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Greetings, In American Savaari, today I am in an Apple orchard which is in New York, named, Weeds Orchard winery. They grows a variety of fruits here. They have Apple, grapes, peaches and other variety of fruits. Here, a special thing I noticed is the example of how we can make farming profitable. Here, people can come and visit this Orchard and pick as much apple they need. As you see, this tree is full of ripe apples that we can pick, there is a lot. and, when we compare the price from the regular shop, here, price is cheap Because, we directly picking apples from here. And also, there are variety of apples that we can pick from . see… the trees are full of apples.. For a full bag of apples , they are charging 35 dollar. .ok.. so we can come here, pick the apple we need , pay the money and go. we can make sure that we are picking good quality apple from the apple tree and taking it to home. So that is the thing… Apple picking the best example of making farming profitable Here they have apples, as I said before they have grapes, that we can pick, they have peach and different variety of vegetables this farm spreading on many acres of land . Apple itself they different varieties… This is the areas for “GALLA” apples when we go the other side, we can see the other varieties there… This area is for grape… see the grapes are well grown and ripe to pick… Hmmmm…very sweet good black grapes… ready to pick… so we gave a bag… in that bag . we can pick as much as we need… directly from the plant. and can take it home When we enter the farm.. we took a cart … see this… and we picked this much apples… we looked for the good apples and picked this much… so we are given bags in this cart that bag we can collect grapes or apples that we need and can take it home… Here they have mainly apples. different variety of apples. as you can see.. variety of apples. riped and ready to pick. They also making wine here …that we can taste here.. when we entered the farm, there was a good music , that a man singing , along that we will get different wine samples , which we can taste and select the one that we like. People are enjoying the music , tasting wine ,picking apples ,grapes that they want.. then they will go home In this farm ,you can see a wagon in the back..… it will take us for a ride throughout the farm …we can sit on it.we should give a small tip Did you see this.. a small apple tree.. but see it has big apples… many big apples. .In this small apple tree, plenty of apples here.. We are picking up green apples ..because there is a technique with green apples. Just like we make pickle with mango… …see here, mangos are expensive than apples …so if we make pickle with the green apple just as the same way as mango pickles, it will be really tasty… may be even better than the mango pickle. so if you can ,please buy some green apple and try it In Kerala ,we always hear that farming is not profitable. But when we introduce new ideas like this in farming ,more people will visit the farm land and they will have the opportunity to pick directly It might not be the same model like this.. whichever is suitable to our area, suitable to our weather and people , if we introduce new ideas like this…. see here, when we come here and pick the fruit directly from the tree, we will have satisfaction in the mind. We are using the same fruit that we picked from the tree.. Just like that , whatever the agricultural products that we have in our land, if we introduce new ideas, our younger generation will definitely like it.. and it will definitely be a success So today’s episode, a different episode, I hope you all like it… So will meet again in the next episode.. till then ..byee..


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