Best Way to Eat Moringa is to Drink It – How to Juice Fresh Moringa Oleifera Leaves

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Alright this is John Kohler with
Today we have another exciting episode for you. In this episode we’re going to talk
about one of my favorite tropical style trees that can grow many places in the USA and how
to use it the best way possible and what it simply is is Moringa as you guys can see behind
me. There’s like three trees in the raised bed and the amazing thing about this tree
is that it grows super-fast. If you guys are a gardener you guys want to have food sooner
rather than later. And you want to have something that you literally plant once and you never
have to play it again and that depends on where you live you want to grow Moringa because
actually as of March These two three trees that are here were not here last year in this
raised bed they planted a one Moringa tree. It came up. It did great. Once the frost came
it lost its life it got cut back a little stump was just shooting up and then come next
March once the frost had passed things started warming up it basically the roots stayed alive
under the ground and they branched out and they came up with three trees instead of one
and The growth you see which there’s three trees that are approximately Pushing over
ten feet tall at this point and so they’re making copious amounts of leaves now The Moringa
is one of the best trees you guys grow. If you live in a climate that you can do So year-round,
so things places like South Florida places that don’t get freezes would be like some
places in Southern, California easily, you want to grow Moringa in the ground and it’s
gonna be there basically all year long if you live in a place that’s You know might
get a frost here and there and it’s a light frost, you know, you might lose it it might
you could cut it back to the ground the roots will stay alive provided you mulch it really
well and You know It doesn’t get too cold because too much cold kill the roots and Then
it’ll come back the next year like where I am here now if you live in somewhere like,
New York Don’t grow in the summer and then cut it back and expect it to come back It’s
gonna be far too cold in the winter time under the ground So in that case if you live in
a climate that does snow and all this kind of stuff You will want to grow it in some
kind of container whether that’s like a wine barrel or big pot or something like that Throw
it outside in the summer and bring it inside Even in a space like a garage of the winter.
You could cut it back in the winter. Bring it in the garage So it doesn’t freeze out
and it’ll stay alive in the pot and then bring it back out and it should come back You know
the next season the other thing I would encourage you guys to do is that Moringa is started
by seed and You want to check out Baker Creek heirloom seeds? They’re a tree or seeds calm.
They have a special dwarf variety of Moringa so they don’t tend to get as tall because
Moringa could grow really tall really fast and get really lanky and normally to carve
is that you basically just chop the whole tree down harvest all the leaves off then
basically the the The whole cutting that you took off the trunk you just stick back into
the ground It’ll actually form new roots and form a new plant for an actually that’s how
some of the plants we’re starting over there Literally just took cuttings of this guy put
in a pot and then they basically rooted and now there’s basically more plants here So
those are some of the basics of this tree. It’s an amazing tree. It’s known as the Tree
of Life It comes from India. And so, you know, it’s not necessarily acclimated to the frost
here So, you know, that’s why there’s a caveat of growing it where it does freeze But if
you have in a frost free place, it’s gonna grow great it grows really fast And the cool
thing about the meringue is that virtually the whole tree Has some kind of use right
whether it’s the roots or the leaves or the pods themselves, they call them drum sticks
It’s also known as drum structure. You can eat the drum sticks. You can eat the seeds
you could use the roots you could also use the bark as a Dies and all this kind of stuff,
right? So it’s a very useful tree to have around and I encourage you guys to grow it
by all means Today we’re focusing specifically on the best way to use it which is the leaves
and unfortunately, you know many people may be coming across this video because They are
looking at Moringa because they have a friend that uses it right and they get it in a powder,
right? I would encourage you guys always instead of buying some kind of powder in a package
that you don’t know if it’s been cut with Anything you don’t know how it’s been processed
dried grown all this kind of stuff a good to say organic on there But then maybe it’s
not really organic I’m you know you no, if you don’t do yourself grow yourself that way
you can ensure that, you know, you’re growing in the richest Soil with micro life that’s
the bacteria and fungi as well as the trace minerals like we’re growing here So you could
