Alcohol and breastfeeding

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after a few weeks if you’ve got a party coming up off you’re going to a wedding and you want to drink I how often have people emailing me asking me for advice about breastfeeding and alcohol there’s no reason why you can’t have a few drinks when you’re breastfeeding if you’re going out then make sure you’ve given your baby a big feed before you go and you can have a few drinks in the early part of the evening you can start going on to soft drinks and later on in the evening by the time you get back to your baby your blood alcohol level will still be very very low and there’s no reason why you can’t continue to breastfeed there’s no need for you to express your milk or throw it away as long as you remember that alcohol leaves your body at about one unit an hour if you make sure that it’s two or three hours from when you last stopped to drinking then you can still have a few drinks I wouldn’t recommend you drink regularly and you know advice general advice is that you shouldn’t drink when you’re breastfeeding but for special occasions I don’t see any reason why you can’t just have the old one you

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