Best Red Wines for Beginners and White Wine Drinkers

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Hey, are you a white wine drinker that’s
having a hard time, coming around… to reds? On today’s Quick Sip, I have two suggestions
that may convert you, to the Dark Side. I’m evil like that. I’ve met a lot of new wine drinkers who say,
“I enjoy drinking whites, but I’m having a harder time with reds. They’re either too heavy, too dry, or they give me a headache.” The biggest difference
between white wine and red wine is tannin. Tannins come from the skins and seeds of a
red grape and they’re what makes a red wine taste more bitter. And, contrary to popular
belief, red wine headaches are not always because of sulfites, often times,
they’re because of tannins. So, let’s talk about two red wines
that are lighter in tannins that may be easier
for a new wine drinker to enjoy. Our first wine, comes from a
very famous grape: Pinot noir. It’s originally from Burgundy, France,
but now it’s grown all over the world. It’s so light in body, that it’s almost
transparent in the glass and it’s often described as having
these flavors and aromas of cranberries, red raspberries, and strawberries. Our second wine
comes from a grape that is grown in the northern part of Spain,
near the border with France. And for that reason, it has two names:
A French and a Spanish. In France, it’s known as Grenache,
in Spain, Garancha. Grenache is a little darker in color than Pinot noir,
but it’s still a fairly light wine. It’s got this beautiful garnet gemstone hue to it, and a famous flavor of candied cherries and spice. So, can you hear the dark side… calling?
Will you join me? (laughs) If you have questions, or thoughts
about these wines, leave me a comment below. And if you want easy wine,
spirits and food tips like these, subscribe to my YouTube channel,
and I’ll top you off with a Quick Sip, every “Tipsy Tuesday.” Cheers!

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