have the freshest Possible and highest-quality leaves in addition, you know if you’re buying
some kind of green powder in a package You don’t know, you know We’re the leaves like
turning brown Before they harvest them and they dried them and then they just powder
them up or did they pick them fresh and then dry them? At a high temperature or a low temperature,
you know, there’s pros and cons to each I mean avoid all that stuff avoid paying these
high prices, you know After $40 a pound of dried Moringa leaf leaf powder and just grow
it yourself It grows really fast under the right conditions The other thing I want to
warn you guys against is don’t water don’t give the Moringa too much water It doesn’t
like it at all It’s probably better to go a little bit on the drier side than the wetter
side Any case’ if you guys are growing it yourself? You can harvest the leaves fresh
and use it right then and there so you have a minimal loss of nutrition in the leaves
before You get to you know, ingest them into you to get all the health benefits and you
know Moringa is touted as you know a superfood and it has you know I don’t know ten times
more Protein than milk and 17 times more iron than spinach and four times more protein than
eggs and all these crazy numbers likely to spout off but basically just know this it’s
one of the most Nutritious foods on the entire planet that unfortunately, most people are
simply not eating anyways What’s really important to me is maximizing nutrients in the food
that I’m eating So we’re gonna go over to the Moringa tree and I’m gonna show you guys
how to harvest the best leaves to process into your juice so the first tip I want to
share with you guys is actually how to harvest the best leaves on your Moringa tree. So the
best leaves are at the top of the tree not the bottom basically as you go up The trunk
and you know, basically our trunk splits off here and this is the lowest branch This is
basically like the oldest the lowest branch is the oldest So the lowest branch on this
up right here is really old as you guys could see some of the leaves are getting yellow
And actually that’s the beta-carotene. You guys can see through the chlorophyll. That’s
a basically dissipating out of the leaf after the leaf gets old also if the Tree is under
stress. You’ll see a lot of yellow leaves and that I’ll generally tend to happen on
the lower branches So you don’t want to harvest these what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna Britt
pull this down all the way So you guys can see that basically the top crown of the tree
here and these are fairly flexible Although they won’t break if you bend them too much
But some of the most nutritious leaves are right here just a little baby leaves that’s
where I like the the Plant hormones are occurring and all the action is going because the plant
is putting energy up to these little baby shoots to get them to grow bigger so that
they could start capturing the Sun and photosynthesizing and making energy For the tree here. So while
you could harvest these little small ones and if I was making something like a salad,
you know I would be doing that because also these one’s a lot more tender I don’t want
the super young ones to harvest for juicing what I’m doing today So, you know, maybe this
is like the first first actually there’s a few small sets 1 2 3 4 5 6 maybe we’re going
to come out to the sixth set and the six hit here You guys can see we just snap off the
whole branch and just take it off and these are nice young Tender leaves that are nice
and dark And we’re just gonna come and snap off some of these guys Starting at the top,
right? And if you the further you go down the more old they get so I’m gonna do a comparison,
you know We’re gonna harvest one here near the bottom So in here the bottom this is how
big the branch looks and how big the leaves are and at the top This is how it looks. So
here’s older on this side younger on this side. You guys see the difference Basically,
there’s a lot more space in between here And there’s actually a lot more leaf density just
for the fact that all the leaves are much closer together They’re also much smaller
And so I like to harvest these because generally they’re more nutritious than these larger
leaves that being said, you know if you only got a bunch of larger leaves to harvest them
and Sometimes what I like to do is I like to come around to the bottom of the of the
tree and harvest the big Larger leaves for juicing like I’m doing because you know at
some point The bottom leaves are going to turn yellow anyways and instead of turning
yellow and go into your compost and feeding your Tyrion microbes in your compost pile
till then re-enrich your soil for next season Hey, it’d be far better to use those leaves
and have the nutrition going in you Of course, if you have you know, your your pick of the
litter per say, you know I would encourage you guys to get the smaller leaves and if
you have a lot of trees Then you could always harvest a few small leaves off every tree
