot of like Tito’s one shot Svedka Everclear like plain vodka something like that and the negative calories are anything that when you start adding into the alcohol to make it a mixed drink to make it taste good like the carbs and beer on all the sugar from a cranberry vodka all the like certain carbs from the sprite and vodka a rum and coke tequila sunrise all that all the added stuff unless it’s diet and less sugar free and all that that’s all just negative calories on top of empty cottage that you’re getting from the alcohol itself so if you’re trying to lose weight time to cut for spring breaks on the cut for the summer or whatever it is you to try to avoid drinking mixed drinks or if you do just try to get like the calorie free version sugar-free version of it negative number three it’s probably the worst one is the hangover and that’s gonna come from dehydration that’s going to come from all the sugar from the mixed drinks and it’s going to come from the alcohol like the toxin in your body the reason why this is probably like the most important one in my opinion is because it’s gonna hinder your performance the next day it’s like drinking may not be good for your calories in calories out I might help you like keep more fat than you want to all that The Hangover is gonna stop you from working out the next day or stop you from working out as hard as you should be the next day so no one wakes up after a night of drinking saying oh I can’t wait to go in the gym I’m gonna lift more than I ever have them to run more than I have now you feel miserable you don’t really want to get out of bed like stomach hurts your head hurts you’re nauseous all this your sluggish you sleeping late so the hangover is really just gonna ruin you next day and ruin your next workout so if you’re gonna drink then you plant and you think you’re gonna end up being hungover I’d really just take the next day off as a rest day or just do cardio or something sweat out the alcohol just take it easy and lift it it’s it doesn’t exist but there is a positive side and finding balance in your life you shouldn’t let Fitness take over your entire life if you prioritize it great if you don’t great usually they need to understand what you’re doing like just have a common sense when it comes to all this stuff like if you’re going out every night drinking so you can’t remember the night before you’re not going to see the results you want to if you go out have a couple of beers with friends have a couple of drinks with friends do all that you can still absolutely see results you’re still going to lose weight you’re still going to build muscle whatever your goal is you can still do it don’t let Fitness don’t let the gym bodybuilding all that don’t let it take over your life because once you do that once you’re beyond obsessed with it once you start it like isolating yourself from friends and family and social scenes it doesn’t come fun anymore you’re just you’re gonna lose a try for it you’re going to lose the motivation it’s not going to be there then you’re gonna quit entirely because if it’s not fun and you’re still not really seeing the results you want to why are you doing it you’re gonna quit so I guess the most important thing to take away from this video is if you’re gonna drink understand what you’re doing I understand what you’re putting into your body and the effect is gonna have on your performance in the gym outside the gym hangover the next day all that and then understand that it’s just less important to have a social life as it is to focus on your goals if you liked the video if you learn anything about it subscribe hit the like button thank you so much see you in the next one

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