Arden convinces the Bieber of Blues to take her home – Take Me Home video

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ARDEN MYRIN: Hi, I’m Arden
Myrin, actress, comedian and host of Spaces TV. I don’t know if you’re like me,
but when I see people on the street, I’m like, I want
to know what that person’s apartment or house is like. And I think today we’re
gonna find out. I’m going to ambush some people
on the street and see if I can get them
to take me home. Come on! Hi! Will you guys take me home? They laughed in my face. They laughed in my face! Laughed in my face. Hi, what’s your name? PATRICK: I’m Patrick. ARDEN MYRIN: Hi Patrick. I’m Arden. PATRICK: Nice to meet you. ARDEN MYRIN: Nice to meet you. What do you do for a
living, Patrick? PATRICK: I’m a musician. ARDEN MYRIN: And how long have
you lived in your apartment? PATRICK: Just moved in
a couple months ago. ARDEN MYRIN: Oh, he just
looked at my boobs! Let’s go check out
Patrick’s space! OK, so you were eight
years old when you first came to New York. PATRICK: Something
like that, yeah. ARDEN MYRIN: And was your
mind just blown? PATRICK: Yeah, I just knew I
wanted to be here, you know? ARDEN MYRIN: And has it
lived up to that? PATRICK: Oh yeah. I love it. Just the freedom, you know? ARDEN MYRIN: This
is your castle! PATRICK: This is me. ARDEN MYRIN: Mm hmm, where’s
your doorman? PATRICK: He’s not
working today. ARDEN MYRIN: [LAUGHING] All right. Cool, I like it. Hummina, hummina, hummina,
hummina. PATRICK: Here we are. ARDEN MYRIN: OK, you
didn’t tell me this was the fourth floor. I should have asked. PATRICK: That’s false
advertising. ARDEN MYRIN: I’ll say. I’m all about false
advertising. Wah wah wah. They’re mine, they’re
mine, they’re mine! Hi! PATRICK: My beautiful
roommate Rod. ARDEN MYRIN: Rod, hi! How are you? I’m Arden Myrin. It’s so nice to meet you. Do you want to put a shirt
on, or are you all right? You look good. PATRICK: Great. ROD: Yeah, I’ll put
a shirt on. ARDEN MYRIN: You
don’t need to. It’s just for your own sake. I prefer you like this. Are these swim trunks? What’s happening here? ROD: Yeah. You know, they’re stretchy. ARDEN MYRIN: Yeah,
they are we. What do you do? Are you a musician too? ROD: No, I’m a student. I was actually about to continue
with my homework until you guys interrupted me. ARDEN MYRIN: All right, we let
Rod get his shirt on, and now I’m gonna get the grand tour. PATRICK: You are. ARDEN MYRIN: This is such
a guys’ apartment. No art on the wall. What is this? PATRICK: We got some Nintendo
64 classic. ARDEN MYRIN: Some Nintendo 64? PATRICK: And some–
what is that? ROD: This is a Xbox. PATRICK: Xbox 360. ARDEN MYRIN: Xbox. PATRICK: We prefer the
floor for, you know. ARDEN MYRIN: Right. Who needs a table? And that’s where your flat
screen TV is balanced against the radiator. ROD: We actually have a wall
mount that we’re getting installed on Saturday morning. ARDEN MYRIN: Do you guys
bring girls back here? ROD: Yeah. ARDEN MYRIN: And they
don’t care. They really don’t care. ROD: No, I think they’re
impressed with how clean it is usually. PATRICK: It’s usually
cleaner than this. ARDEN MYRIN: I have
to say it is tidy. There’s a bit of a serial killer
vibe in certain areas. There’s no personal effects. PATRICK: [INAUDIBLE]
everywhere. ARDEN MYRIN: No personal
effects. It’s like you could just grab
your bag and be gone and just never be gone. ROD: Yeah. ARDEN MYRIN: OK, let’s
see the rooms! Whose rooms are this? ROD: OK, this is my room. ARDEN MYRIN: This is yours? This is Rod’s lair. I love what you’ve done
with the place. ROD: Yeah. ARDEN MYRIN: First of all,
no art on the walls. No art in the apartment. Not even a picture of– ROD: There’s actually this