which out without majorly impacting the growth of the tree and I want to always encourage
you guys not to over harvest any of your plants Or that can stunt their growth and they’ll
grow a lot slower So yeah, I’m gonna go ahead in to harvest some of the best leaves off
these trees We’re gonna get a big bunch of leaves and then we’re gonna come back at you
and show you guys how we’re gonna process these leaves into a delicious edible drink
So now I’m gonna share with you guys actually the best way to use your fresh harvested Moringa
I know a lot of people might take their Moringa they’ll put it into soups or stews and Cook
it But you lose some of the nutritional and beneficial qualities of the Moringa when you
heat the Moringa up This is especially true. If you basically just put the leaves in whole
without first chopping them up, right? inside the leaves of the Moringa much like the leaves
of the broccoli cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetables that are there are isothiocyanates
and basically This should actually be macerated or chopped up before you heat process it so
that the enzymes are still active to basically Turn these into even more powerful Nutrients
for our bodies so I don’t like to cook with the Moringa personally What I prefer to do
is instead is maybe just a chop of leaves add them into salads You could actually use
this in smoothies But even better than that in my opinion is actually using a juicer now
I do want to give you guys a disclaimer that for a living I sell juicers at
So if you are looking for a juicer to process Marengo or any other fruit and vegetable,
please check me out there also Be sure to check my other YouTube channel
slash raw foods where I review all the name-brand Juicers so that you guys could find the exact
one you today. I’m actually using the omega Vsj843 and at present time this is my favorite
juicer because it juices a wide variety of different produce items that being said the
reason why I’m juicing the Moringa and actually not putting it in a smoothie. For example
which is another popular use of Moringa and other vegetables is because this juicer runs
at a low and slow 43 rpms or revolutions per minute. That means it runs very slow too slowly
basically grind squeeze and break open the fibrous cell walls and Give us all the nutritious
beneficial loot liquid inside the Moringa You know what Jake or ditch the juice man
said was it’s the juice of the fiber that feeds you, you know We’re not set up like
a cow and we can’t really digest fiber and get all the nutrients out unless we use our
teeth which actually are the best juicers on the planet so you don’t really need a juicer
you just need to Put them ring it into your mouth and chew it into a mush and then swallow
it much like you’re a baby that’s why we get babies baby food because they don’t have teeth
and eat everything mushed up so that they can digest it in their digestive system because
in a baby’s that justice system or our digestive system we can only utilize things or that
are in a liquid state So if whole leaves are coming through us going in they’re gonna literally
come in one end and go out the other end And if you think about it, we are nothing more
or less than juice extractors, right? We might eat some food on the you know in our mouths
it’s gonna go in we’re gonna chew it up and Out one side of us literally comes a juice
and up The other side of us comes all the fiber that we didn’t use and that’s literally
what the juice juicers doing Its extracting the fiber that would basically go right through
us. Anyways not to say that we don’t need fiber There’s a whole another topic but it
already extracts a juice so that our bodies have the easiest time To extract the nutrients
out men you guys might have just had a big Thanksgiving dinner You know and after a big
Thanksgiving dinner, you might kind of feel tired after Thanksgiving dinner That’s because
our bodies take a lot of energy to digest and extract the food from the food You guys
just ate right you might be but you might feel like taking a nap after you’d a big meal
And that’s because your body is now having to work and digest all the food, but see juicing
Does all the hard work for your body so that you could drink the juice and you’ll just
have energy to go Because now your body doesn’t have to invest all the energy to basically
get the energy out of the food you just ate right, so that’s why I really like juicing
and I think every gardener should own a juicer and it’s and it’s a special way to Process
and condense a lot of the vegetables you guys eat many people are always like amazed like
John How do you eat all the food well? Hey, you know, I grow a lot of food, but people
don’t understand like when you juice it like I harvested like 18 You know of these branches
here that have lots of leaves actually 16 And you know that took a bunch out of the
trees, but I could go back there You know all the you know several days out of the week
and keep doing this and as I’m harvesting them they keep growing unlike if you go to
the grocery store and buy some greens to juice, right they’re gone, but when you grow them
