caffeine and alcohol

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Most people have figured out that a useful
strategy to sober up after several beers, is to order a strong black coffee. You’re
strategically balancing the suppressing effects of the alcohol with the stimulatory effects
of caffeine. The strategy works well and can save you from embarrassing moments. But it
is important to understand that drinking alcohol and caffeine TOGETHER, is a health hazard,
the consequences can be lethal. In this episode of Better Body Chemistry TV we go inside your
partying brain, to discover just why caffeine is the ultimate party killjoy. Better Body
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Remember, small things can make a big difference to your health. So here comes the pharmacology
lesson. The first glass of alcohol will take the edge off (especially if you have a type
A personality) as you “relax” or become a “less inhibited”, you enjoy yourself
and the people around you, a little more. It is much easier to chat, because the little
voice in your head, which continually warns you to watch what you say and not act like
a twit, finally goes silent. Jokes that are not particularly funny under normal circumstances,
suddenly hit the funny bone. You might feel a little sleepy at this point, especially
if it has been a rough day, but you’re not asleep just “very” relaxed. The next few
glasses might see you start to cross the line, from being sociable, to out of control, freaky
weird or obnoxious. You can be verbally or physically abusive. This is because the brain
circuits that ensure that you behave in socially acceptable ways, have stopped working. You
do things that you often regret, but seldom remember all the details. If you get behind
the wheel of your car, the odds of having an accident are pretty high, because you are
no longer able to judge distances very well and your reflexes have slowed to such a point
that snails look speedy. You will find other circuits begin shutting down, so you are likely
to find it a difficult to co-ordinate your body. Walking in a straight line is likely
to be challenging, speaking is also likely to be more complicated and speech is typically
slurred. As you continue drinking, more and more circuits shut down. But Mother Nature
has got your back. At some point you will pass out, the passing out is your brain protecting
itself – when you’ve passed out, you stop drinking. So more circuits can’t shut down,
this is important, because if the circuits that remind you to breathe shut down, its
tickets. BUT caffeine allows you to continue.……. The cup of strong black coffee, swigged down
at the end of a dinner party, probably has 70 mg of caffeine in it. Enough to give you
a little bit of a lift and produce that sobering up effect. Certainly enough to compensate
for the sleepy relaxed feelings brought on by the alcohol. So you’re awake enough to
make it home. The relaxed sleepy feeling is GONE, so you do struggle to fall asleep. Energy
drinks have at least double, often times even more caffeine in them, so they can potentially
give you A BIG lift. And the way caffeine is working, is it is “tricking” your brain
into thinking you’re not tired, effectively cancelling out the message that the alcohol
is sending. Your brain gets mixed up. The alcohol is turning your brain off. Caffeine
is turning the circuits on. The overall result is instead of passing out, when more and more
of the brain circuits switch off, you keep going. Unfortunately you usually keep drinking,
so the blood alcohol concentrations keeps rising. It appears that you are a party machine
– you keep going and going, but inside your brain, vital circuits are shutting down one
by one. The caffeine boost overrides the protective mechanism built into you, putting you at risk
of forgetting to breathe. The risk is real – just this year a student at the university
where I used to teach died. He was celebrating the end of exams, but instead of the exams
being a milestone in his life, it ended up being a gravestone, when he choked on his
own vomit i.e. he forgot to breathe. Play it safe – don’t mix alcohol and excess
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