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This beer is what we drink. After maneuvering our bike through
the traffic and collecting all the change. We buy ourselves beer and rush back
before it losses it’s cooling. There is a great amount of hardship
behind every sip of beer. It’s a mini-war like scinerio. Our stuff has arrived.
Let’s drink before it gets warm. You people have created trouble! Where are the beer bottles? Kids ask for beer. We stopped drinking it. We might have stopped drinking beer,
but my bro drinks only beer. He will create havoc, if, he learns
that we don’t have a beer. Really? Oh shit! Dude, buy two beers. No, don’t give him money. Wait a min for me. I will pay for my beer. Bro, you get them. So, you think that I can’t drink
or it’s just that, you guys are wasted? You ignorantly order
brandy and whiskey. On asking, you would say,
it’s a nice whiskey. So, either I don’t know to drink
or you guys figured out a new style. Every morning, you ask
for Blenders Pride or Mansion House. Either I don’t know to drink
or you people know something new. What should I consider? Let’s go out and talk. Let everyone in the room
understand the problem. Dude, what are you talking about? You should be angry. Every one should be angry. My words are supposed to hurt you, people. We better leave. Chill bro! What’s your problem buddy.
Tell us what you want? What drink did you guys plan to offer me? Do you think, I don’t have other options? I have plenty of them. You guys have invited me,
so that, you can bolster about the party. Everyone wants to order first. Did you assume, either I am not aware
of the brands or I can’t pronounce them? Whenever I feel like buying beer I am confused, what would you guys think of me. Don’t you guys realize it. Drama! You guys have been playing so
long enough to puppet us. If I complain, everyone will
group against me. But everyone will silently drink few beers. When ever we plan for small drink party.
You guys invite a battalion. Publicity! You have to publicize
every small thing. Like, you guys don’t drink beer.
You drink only selected whiskey brands. Which brands?
For whom are those branded? You people get high,
afte drinking two pegs. So do we. To buy a whiskey, you people think
of hundred brands. so do we. You guys are getting high,
so am I. You are getting intoxicated,
so am I. You are lossing control.
So am I. What is the greatness about?
For whom is it great? Who is teaching whom to drink? Who is ready to learn to drink? Tell me!
I would like to know. You always bring alcohol
for everyone in the room. When he isn’t around.
I will have to drink whatever you get me. Don’t you think I wish to drink whiskey
and brandy? Get high and loss control. Even I wish to be called
strong enough to bottoms-up. People in the bar are assuming
I can’t drink brandy and whiskey. Call your friend. Let’s drink and decide
who has better capacity. I won’t attend this parties, anymore. I will drink in my room.
I will order food there. I was dumb to attend this party. I will only drink in my room. What should I drink? I can’t join you guys without beer. After the havoc I created,
how can I even join you guys? They might no longer be drinking beer. But I need to feel like ditching it too. I would have to join
the same party and the same nuisance. Don’t I know, what’s to be consumed? You too, wish
to drink maximum beers. That’s the absolute feeling. I still believe in that. Everything has it’s limit. Never stop drinking beer. Is there anything you want to tell me? If there is something, tell me. What should I drink? Tell me. You started drinking before me.
Don’t you know, what to drink or not? Apperantly, there is some limit. Yes, there is limit for everything. Limit to drink beer, whiskey or
even cheap liquor. There is some limit. You always shout at people
“Don’t I already know!”. If you know, then why not just drink. You always keep blabbering
which beer is good and which isn’t. On top of that, for a stupid beer
you got so emotional. For this stupid beer, either you or me
is always getting upset. Because of you, we might not dare
to drink in the future. People became really anxious at the party. In fifteen minutes, all hell broke loose. Must say, your style of going
to a house party was amazing. People should follow your trend. It is good to be yourself. Everything else comes after beer. There are people who drink whiskey, rum,
brandy even cheap liquor. God, I am high.
Please, save me! We assume all that is acting. But those guys are really high. Alcohol is good. An alcoholic is a good guy. What did I give you guys? Did I give you weed or bong? I only gave you guys two empty
jumbo glasses for drinking. As a common man, what else can I
offer you guys for drinking. Other than some snack for munching. Is there anything better than that? Only in this lifetime,
he would party with you. Only in this lifetime,
you would party with him. None of us can gurantee ourselves
to return home safely after drinking 5 pints. If you greet everyone with a smile,
they might safely drop you back home. We don’t have to pray God for anything. If you pray for something it must be for others. That they drop us home, when we are
intoxicated and fall off on the road. Oh God please don’t isolate a honest beer drinker from house party. Come let’s go and party. My dear God you please subscribe. Strawberry. N-No. Orange. N-No. Grape. N-No. Bro, this isn’t a ice cream parlour. What are those flavors?
Those aren’t ice-creams to be eaten. This has a new flavour, bitter gourd.
You will like it. Take it and leave.


ng ng

Aug 8, 2018, 8:00 pm Reply

ha ha keka puttinchav………… bayya kerala floods pina cheu

gowri nadipineni

Aug 8, 2018, 8:01 am Reply

Nice bhayya bale comedy😀😀😀😀

Cutie Pie

Aug 8, 2018, 8:58 am Reply mandu tagevadu goppodu.loll.jumbo glass??

munna munna

Aug 8, 2018, 5:26 pm Reply

Super bro


Aug 8, 2018, 6:35 pm Reply

Dilaogues super

Ksureshkumar Suresh

Aug 8, 2018, 2:23 pm Reply

Bayya ninu ela pogadalo ardham kavadam ledu…..
Evadaina dialogues chepalante chala kasta padutharu….
Kani merenti bayya …
Chala paddathiga chala opigga….
Edho goda kattinattu chala …
EG ga cheputhuna ru…..

Koteswara Rao

Aug 8, 2018, 7:39 am Reply

Really awesome.. love it 😘🥂


Aug 8, 2018, 6:47 am Reply

Super bayya

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Aug 8, 2018, 4:34 pm Reply

Nice dialogues Anna

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Aug 8, 2018, 8:59 am Reply

Nailed completely

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Aug 8, 2018, 5:32 am Reply

Superb superb

Billgates XI

Sep 9, 2018, 3:37 am Reply

2:47 hilarious😂😂😂😂

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Sep 9, 2018, 4:45 pm Reply

ganjaay ichaana ,gudumba ichaana jumbo glass Lu ichaanu 😂😂😂

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Sep 9, 2018, 12:39 am Reply

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telugu videos.

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Very nice bro.

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beer chala manchidi
mee short film ni nenu epudu chustu untanu
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Bayya ma anna super beer annah

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Beer brand ambassador

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Recently I started watching ur videos…. I simply addicted bro.. Superb really,, present life lo bhayata antha sodhi bhayya,, but meee short films kaasta relief bro.. Healthy ga cheyandi..

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5.40 to….. Teliyakundaaney smile on my face… Chaala Bagundhi bro

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My name is madhu

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Lovely Local

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Lovely Local

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Bro… superb bro…I love this video 😍

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ashakeerthi Botcha

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