Awesome Wine tasting in Australia’s Barossa Valley

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The Barossa Valley, Australia’s most famous
and largest wine region is located 60 kilometres North East of South Australia’s
capital city, Adelaide. The Barossa is world famous for its Shiraz and is home to some of the
world’s biggest wineries like Jacob’s Creek and Penfolds. Most wineries offer cellar
door sales and free tastings with some serving award-winning food. Here’s how to have an amazing time in the Barossa in two days. Rent a car and take a scenic drive. When you’re in the Barossa,
you’ll need to drive. The valley is quite substantial
at 912 square kilometres, and it could take up
to 30 minutes to drive from one of your favourite
wineries to another one. Luckily, the Barossa is gorgeous and there are several
tourist routes you can take. The 57 kilometre long Barossa
scenic drive is a must. It takes you past some of
the region’s top wineries and through the Barossa’s
iconic landscape. Visit a mega winery. Visiting a mega winery
is a special experience. Visit Seppeltsfield, Wolf
Blass, Yalumba or Jacob’s Creek, the size of their grounds and the unique cellar door experiences make them worth a visit. Plus, you’ll be able to tell your friends you visited the actual creek
Jacob’s Creek is named after. Learn from a winemaker. If you’re interested in
the winemaking process, you’ll want to book a
tour with a winemaker, who will explain his
unique winemaking process. Not all wineries offer this but Seppeltsfield has a great tour where you can taste a
Tawny from your birth year. Have lunch at a winery. The Barossa is all about
having long lunches and several wineries serve
up some some amazing lunches, complete with wine pairings. Artisans of Barossa is
an upcoming favourite and worth a visit. Go for the Feed Me Like a
Barossa option and skip dinner. Visit boutique wineries. The Barossa is wine country. Almost all the locals you’ll meet work for a winery or make their own wine. There are many smaller
wineries in the region which are worth a visit. These boutique cellar doors
offer a more personal experience and you’ll have a chance to taste and buy some very unique handmade wines. Visit the wineries by bike. One of the best ways to explore
the Barossa is by bicycle. The valley has several cycling trails which take you along the vineyards. Take a full day and stop by
the many wineries on the trail. It’s a great opportunity to
visit a random cellar door and find your favourite new wine. Take a map and venture
off the beaten track to find the best hidden gems. Enjoy the view. The Barossa Valley is gorgeous and the surrounding hills offer
some great lookout points. Drive up Mengler Hill to enjoy the view and the sculpture garden. Take wine home. Once you’ve had all your tastings, collect your favourite
wines from the wineries and ship a box home. Wineries can ship worldwide, and some of them will even combine wines from different wineries
in a single package, so you can enjoy the best
of the Barossa at home. It’s definitely worth buying
wine when you’re in the Barossa because many of the wines you’ll taste are cellar door exclusives.


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Great shots taken here! Loved the Barossa visit myself!

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Love the Barossa Man what a wine tour…

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