Binge Drinking And Alcohol Poisoning

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Hi and welcome to the Miramar News Network.
I’m Elora Murray. Today we are talking about the scary truths about binge drinking and
alcohol poisoning. First, it’s important to define binge drinking. For women, it’s
drinking four drinks in 2 hours and for men it’s 5 drinks in two hours.Moving on, 1 in
6 adults binge drink 4 times per month and most adults have 8 drinks per binge.In addition,
more than 50 percent of alcohol consumed in the US is from binge drinking.Also, 90 percent
of alcohol consumed by people under the age of 21 is through binge drinking.Furthermore,
binge drinking can result in severe alcohol poisoning.Signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning
include but are not limited to vomiting, confusion, seizures, low body temperature and slow and
irregular breathing.Now let’s talk about what to do if someone is exhibiting one or
more signs of alcohol poisoning. Immediately call 911, be ready to tell emergency responders
how much alcohol was consumed and when.Try to keep the intoxicated person awake. In addition
never leave an unconscious person alone and keep a vomiting person sitting up on his or
her side to prevent choking.Furthermore, if there is alcohol in the intestines and stomach,
even after a person stops drinking, blood alcohol concentration can continue to rise.
Finally, some severe complications of alcohol poisoning can include hypothermia, hypoglycemia,
brain damage and death.If you or someone you love are having a hard time overcoming an
alcohol addiction there are professionals, like those are Miramar, who are ready and
willing to help you move on to a healthier and better life. Once again, I’m Elora Murray
and thanks for joining us at the Miramar News Network.

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