Boycotting Bigotry | Comedians Combat Trump’s Corruption and Hate

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– Hi I’m Negin. – And I’m Dean. – And we’re in Charlottesville, Virginia where we’re launching the
Boycott Bigotry campaign. We were supposed to say that together. What is the Boycott Bigotry campaign? I hear nobody asking
me, well let me explain. We’re annoyed about two major things about the Trump administration. Well we’re annoyed about like 700 things but we’ve narrowed it
down to two major things. – One is profiting off being presidency. – The man sits in the
office of the president and earns money off of the
back of American taxpayers. What? – Secondly, his bigotry. We saw it during the campaign
and still as president, demonizing various minority groups. – It’s kind of on the
daily with the racism and the bigotry and the
xenophobia with this guy. – So together we wanted to boycott bigotry addressing both his
corruption and his bigotry. – He’s got two properties
here in Charlottesville and we’ve been running ads
all over town in newspapers encouraging people not to
go to those properties. So let’s see what Charlottesville
has in store for us. (lively music) We’re in here, in this C-ville newspaper. We put up one of our ads. – [Both] Yay! – Right next to the Sudoku. – That’s very popular. – That’s some good placement! – Trump Winery: aged with militant Trump’s racism in every bottle! – I love Trump, I think
he’s a great president. I think he’s done a lot for our country. I think he’s done a lot for trade. I think he’s done a lot for uh– – Yeah he started a bunch of trade wars. – Would you ever go to a Trump property? A Trump hotel, a Trump
golf course, or the winery and spend any of your money there? – Oh hell no. – I haven’t really thought
about it because for me it’s a non-entity. – Yeah.
– I don’t go there. – Right, you have Trump
property blindness. – When Trump stays at the
Mar-a-Lago, for example, Secret Service has to
pay Trump to also stay at the Mar-a-Lago with taxpayer
money to then protect Trump. Does that strike you as
a conflict of interest? – No, why would it be? – Well because Trump is
earning money off of having the Secret Service stay there. – Oh. – [Negin] Because he owns the hotel. – Oh because they have
to stay at the hotel? – Yeah.
– Oh that’s silly. – It’s silly that he’s earning money off of the backs of American
taxpayers or it’s silly that people are annoyed– – No (laughing) it’s silly
that people are annoyed. – Does the bigotry of Trump bother you? – Oh everything about
that man disgusts me. – Is it fair to say to
them, you’re spending money at a Trump property you’re
supporting his bigotry? Is that fair for us to say that? – If his name and his
brand is Trump, then yes. Because it’s really his
ego you’re paying into. – I guess it’s not important
to run the country, it’s important to go
and do what you wanna do on America’s dime. – I was an Obama – Voter?
– No! – Oh sorry.
– No. (laughing) – Oh gosh!
– Oh God no. There’s just a very fine line between liberals and conservatives. If you actually go through and listen to Obama’s speeches in the past and you listen to Trump they
generally say the same thing. – Well, I don’t know that Obama ever called Mexicans murderers and rapists. So I’m Muslim and actually
my entire family is from Iran which is a Muslim ban country. And as a result, they can’t, no one from my family can now come and visit me or my parents. What does that make you feel? – I’m sorry. I don’t know, I’m sorry for you. – We’re actually gonna be
at Trump Winery tomorrow. – Really?! – Are you going tomorrow?
