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By Brian Lemay 2 comments

Good evening everybody and welcome back to
Fairgrounds TV. I’m your host Peter Moeller and today we have
Angelini Pinot Grigio. I believe coming in at ten dollars a bottle.
Italian, 100 percent pinot grigio. Haven’t had one in a while so, let’s give
it a sniff. *sniffs*
Getting some tropical fruits, you know. It’s a little bit, it’s a little bit heftier
than your average pinot grigios. Let’s give it a sip.
*sips* Hm.
It has like a little bit of a green apple bite to it.
Those fruits, the tropical fruits are coming through a little bit.
I wanna say even a little bit of a peach. I’d say a slight peach.
I’m also gonna put out there that it’s a, it’s slightly acidic.
Nice wine, definitely with a dinner. Maybe with some sauteed seafood, maybe some
whitefish, whatever you prefer. Lobster, even go after that one, if it’s not
gonna kill the wallet that bad. So here you go, Angelini Pinot Grigio, great
for the holidays, it’s ten bucks, people will love it.
Goes with a lot of different meals, and I hope you enjoy.



Jul 7, 2013, 8:52 pm Reply

Some of your videos don't play. I enjoy following and even use your style to taste the texture of the wine. I would like to suggest if you can add if its dry, sweet, semi sweet wine.


Jul 7, 2013, 3:48 pm Reply

Good suggestion! I'll try and do better on that in the future. Don't know about the videos not playing, might just be Youtube being Youtube.

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