Alcohol Marker Part 3: The difference between copic, nuvo, spectrum noir markers and more!

By Brian Lemay 16 comments

Welcome hi and welcome to Hedgehog hello sorry
we had a difficulty with our intro video today but I still want you to stop by
and talk to you about the post we’re going to be talking today about alcohol
markers and the different ones that are available on the market I have lots of
different ones to show you I’m also going to talk about some that I don’t
have here and why you might want those too
so let’s get started here I have a great selection of alcohol markers that we’re
going to look at today and we’ll be then focusing on each type of alcohol marker
over the coming weeks pros/cons things you can do with it things you can’t do
with them but I want you to show you today what is available on the market or
talk to you a bit about what I have here and some other ones that are available
so many of you I know have the chameleon pens and they come in these blending
color packed you can also get blending pens I have to say I’m not the biggest
fan of them again I will do all of these pieces we will photograph them and
you’ll see those at the end of the video and on the blog for you as well so this
is the Pink’s packet and on the end here we have pk’s which stands for pink and
then there’s AP case it stands for pink and we have fees that stand for violet B
views of blue violets it’s a very similar to some of the Copic color
families how they work is that they kind 52 at different colors so they have a PK
2 and in both I’m trying to remove right hands so we have a brush tiles style tip
here and then we have a fine line tip on this end you also in every pen have this
blender piece and what you do is I’m going to take the brush end and you
touch that on to the blender put the cap on here and what you if I lift this up
you can see that that white nib is sucking some of the color out of that
pink nib now while it does that I’m just gonna give it a couple of minutes a
couple of seconds rather and then once we start scribbling in theory it should
go from light to dark but I find that they don’t really tend to do all that
much and I’ll keep giving it a little bit longer and see if it sucks sucks its
way out a little bit more I mean I’ve seen lots of people use
these lots of people do love them but for me personally they’re not my
favorite pen but I will do even more research before we do our chameleon pen
week but that is just a quick overview of how those work so there your
chameleon pens next up I have the nouveau pen so these
are from tronic studios they come in 30 colors in packs of three one pack is
your black and your blender so you have real neutral you’re sort of basics and
then you have blues greens yellows etc so the way they go out they come in
these three blending packs so these are your Nouveau pens and so you’ve got
three shades we have 45 47 and 49 again you have to nip so you have a chisel nib
on one end and you have a fine nib on the other now the reason they come in
these three packs is that they are designed to blend perfectly from light
to dark so we can go from light to medium and then we go back so then we go
from the thing with alcohol markers is you do need to saturate your cardstock
to get those nice blends so if I lift this up for you you can see very
seamlessly blends from a light to dark or dark to light depending which way
you’re going so that’s the reason they’re sold in these three packs and
they are really lovely to work with I do wish they had a brush tip end but that
fine nib does cover really nicely and you’ve got that chisel in there as well
so that’s another option that’s out there for you then onto a couplet so
kopecks you probably see a huge amount and there are different types of co-pay
pen you have the Copic Sketch which is this which is the more traditional for
paper crafters with a brush on one end and a chisel on the other the sketch
pens which of these come in all 358 colors the other types of pens
more limited color palette however you can always buy empty markers and refills
and create your own whether it’s a Chow or other and I’ll talk through those in
a second it’s going to write Copic I’m here
so kopecks have a numbering system Y for yellow G for green blue greens B for
violets it’s actually such a more looking to that in Copic week this is a
ciao it’s a less expensive marker it has less ink in it it comes with a chisel
tip it comes with a brush tip the amount code picks is all tips are
interchangeable and you can add whatever tip you would like to your particular
markers as well there kopecks also come in an original which has a different
type of tip again and it’s square and then it also comes in a large chisel
style as well now with copics because there are so many colors you can get
again that perfect blend so here I have a Y zero zero and then here I’ve picked
up the Y zero two and we can then blend between two so again if I lift this up
you can see you’re getting that perfect blend in there as well so kopeeks
again you’ll get every color choice you can get a huge variety of different
types of markers and you’ll also get those lovely blends in there as well too
so next up I have for you spectrum noir so spectrum noir come in a total of 216
colors there are different types of spectrum Noirs these are the original
here in the black these are the illustrators and you can also get ones
that are called graphics so the originals are come with two different
tips again we have the chisel and the fine nib again I’ll sketch this out for
you so we have the two nibs on there the graphic the illustrator pens don’t you
want to separate one just because they’re slightly different again have
two tips you have the brush tip and you have the fine nib so that works well for
colorists the illustrators and the graphics have 25% more ink
the traditional markers will call these the spectrum illustrators and we’ll just
call these respect so the illustrators come in the same 216 colors the graphics
also come in the 216 colors and the only difference between the illustrator and
graphics is that they have the unis the graphics rather have a chisel and fine
tip rather than the brush and fine tip so it really depends on what you’re
doing as to whether which one you require they do have come with different
naming conventions so the illustrators will have names on them but it’ll also
tell you where it would sit in the same spectrum as the original pens as well so
they do give you a nice conversion so that the sets can complement each other
and we’ll get to that when we do spectrum noir week.the they are alcohol
bays they’re exactly the same as anything else now I’ve got two of each
here so that I can show you how they blend together so if I start here this
is an FS 2 and this is an FS 5 so FS staining for I think it’s flesh and skin
tones incorrect and again you can see there you can
quite seamlessly blend between the two now the other option if the traditional
spectrum Noirs and I have a DP one and a DP two and I’m going to just use my
fineliner end I’m going to pick out the DP 2 and
you could also just use your chisel to really help you blend between the G so chisel tips are great for lots of
details making sure I put the right cap on the right time and again you can see
the lovely blends between those two as well so they’re all the Pens that I have
here there are other options on the market are the priests now make their
own priests McCulloch alcohol markers Dick Blick make their own version which
I’ve heard a very good as well and the other ones that are very popular are pro
markers now I don’t have any of those ones but they are out there they will
work in the same principle as these so you’ll be able to get the perfect blends
and you’ll be able to get blender pens and all those sorts of things as well so
next week we’ll be looking into each of these individually so we’ll have a
spectrum to our week we’ll have a chameleon week we will have a Copic week
and we all have a Nouveau week and we’ll look into the advantages and
disadvantages of each pens how they work and some different things you can do
with them before we start going into some more techniques and technical ways
of working with the markers so if you’re looking for a set of markers maybe you
have a variety of different ones and you’d like to know about some of the
others that are around too then stop by again next week so thank you so much for
joining us you can see on the screen right now some of the photos we took of
the comparisons with the different pens so that you can pin those reference they
will of course be on the Hedgehog Hollow blog there is linked below this video if
you’re on a mobile device click that bottom right hand corner arrow and on a
desktop click the show me more below the video title thank you so much for
joining me for part three of our alcohol markers skill builder I will see you
again very soon don’t forget to give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video
and also subscribe to the channel if you don’t already thank you happy stamping
bye you


