Alcohol’s Effects on the Brain | AlcoholFX: A Reach Out Now Mobile Application

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[MUSIC] Ahhh, the classroom. What kids learn in here… helps them make sense of
what happens out there. Especially when it comes to the
consequences of alcohol use. And the earlier
kids learn that… the more likely they are
to not drink underage. AlcoholFX is a free, interactive
app specifically designed… for fifth- and
sixth-grade classrooms. And it fits easily into,
say, a science lesson. Perfect for teaching
about alcohol’s effect on the cerebellum. Or the hypothalamus. Students learn its function… and what happens
when they drink. From games during math… and role-playing
exercises during health… this research-based
app is packed with engaging activities. Helping teachers prepare kids
to make healthy decisions… no matter where they are. Spread the word about
the AlcoholFX app today. [MUSIC] Hmmm…

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