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– I can’t finish this? I know I’m at work. (liquid pouring) (short wimper) May 25th is National Wine Day, but like you needed an
excuse to guzzle vino in your mouth faster than Real Housewives. (glass breaking)
(screaming) In honor of the holiest of days I put together a list of the best wines from leading grocery stores in the U.S. Just think of me as
your fairy wine mother. But before we start popping corks. The reason I did air quotes around best is because wine preferences
are personal and subjective. Use this as a guide to
navigate the wine section at these various retailers. Also, booze laws differ
per state and country. Some wines might not be
available in your area. So let’s get drunk. First up on the list we have Target. Even though Target feels trendy and chic at its core, purpose is value. As expected their wine
section reflects that. For the best red wine at target you’re gonna want to go
with Meiomi pinot noir. It’s an amazing blend of grapes from Monterey County
Sonoma in Santa Barbara. I love that sound. At 20 bucks a bottle, you’re
getting a solid, reliable red and it runs light and
fleeting on the tongue so it doesn’t like overpower
any snacks your munching on. For Target’s best white, you’re going to want to check out Chateau Ste Michelle dry Riesling. This is actually a Washington state take on the German varietals. There’s a ton of different
Riesling varietals out there but most of them tend
to be extremely sweet. The fact that Target carried
this lesser found white was so refreshing ’cause this
is def day drinking wine. Now the best wild card wine in my opinion is going to be Prophecy rosé wine. This perfectly pink wine
is from the South of France and delicate, lite, with fruity notes. Plus how cute is this label. It’s apparently the goddess of fortune which according to the website represents the delicate strawberry and raspberry notes in their rose. I don’t know if that’s true
but honestly this is delicious. Next up is Trader Joe’s. T.J’s goes out of the way to make sure that they have knowledgeable employees who can help out customers who really want a
sophisticated bottle of wine without breaking the bank. So if we have more options
I choose varietals of wines that are less widely available. Trader’s best red is going
to be Saldo zinfandel and according to their website Saldo means when you’re from
here and there in Latin. Which makes sense because this deep red is all over the place in the best way. It’s a California zin with deep flavors like oak, and black licorice, and cherry. And although it’s bold on the nose it has a surprising and
unexpected elegant finish. For the best white and Trader Joe’s you’re gonna want to go with
the Floriana grüner vetliner. Now this specific bottle is from Hungary. It is a beautiful, dry light wine and you can pair it
with chicken or seafood but the best part is it’s
a super bargain value. I recommend serving it super
chilled for optimal enjoyment. For the wild card wine at Trader’s I recommend La Granja
360 sparkling cava brut. I have been a long time fan
of this Spanish vineyard. This champagne relative
is effervescent as any, crisp with a nice green apple bite, perfect with sharp cheeses or even a splash of fresh
squeezed orange juice to make your mimosa dreams come true. Now the next grocery store
on my list is Walmart. They’re a bargain retailer that’s going to save you the most cash and they’re not afraid
to let everyone know it. The challenge presenting itself here is that they don’t carry
many bottles of wine above or near the $20 bottle price point. Not that you need to drop mad cash to get a quality bottle of wine. The best red that I’m going
to recommend from Walmart is gonna be Maddalena cabernet sauvignon. This is honestly a big,
bold red from Paso Robles. Which is how the locals say it. – Locals. – Which means you’re
gonna get an intense soil, minerality from the steep hillsides. So this one ran toward
the higher price point but honestly it’s delivering
everything you want a cabernet sauvignon to be
without it being from Napa. The best white wine at Walmart is gonna be La Crema chardonnay. So when you’re going for
a chard, you want oak-y and you want buttery. This winery uses a mix of
American and French oak to age their chard. It kind of gives it a warm spice undertone that I found surprisingly nice. And for the Walmart wild card I’m gonna go with Band of Roses rosé. I maintain full transparency here I was not impressed with the sparking or the rosé options that Walmart offers. Band of Roses is a decent wine that delivers on the traditional sense that you want a rosé to be. Plus, (twists off top) this is another wine
out of Washington state and this vibrant rosy sip pairs perfectly with a chill playlist at any garden party. Lastly, we have Whole Foods, the statement grocery store of America. Whole Foods is less concerned
about the price point and more concerned about
delivering quality products. The wine section at Whole
Foods is no exception. With bottles ranging into the hundreds you’re likely to find whatever you’re wine loving heart desires. After generous assessment. I decided on Tooth and Nail
Vineyard’s red blend wine called the Fiend. Now this Pasa Robles blend is a mix of Cab Sauv, Petite Sirah, and Merlot. It’s surprisingly complex. If you’re a fan of a jammy, black fruit then this is incredibly delightful. The best white wine at Whole Foods IMO is the Domaine Delaporte’s 2017 Sancerre. It’s 100 percent sauvignon blanc and so beautifully balanced. ♪ La, la, la, la, la, la, la ♪ It has this green apple vibe. It’s bright and fresh and fully reflects the unbelievable high quality
of grapes from Sancerre. For the final wild card I figured I would even up the roundup with a sparkling wine. Now you can get as crazy as you
wanted at Whole Foods, okay. I even slacked one of my bosses to see if I could get away
with expensing a bottle of Cristal but I guess I
couldn’t properly pitch a $250 expense, boo. Plus I feel like I needed
to stay true to the task of grocery store wines which means making it be
somewhat approachable. The most realistic best bubs
you can find at Whole Foods is Gruet Blanc De Noirs. It’s actually a vineyard based
out New Mexico of all places. But this winery was founded
by a French man who studied the traditional method of making champagne in Champagne, France. Woo. This is only going to run you 17.99 and this sparkling glass is full bodied with hints of vanilla
and raspberry and listen, you can drink your wine out
of a solo cup if you want. But did you know there is
actually specific glasses designed for the variety of wine that you’re gonna enjoy? We can get super specific with this, so I’m just gonna give
you the bare minimum and they’re going to have been used because I’ve been drinking. But typically your reds
have a wider mouth. This allows you to fully
enjoy all the aromas you have going on but also gives the wine a little bit of a chance to breathe. Now your white wine
glass has a smaller mouth as you’re not typically too pressed to let white wine breathe. And of course your bubbles
are served in a flute. I’m Lizzo. And the reason for the flute is that you want to keep
those bubbles floating as long as you can. So the less surface area you have in your glass, the
longer the effervescence will be fizzling. But wait, there’s more! I was a little curious
as to how my co-workers thought of the wine that I picked so I subjected them all to a blind tasting and here is a graphic card
revealing those results because we certainly didn’t
film this before the tasting. So go forth and let the wine river flow. Always remember to enjoy
your wine responsibly.

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