Yvonne Neer

Sep 9, 2017, 4:06 pm Reply

When you use the chameleon marker when you touch it to the blender end you have to hold it with the blender at the top and the marker at bottom so the blender flows down into the marker hold for 20 seconds or. More they do work nice I think it's not a necessity but they are fun many blessings hope this helps

Dionna Vallejos

Sep 9, 2017, 4:17 pm Reply

Alexandra, I really appreciate the demo of these markers. I've always wondered the difference. Now I know! lol Just an FYI, the video isn't at the same speed as your voice. The video lags behind your voice a while. But I still watched it. DEDICATION GOALS! Hehehe

Maria Nyce

Sep 9, 2017, 4:32 pm Reply

Thanks for sharing, I had just ordered the Nuvo Pens this morning. I look forward to using them.

Nancy Reynolds

Sep 9, 2017, 5:38 pm Reply

Thank you for the video, it helps. Dionna Vallejos thank you for mentioning the sound track is off a bit, I wondered why the pen cap popped in sound but it wasn't off the marker. 🙂

Janet S

Sep 9, 2017, 10:01 pm Reply

I use Sprectrum Noir, really like them, not that I'm very good at coloring. Glad to hear you are having a week of them.

Kathleen Baugh

Sep 9, 2017, 1:29 pm Reply

I'm so looking forward to your individual weeks that you plan using the separate lines of markers! I so appreciate that you are doing an in depth comparison of the most popular lines of markers. I don't know of any other YouTube. Channel that has done this kind of comparison. So thank you for sharing your creativity and talents with us, Alexandra

Nancy Villebrun

Sep 9, 2017, 3:24 pm Reply

This is great I am rate know in the market for new set alcohol markers. I originally had all the spectrum noir, however, many of them are dry. When I first bought them they were at a great price point plus you could refill them. When I went to try and order the refill for the markers the web site had a note up from the company saying spectrum noir was having problems with their refills evaporating and this feature will not be available until they come up with a solution. Wondering if you had heard this to be true? Can't wait for your next few videos on this topic, I believe this will help me make a decision. Thank you for all your hard work in bring us up to date information, take care Kari Villebrun

Sushan Art

Sep 9, 2017, 5:31 pm Reply

The sound is not in sync on the video.

Lori Ritchie

Sep 9, 2017, 5:36 pm Reply

What is the best pen for the best price point if I'm a rookie!

Karla Bostic

Sep 9, 2017, 3:41 pm Reply

Great lesson, thanks so much.

Jennifer Thiessen

Sep 9, 2017, 5:08 am Reply

Hi Alexandra, when using chameleons you have to hold the pen straight up and down with the blending solution portion at the top. I love these pens.

Irene Herrera-Shan

Sep 9, 2017, 5:13 am Reply

I am new at paper crafting, I do not own any markers just yet. This video is very helpful to me. Thanks for sharing.

Cinsationaldesigns By Cindy B

Sep 9, 2017, 2:55 pm Reply

I'm sure this is a dumb question but I think you said you're doing a video for a different kind of marker each week. Does that mean there's one coming for the Tonic Nuevo markers? I have a couple of those and I have a bunch of Promarkers but none of the others. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to my coloring and blending. It would be great to see videos using markers that I actually have.

Monique Van Wijk

Oct 10, 2017, 8:59 am Reply

Thanks for the video, it is something I wanted to now for a long time what the fifferents is. Myself I have the origineel Spectrum Noir . But than they come with the illustrators and more the same with the pencils. There so many that I am glad for this video. Greeting from the Netherlands

Rigmor Olsson

Oct 10, 2017, 3:22 pm Reply

I use the spectrum noirs, the copics and then I use the Touch twin brush marker from ShinHan art! Cheaper than the Copics and they are a very nice marker! Comes in 209 (?) colors and they are refillable as well! The twin brush have a brush nib and the broad nib and they have a white barrel, the originals have a bullet nib and a broad nib and they have a black barrel. Check them out if you like! 🙂 The blending groups aren't as logical as the copics but I have done my own chart for reference! Hugs from Sweden!

Kay Goodwin

Oct 10, 2018, 12:42 am Reply

Does anyone really need 200 different coloured markers? I really don't think 300 are required. I think you would need to be Donald Trump to afford to buy that many. I have about 70 and have never used some of them. Have found your videos very interesting and helpful. Thank you.

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