Best Wine Bars in Orlando

By Brian Lemay 3 comments

What’s going on Orlando its Cindy from Top Three Orlando and today winos we have a treat for you because we’re diving into top three Orlando wine bars. Okay, let’s get this show on the road with number three Imperial Wine Bar. The Imperial Wine Bar is super cool during the day it’s this awesome furniture store. The owner actually travels throughout Southeast Asia, and he hand picks every piece that’s sold in the store It’s this really cool wood furniture and then at night it’s this awesome wine bar. They’ve got a bunch of delicious beers and wines. Definitely check it out and then don’t miss the back patio of the furniture store if you’re looking for a great Instagram shot This is where you need to be. Something else that you need to do when you’re at the Imperial is definitely check out the bar-tending staff. There’s so much fun. We got to meet Nicole when we were there. Hey, Nicole! We had so much fun with her. She took time to talk us through the menu. So we knew exactly what beers and wines we were interested in trying and she also showed off some of her great bar-tending skills. Number two! The Grape and The Grain. This place is so cute. It’s located in the Mills 50 district. What’s extra-special about the Grape and Grain is that they carry a lot of wines that you can only find there Ryan for instance found this wine called the inquisitor and he loved it so much. I haven’t seen him guzzle this much wine yet, but hey, he set a baseline. What is extra special for me about The Grape and The Grain is the outside patio. They’ve got the cutest little wood patio and they’ve got these Christmas lights stringing outside from the ceiling. Insta-gramers this is where you want to be. You’ll get a magic shot right here. They’ve got some cute little Adirondack chairs. They’ve got board games. They’ve got Jenga. It’s a fun place to just sit and be with your friends. And number one is… Quantum Leap Winery! Quantum Leap gets the number one spot for so many reasons. Not only is the staff super knowledgeable and super friendly. They always have something going on. It’s so cool over there you guys in the back where all the wine barrels are you can go and take a yoga class which is cool because how often can you like get into your downward dog position and just be like eyeing the barrel of wine that you want to just gobble up when you get out. So something else that’s fun that Quantum Leap takes part in is every once in a while they do a wine, cheese and chocolate pairing and that’s partnered up with La Femme du Fromage. So hint take a peek at our East End market video to get a better idea about that job. Alright, everyone that’s it for top three Orlando wine bars. Thanks so much for joining me today. Make sure you drop a comment in the box below. Let me know what you thought about the video today and don’t forget to hit subscribe so you can join Ryan and I for the rest of our adventures. I’ll see you later. Bye just googly-moogly did Number 3! Action! Nevermind! Hit me baby one more time. Did I say top 3 winos? ahhhh


Giovanni Sanchez

Jan 1, 2019, 7:08 pm Reply

These places look amazing!

Danielle Wagner

Jan 1, 2019, 8:13 pm Reply

I could use some wine!!

We also need to play guess the price of the furniture again at Imperial! ?

Rick Weaver

Jan 1, 2019, 9:34 pm Reply

GReat job Cindy and Ryan. Totally enjoy your reviews. How about Top 3 animals at the zoo?

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