Brown sugar beverages are hottest new fad at coffee shops in S. Korea

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there has been a brown sugar rush share
in Korea with nearly every cafe offering coffees and teas infused with brown
sugar but is this okay for our health our Oh Sooyoung has the story the flavor
of the season is brown sugar since earlier this summer coffee and beverages
in peace with brown or black sugar have been popping up in cafes across the
country even inspiring brown sugar flavored breads and snacks in convenient
stores but the brown sugar rush has experts worried that the trend is
causing people to consume too much of the substance a medium iced brown sugar
beverage of four hundred to four hundred and eighty millilitres contains between
30 to 59 grams of sugar compared to around 25 grams in the cup of café maca
the World Health Organization says that our consumption of added sugar shouldn’t
go over five to ten percent of our daily calorie intake that amounts to 6 to 12
teaspoons according to health authorities those who consume more than
the recommended sugar intake have a more than 40 percent higher chance of
developing conditions like diabetes high blood pressure and fat around your
middle when we chew and digest carbohydrates they are broken down and
absorbed slowly as glucose our body’s main source of energy but sugar and
brown sugar which is very trendy right now is absorbed quickly without the
digestive process as they’re made up of monosaccharides and disaccharides so
they can raise blood sugar levels very quickly and spark various addiction
symptoms or ill effects sugar is also low in nutrients but high in calories
with the brown sugar trend spilling over to snacks and other confectionary
experts say the public should keep their sugar intake under check especially as
the past four years have seen a 20 to 30 percent increase in the number of young
people developing diabetes twice as high as the rate of increase seen in 40 to 50
year olds to curb the cravings experts say there’s no other way but to cut down
on snacking and flavored drinks and save the sweet treats for a special day we’ll
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how about defining "brown" sugar first and what makes it popular these days in Korea? Was it popular in Japan first?

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