I mean literally the tree the plant the vegetable plant is just giving you free leaves to juice
all the time as long as you Don’t pick them too fast And for that reason whether you’re
a gardener or not I don’t encourage you guys to juice any one food each and every day for
the rest of your lives That’s asinine and that’s insane in my opinion, right? There
are a variety of foods put on this planet for us to enjoy and I want you guys to rotate
the different foods that you have. So eat seasonally, you know, Moringa is only in season
Most of the year except when it freezes here and so that’s when I get to enjoy, you know
other times of the year, especially the you know, Fall winter I get to enjoy some of the
winter vegetables, you know Some of the spinach is and collard greens and other cruciferous
vegetables and arugula Things like watercress ma che Tong ho all these different things,
you know, and so I always rotate the item. I’m juicing This is very important to ensure
that you’re getting some of the phytonutrients that are in here But also you’re not getting
too many of the anti-nutrients that are in here as well, you know the anti-nutrients
we think of as anti-nutrients the plant just basically makes Metabolites, right the Sun
comes down and hits the tree bugs. Try to eat it you know fungus tries to get on it
and the plant makes all these different Plant compounds or metabolites the tomato for example
makes up to 300 different Compounds within it right one of them. We call lycopene. Some
could be vitamins mineral The plants are making these not for our benefit but for its benefit
so it can actually fight off diseases Bugs and pests and other creatures from eating
it in nature and so we want to respect the plants and only you know Eat like meringue
and maybe like drink it like we’re juicing today once or maybe twice a week and the other
days You know juice some Okinawan spinners or some some grass, you know, I mean you could
juice grass and eat it I mean though many people don’t know that right and So yeah rotate
your diet very important, right? So anyways, the recipe today is while I have juice Moringa
straight and took Moringa shots. This stuff is incredibly strong Everybody is at a different
place in their life I’m really used to drinking like strong green juices, and I could handle
them straight that being said Especially if you’re new into juicing things because it
concentrates it literally, you know You could take a pound of leafy greens whether they’re
Moringa greens or lettuce or kale collards Swiss chard you could juice it and that 1
pound of green stuff. Now only instantly turned into only eight ounces of Concentrated juice
which that 8 ounces contains the majority of the nutrients providing and using a good
juicer That were in the one pound So really you could you could maximize the amount of
nutrition you guys are getting in your body. This can be very important especially you’re
trying to fight a disease or fight an illness. You know, there’s a therapy called the Gerson
Therapy right that heals Incurable people. I’ve met many people that have used the Gerson
Therapy to heal themselves from cancer and other illnesses, right and They drink copious
amounts of juice to basically Ramp up their their body, right? I mean carrots on the Gerson
Therapy They just love carrots and apples, you know and carrots are anti-cancer and you
juice enough of a man I’ve seen people turn their cancers around so I mean all these amazing
Plants of the earth make amazing phytochemicals. I mean the the Moringa it’s like it’s a blood
sugar regulator You know, it could also help regulate your blood pressure, you know, it’s
neuroprotective It’s good for your brain gonna keep you healthy young with a good mind, right?
I mean, it’s just rich in protein and amino acids and beta carotene And provided you’re
growing in rock dust minerals has a whole host of other trace minerals in there So yeah,
well you could do it straight I’m gonna be juicing it with some other things that make
it taste good more palatable and also water it down and actually even in Some respects
make it better. So what we got 16, basically leaves here or branches of the Moringa We’re
also going to juice a 1 bunch of organic celery now They were again accelerate put in there
because that adds a lot of essential electrolytes That’s very good for us, you know instead
of drinking Gatorade for your electrolytes I wish that people in athletics and stuff
would juice some celery or use something like coconut water very rich in electrolytes Also
this acts as a nice source of water. So basically the plants absorb water hopefully it’s from
the rain and not from the city tap water and They purify it so this is basically a structured
living water contained within the celadon when we run it through the juicer We’re getting
the celery juice or the celery water with additional nutrients And so that’s going to
help water it down and then for some extra flavor and sweetness because we like it sweet
right you’re used To drinking cokes and sodas and pop them these overly sugar Li sweet drinks.
