CamelBak Elixir: Electrolyte-Enhanced Performance Beverage

By Brian Lemay 1 comment

However you hydrate, we’ve got your back.
CamelBak Elixir is electrolyte-powered hydration that is packed with essential electrolytes
to help you replenish what you lose when you sweat during activity. Elixir is a sugar-free
electrolyte hydration beverage specifically designed for use in your CamelBak reservoir
or bottle that won’t leave behind sticky residues. Each convenient tube comes with 12 effervescent
tablets that turn 16 ounces of water into an electrolyte enhanced performance beverage
you can take anywhere. CamelBak Elixir comes in a variety of flavors as well as versions
that offer an energy boost with a blend of caffeine, guarana and ginseng. Now you don’t
have to choose between hydration and energy, you get both with CamelBak Elixir.

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Danferf Gamer

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I didn't know this video exists

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