An interview with the founder of Seedlip, the world’s first non-alcoholic spirit

By Brian Lemay 1 comment

It was a bit of what are the category cues of a spirit, what are the category cues of a soft drink what’s good what’s bad? What can I bring in? What do we need to have? But what’s our own Seedlip take and our own category building rules that we’re developing? I guess given my background I follow lots of other brands and I don’t necessarily buy brands like Rapha but I think Rapha is a fantastic brand I’ve never bought anything from Aesop, but I think it’s a fantastic brand magazines like Cereal magazine – fantastic aesthetic, fantastic single minded approach Hiut Jeans – I have bought a pair of Hiut Jeans, I love their story, I love David Hieatt, It’s kind of like being a sponge to all these fantastic bits of inspiration of how Aesop do a store or how Farrow & Ball do a shoot and just try and pull all of those things in to Seedlip rather than going oh I just want to know what’s going on in drinks and just look at oh we want to do a shoot like that drinks brand did or we should have that like that drinks brand did. The bit I enjoy is taking everything I’ve learnt from working on other brands and bringing that in to creating Seedlip There’s this benchmark that I’ve held other brands that I’ve worked on accountable to and there’s a time when I’ve been working on a brand where I’ve felt like I’ve got under the skin enough of a brand that I know whether something is right or wrong for it and I don’t really think that exists on paper and I don’t think you can just create a diagram or write that it’s a feeling and brands mean different things to different people and they live in people’s heads and therefore it does mean something different but I guess the art of nature is certainly a guiding phrase that I use and hold Seedlip accountable to, this kind of does it feel right are we creating something that’s desirable and beautiful and attractive that has real meaning and relevance. Probably our direct competition is what’s already in non-alcoholic menus so it’s that blend of fruit juices, it’s the other three options in the non-alcoholic menu I think we’re trying to offer the grown-up, sophisticated alternative we want to be the most premium, the highest quality, the best. It’s not an easy process to replicate but as Vita Coco are experiencing with innocent coming into the coconut water category it’s fantastic news for them, innocent are bringing a whole load of new people into the category allowing Vita Coco to grow the category – which is a good thing for them If nobody tries to copy Seedlip it will be because Seedlip is not being successful that’s not an invitation.

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This is really interesting.

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