We’re using nature’s sugar right here We’re using one whole pineapple here and the pineapple
is good because it has the enzyme bromelain that can actually help reduce Swelling and
all this kind of stuff. Plus it just who doesn’t love a sweet pineapple juice And then also
we’re gonna mellow out some of the acid in the pineapple juice With the celery and also
the Greens of the Moringa to make an amazing drink so the first step before juicing is
to Prepare the produce so I’m using a vertical single auger juicer And this is a kind of
juicer if you want to juice a little bit of everything you want to do some fruits you
want To do some vegetables and you want to do some leaves This is the machine to do it
because it basically juices everything fairly well provided you prepare properly So I’m
gonna take a few minutes off-camera or actually on camera. We’ll just speed it up so you can
Prepare the produce we’ve got to cut off We got to take the top off the pineapple cut
off the sides cut up into pieces Cut up the core in our little bits we got to cut off
the top and the bottom of the celery dice it up into little beat pieces and we Cut this
marine guff because if you just put cold Moringa stalks and in this machine, it’s not gonna
be a pretty sight It’s gonna Jam if it’s gonna clog anything, you’re gonna think that juicer
is a piece of junk But the whole problem is you’re just not using it, right So we’re gonna
go ahead and I’m gonna start prepping well fast-forward this so you guys can see what
I’m doing But we don’t have to waste into your guys’ novel time All right So it just
got done preparing all the produce as you guys can see I got the celery basically diced
up Into eighth inch pieces as my optimal size, but honestly, they’re probably out a quarter-inch
The pineapple is basically just in long strips, that could actually just a feed right into
the juicer And the core the pineapple was chopped into little bits If I remember I’ll
put a link down below on how to process Pineapple and cut it properly so that it actually works
in the juicer without clogging and more importantly the Moringa What I did was I had you know
16 whole like stems off the tree and I I took basically I cut off Just the tops with all
the greens, right? We don’t want to really juice the stems, especially in this juicer
they’re gonna clog it up if you have of other kinds of juicers like a single auger horizontal
style like omega nc800 or a solo star for UPN juice of stems or if you have a green
star pro or green star elite You could totally juice the stems and you wouldn’t have to cut
all the produce up into this smaller pieces That being said every juicer has its pros
and cons. I like this one so it’s basically fast easy to use and it juices a wide variety
of things. So, yeah, we just basically cut it off the stems and this is this is how they
look like now and All the top that smaller stem diameters basically just got put on a
pile and I chopped those up into hopefully a quarter inch Pieces or less so now I basically
just have a diced up Moringa here that could easily go through the juicer the next step
is to simply juice So we’re gonna go ahead and turn this juicer on and I do like this
machine because it runs at a low and slow 43 of revolutions per minute It is a vertical
single auger machine and the omega vsj843 and the slow star juicer Are the best two
vertical juicers on the market that I’ve seen for juicing greens and other things like this?
