Alcohol and Weight Loss: Personal Training St Charles MO

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Hi My name is Clint Schambach, I am a St Louis
Personal Trainer and also weight loss boot camp instructor. This is just another time of year, when everywhere
you turn, there are more drinks being served. Work parties, New Years Eve, the list goes
on. But there are a few things you need to know about alcohol and your fat loss. And
its not really the calories that get you. Most people do worry about the calories when
they are drinking. And this is a valid concern. Many drinks contain huge amounts of calories
without us knowing. Or we do know and just don’t care. And to
be honest, a single beer or two won’t do too much to derail your weight loss, as far
as calories are concerned. Your average shots are about 80-100 calories,
and this varies a bit depending on what you are drinking. But no one really just drinks
straight shots, they are mixing them with something. Now you get into the 200-300 calorie range,
and before you know it, you’ve got in a 1000 plus calories. A good chance you are
drinking more calories than your whole day should be. Beer is relatively the same, around 100-120
calories. And light beers may be a little less than that, but many times contain lower
amounts of alcohol and therefore you may drink more to get your desired effect. And you end
up consuming a lot of calories anyways. And there are specialty drinks that easily
can reach 500-750 calories each, Margaritas are a great example of that. But the calories are almost a side effect.
The real cost is what happens to your body in relation to weight loss. Alcohol is processed in the liver, and what
most people don’t realize is, fat is also processed in the liver. If you’re liver
is busy with alcohol, it can’t help you burn fat. It also puts the breaks on building that good
lean muscle that you are working so hard for at the gym. So without muscle being built and more importantly,
repaired, coupled with your liver working on alcohol rather than fat. We are at a stand
still even without the extra calories. The body also produces more estrogen as a
by product of alcohol, which is one reason why men get that lovely beer gut. Alcohol
is a sure fire way to stop fat burning completely or worse actually cause you to gain weight.
A few drinks here and then won’t do too much to kill your goals, but I would keep
them to a minimum as best you can. If you want more tips and tricks about weight
loss and getting the most out of your nutrition, visit
Or if you are searching for Personal Trainers Maryland Heights MO, or personal training
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