– Yes! So let’s taste some wine together, okay? – Let’s taste some wine
and see how a liberal and a conservative taste wine differently. (mellow music) So we decided to do a show here with our friend Jordan Carlos and I believe they call
this a line down the block for the Boycott Bigotry show
here in Charlottesville. I’m still humble about it
because let’s be honest, it’s a free show, but
still that’s really cool there’s all these people here, coming to a church to see some Muslims! (laughing) It makes sense. – Why did you guys choose Charlottesville? – One of the things about Charlottesville that was really, that
fucking drove me crazy, was that when the
heinousness happened here on August 12th with the Nazis and the horrible, tragic murder, Trump gave a press conference, and then he said that whole thing about fine people on both sides. Then in the same breath,
he promoted his winery. – Does anyone know I own a
house in Charlottesville? – [Woman] Where is it? – Oh boy. It’s in
Charlottesville, you’ll see. I own absolutely one
of the largest wineries in the United States;
it’s in Charlottesville. – ‘Cause he plugs whenever
he has a chance to plug to make money off the presidency. – Two-fer, yeah. – We want this ’cause
this whole campaign’s about combating both his
corruption and his hate. So this seemed like the
perfect place, Charlottesville. He defended bigotry here and
he’s profiting off his winery. In fact we met people today– – Who specifically came– – From Georgia to go to his winery ’cause they love him so much. So no joking, he’s making
money off his winery. People are coming to his properties, they love him that much. – They can get their fill of Trump, have a glass of Bordeaux,
I mean, what an afternoon. – They only serve white wine. – [Negin And Jordan] Hey ho! Hey! – All different shades of white wine. (audience laughing) – Trump is aging me. Anyone else feel like he’s aging you? (audience cheers in agreement) Look at me, I’m 23! (audience laughing) I was in a boy band just a short time ago. (audience laughing) Let’s get into it because
it is such a weird time. It’s such a weird time
to be in this country. It’s such a weird time to be in Russia. (audience laughing) – I like when Trump tries
to tweet things into law. That’s my favorite thing. I wake up every morning
probably just like you guys, you know, I don’t follow him. I don’t follow him on Twitter I just check his every tweet. (laughs) (audience laughing) So I’ll wake up, I check the weather then I go to Twitter and I’m like what’s gonna thunder down
from mount doom today? I like when he tweets
things into law, right? So he’ll be like, (imitating Trump) okay new law, children that are five years old are now six years old. (audience laughing) 100,000 likes, new law! (audience laughing) (upbeat music) – So we’re at the Trump winery. – And we’re whispering
because we’re very afraid. – The weather is really
tempestuous because it’s like we’re here against the
very core of our beliefs. We basically bought some offset credits by launching an entire campaign to tell people not to come here. – So we’re not gonna come
here to enjoy it at all. If we look like we’re
enjoying it at any time believe me, we’re acting.
– It’s an act. (upbeat music) For a vineyard owned by a racist xenophobe it is quite beautiful. – Probably top five xenophobe racist– – Yeah if I had to rank
them, I would be like– Xenophobe racist wine enthusiast. – Top five. – This would be up there,
really lovely grounds. Which is something we don’t
give credit to bigots for, their landscaping, we don’t ever do that. You know what, I’m gonna
correct that right now. – People right now are seen
here enjoying their wines, talking about gutting
Medicaid and programs in the safety net for
America’s most needy. – I wonder if the grapes
come from a shit hole country or maybe like a shit house country? – They have a table white, they’ve got a white zinfandel, and then a white supremacy. – This is the tokenism. This rose is like the Ben
Carson of this election. – This wine right here, if you drink it, it makes you wanna build
a wall and ban Muslims. What’s a good wine if
you find out your lawyer secretly recorded you
talking about paying off a Playboy Playmate you had an affair with? Is there a wine for that one? – It’s a lighter-bodied
wine, sparkling wine. With like a little, like
a xenophobia aftertaste. Are you getting that? Like a bigotry mouthfeel
in it, I would say. I mean, just the smell of it makes me wanna separate
families at the border. – Do we have any Russian white wines here? – Okay.
– Whoo! – So we just randomly
tasted some Trump wines. The good news is I don’t actually know if they were good or bad
because I can’t tell. But I can tell you that
they all tasted like corruption, bigotry
and monstrous behavior. – You know what’s weird? People would like wave hello. – No, everybody was really friendly. – We were bonding, like
you’re in the cult too. – Right right right right right. – We’re both in Fight Club
type of look going on. So that was kind of interesting to me. – We just created a Muslim population. We were the Muslim
population at this winery. – Hi. – [Man] Can I assist you? – No we’re good, we’re just
taking photos and stuff. – [Man] You’re not taking
photos, you’re taking video. – Yeah we’re taking video,
we’re taking a video yeah. We’re leaving, thank you
so much for having us. – Thank you I hope you enjoyed your time. – Yeah we did, it was very good. – Is there any questions we can answer? – [Negin] No no, we’re
good, no we’re good. Thanks so much, have a good one. – Asked to leave by the
food and drink manager at the Trump winery. (laughs) But we were nice and he was nice. – Everyone was nice but he was a little– It was funny ’cause I
was a little intimidated. I’ve never been intimidated by a– – No I think it was – By a restaurant manager. – And his English was good for a Russian. No! I’m kidding! (mellow music)

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