I’ll put a link down below where I have a video comparing these two machines And these
are a lot different than just the standard juicer You’d go down to the department store
to buy, you know, if you go to a department store and buy a juicer You know, there may
be a hundred bucks. You could get some for 40 bucks Those are high speeds and triple
injection machines I do not encourage you guys to get one of those machines because
they tend to run very fast they oxidize some of the nutrients a little air into the juicer
making they lower some of the beneficial nutritional qualities in the juice In addition that don’t
tend to juice the leafy greens very well and the leafy greens are the most important vegetable
on earth I believe everybody should be juicing on a consistent and regular basis My goal
is to get two pounds of leafy greens in me a day and whether I’m juicing a pound of Moringa
like I am today or whether I’m Eating a salad with a pound of vegetables from my garden
or even vacuum blending some of my vegetables You know, those are all excellent ways to
get them into you So yeah and furthermore the warranty on those inexpensive machines
are like 90 days or a year and if it blows up after that time It’s a thorough a device
and you got to buy new one, you know, the warranty on the vsj843 is 15 full years And
so should you be juicing and 10 years from now and the machine breaks, right? The company
will cover it and repair it at no cost to you under warranty, which is simply amazing
So, you know I want to encourage you guys to invest in good quality Things and products
you buy so you’d be using them a long time Instead of all these disposable things in
our unfortunately disposable society So let’s go ahead and turn this machine on and you
could barely hear it running here And the first thing I always like to juice are something
very liquid or the softest stuffs are the fruit So I like how we could just literally
dump the fruit in there It Auto feeds without you having to use the pusher and actually
that’s one of the things you don’t want to do with this machine Is use the pusher you
guys can see we’re instantly getting straight pineapple juice Now we’re gonna go ahead and
spike it with just a handful of moringa right into the chute there Once we got some of the
Moringa in there Then we’re gonna go ahead and put some of the celery this is running
at a very slow rate To extract the nutrients out and literally grind it up and out This
side is basically the the fiber and I want to caution you guys right now You know a lot
people think John when you juice you lose all the fiber Well, you know, there’s two
commonly accepted types of fiber There’s also many more but the two commonly accepted types
are soluble fiber and insoluble fiber Soluble fiber basically dissolves in water. It’s soluble
in water so that’s what we’re getting when we’re getting the juice and we’re keeping
all the soluble fiber. We’re Ketan we’re again getting rid of all the Insoluble fiber right
that does not dissolve and that’s coming out at this side over here so yes Juicing will
keeps on the fiber. For example on carrots. It’s about 48 to 52 percent Soluble to inside
of a fiber. So even when you’re juicing carrots, you’re keeping about half of the fiber and
you know I mean if I had to pick one fiber that’s more important than the other one I’d
say the soluble fiber is actually more important that has a more beneficial effects in our
bodies based on my research and from what I’ve seen That being said we do need fiber
in our diet. So I don’t encourage you guys to live on a juice diet I like to drink juice
once a day and of course other times of the day I’m eating fresh fruits and eating a big
salad out of my garden every day. So I’m getting plenty of fiber in my meal People also sometimes
like to eat this fiber I find it tasteless and it’s only good for worms or your compost
pile but you know people dehydrate it and put it in stocks and stews some people feed
it to their dogs mixing it with their dog food so they could You know feed their dog
some good stuff, but also feed them less food It just depends on you You know if I want
to add fiber to my juice I’m gonna take some flax seeds grind them up and then add those
Powdered flax into my juice to get some extra fiber not using this stuff because actually
powdered flax is actually more beneficial in my opinion Than just the fiber coming out
of the juicer because it has things like lignin and I mean flax in itself is a whole amazing
Food due to some of the anti-cancer benefits in there Anyways, I mean I could talk your
ears guys his ears off all day long So I’m just gonna be sitting here feeding things
a one handful at a time in the juicer as I’m rotating the different items I’m putting in
but we’ll save you guys Some time here and we’re just going to go ahead and speed this
up for you guys and we’re gonna come back at you when I’m done juicing Alright So I’ve
juice probably about maybe roughly half of everything and my collection cup is already
full so I’m gonna have to stop now and I’ll show you guys what happened and what we got
here and I’ll Get back to juicing the rest a little bit later. So we’re gonna go ahead
and turn off this machine we’re gonna go ahead and put down this spout cap. So we don’t
get any drips here and then what I’ve made so far is basically 35 ounces of Moringa organic
celery pineapple juice. That’s a 1,000 milliliters or 1 liter? Right and this is literally concentrated
Moringa pineapple and celery we’re going to go ahead and pour off a little bit in a cup
here And look at that look at that nice clean texture there very little residual pulp actually
went into this juice and Now we’re gonna go ahead and try this juice here for you guys
on the camera Wow That’s amazing in my mouth I feel like right now it’s like it’s like
radiating like heat kind of like you ate a hot pepper But you know when you eat a hot
pepper it kind of like radiates and it’s it’s there This I felt like it was hot because
the burning this of the Moringa is kind of like spicy You feel it. And but then you feel
it slowly dissipate in your mouth into nothing. This has a nice clean flavor you taste mostly.