fountain over here. ARDEN MYRIN: What? Wait a minute! That’s a fountain? PATRICK: It runs. ROD: It is a fountain
when I turn it on. ARDEN MYRIN: Can I be gross? It looks like lady bits? ROD: You know Georgia O’Keefe? ARDEN MYRIN: Yes. ROD: It kind of looks like
one of her works. ARDEN MYRIN: That is amazing. So there is only one that
is total serial killer. No art, but some weird creepy
Georgia O’Keefe lady bit [INAUDIBLE]. ROD: And it leaks. There’s some like– ARDEN MYRIN: There’s six
leaky lady bits! Also though, your wine cellar. There’s– ROD: Actually, I went to
Astor Wines today. ARDEN MYRIN: Shut up! OK, I’m sorry. There’s nothing in the apartment
but fucking rubber gloves, a vagina fountain,
and bottles of wine, and 17 old school– This guy [LAUGHING]. We have found American Psycho
without the stainless steel and chrome. ROD: Yeah. ARDEN MYRIN: This is like
Christian Bale’s starter apartment for his character. ROD: I actually have one
of those ice masks. When I’m doing my crunches in
the morning, if my face is a little puffy, I put that on. ARDEN MYRIN: All right, here
we go into my gentleman caller’s room. Patrick, I’ll let you
lead the way. PATRICK: Thank you, thank you. This is it. You can’t open the
door too far. ARDEN MYRIN: OK. That’s OK. I have that as well. PATRICK: I like my drawers. ARDEN MYRIN: I love it. You keep it organized. PATRICK: I try to. ARDEN MYRIN: All right. You know what? I like the old school
record player. PATRICK: The record
player, yep. ARDEN MYRIN: I like the table. PATRICK: Table. ARDEN MYRIN: And the lamp. Where’d you get the table? PATRICK: My mom. But it’s still manly,
you know. ARDEN MYRIN: It’s really good. It is, it’s still manly. PATRICK: Completes the room. ARDEN MYRIN: No, no. It’s really good. PATRICK: I have my manly
stuff on it. My cologne, my scents. ARDEN MYRIN: Yeah. Oh my god! You have a lot of cologne! You did smell good. I noticed that on the street. PATRICK: Yeah. ARDEN MYRIN: Who is EC? PATRICK: Eric Clapton. I love Eric Clapton. ARDEN MYRIN: Come on! PATRICK: Joni Mitchell. [INAUDIBLE]. ARDEN MYRIN: Come on,
this is great. And then do you record
music in here? PATRICK: Yeah, I do a lot
of writing in here. The exposed brick really
inspires me. ARDEN MYRIN: All right. PATRICK: All right. ARDEN MYRIN: Patrick’s
gonna sing us a song. PATRICK: All right, I’ll
make it sweet for you. ARDEN MYRIN: Oh god, this is the
greatest part of my day! PATRICK: A real ballad. ARDEN MYRIN: Play it. This is the best. ROD: He’s taking some
DRONEY, “STILL WE GO”] ARDEN MYRIN: Don’t fight this! Don’t fight this, Patrick! PATRICK: I’m not fighting it. ARDEN MYRIN: We’re good
together, right? Patrick and I are gonna
go to his apartment. PATRICK: It’s a good
height ratio. [MUSIC PLAYING] ARDEN MYRIN: Yay! [APPLAUSE] ARDEN MYRIN: Oh my god! That’s the thing
about New York. I’m sorry, at the end
of the day, you don’t need a huge place. ROD: Yeah. ARDEN MYRIN: Magic happens
in small spaces. OK, I wouldn’t be very good
house guest if I didn’t bring a housewarming gift. ROD: This is true. ARDEN MYRIN: I brought you a
very expensive bottle of wine. PATRICK: Oh, you really
are overboard. ARDEN MYRIN: Really. Yes. With my photo on it. It’s my vineyards. Arden Myrin vineyards. ROD: Oh yeah? PATRICK: Yeah, look at that! ARDEN MYRIN: That’s
how you do it. That’s how you do it. So that’s it. Thank you, guys. PATRICK: Thanks for having us. ARDEN MYRIN: Patrick. Thanks Rod for taking me home! ROD: You’re welcome. ARDEN MYRIN: Bye! OK, I am sitting here with two
hunky gentlemen, Patrick and Rod, who were brave enough
to just take me home. For more, subscribe
to Spaces TV. Now get the heck out
of the bedroom! I’ve got work to do! Get out!

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