Let’s see here I mean you taste mostly sweet but then you get a little bit of a tart and
that’s I think the meringue is a sweet is a pineapple the tart is The Moringa the celery
just kind of adds a little bit of body and extra juice so it’s not so strong and concentrated
Mmm Definitely one delicious juice and by far the best way you guys can be using the
Moringa you guys grow Now, well, I always encourage you guys to harvest and use your
produce fresh out of your garden Right, and I want you guys to eat primarily out of your
garden. Sometimes that’s not always possible. Right? I mean, I’m not currently growing Pineapples
and this time of year. I’m not growing celery so I you know got these from the store and
hey You know if buying some celery and buying some pineapples at the store allows you now
to Eat your Moringa that otherwise it’d just be sitting on the tree because you’re not
eating it straight because it tastes You know pretty strong honestly And you get it inside
you and now you get some of the benefits of that plant inside you I think that is a good
thing And you know, here’s a trick right besides doing the pineapple celery with Moringa. You
could do pineapple celery and Johnny or procumbence or a longevity spinach you could do, you know?
Pineapple celery kale you could do pineapple celery charred pineapple celery spinach, right?
There’s a multitude of different kinds of jerk juice recipes. You can make if you guys
own your own juicer you guys are the chef you’re in control? It’s not like if you go
to the store you want to buy a juicer. You’ve got to buy one of the pre-made juices They
made for you, and I don’t think yet I found a juice actually that had Moringa or especially
Moringa to this Concentration because this is actually quite strong and I’ve been doing
this for a while So if you haven’t been doing this for a while and you’re kind of a scared
because Moringa is pretty powerful stuff could be Detoxifying and people could have reaction
to juices Honestly, you know I would tend to do probably a lot the same amount of pineapple
in the same amount of celery Those are pretty mild and do like four or leaves of Moringa
see how that tastes for you, right? Next time up into eight see how that tastes if that’s
too strong stop at eight, right? Keep that up for a month once your body’s good with
you and eight leaves up into ten and twelve and then like I did today sixteen and Maybe
at some point you might want to juice like half a pie while half a meta celery and sixteen
leaves Moringa But that’s totally up to you. I don’t you know, I like this recipe. It’s
a nice mild recipe I don’t like things Too strong and I don’t need to be the man and
I’m gonna drink it straight because you know, I’ve drinking straight green juices I’ve thrown
it up before too and that’s not too fun but uh, the other thing I’d like to say is that
you know, What if the only way you guys could get Moringa because you’re not yet growing.
It is in a powder You know, I think by far by having some kind of powdered Moringa and
if you don’t normally eat it that’s definitely better than not eating it because I want you
guys to have an inclusive diet of including all the different plant foods as possible
I mean There’s so much research that’s already been done and new research still have yet
to be done on the Moringa and amazing What an amazing plant it is and how it can help
you heal different kinds of ailments in your body Or maybe they’re not even ailments Maybe
the problem is you haven’t been eating the Moringa your whole life and you’re just not
eating healthy Foods healthy plant foods from your garden, right? So start a garden today
If you guys haven’t already grow Moringa you could start it from seed you could grow it
inside your apartment in Brooklyn In New York City in LA, wherever you live it’ll grow in
a nice pot. Make sure you get that dwarf variety Give it a lots of Sun put it right by the
sunny window. Don’t water it too much. Have a good rich soil Check my other videos for
container gardening and building good soil with healthy nutrients. So your plants get
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Teach you guys all aspects on how you guys could grow your own food at home So with that,
my name is John Kohler with We’ll see you next time and until then remember
keep on growing.

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