Agropur Beverage

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My name is Bryan Olson I’m the VP of
Sales and Marketing at Agropur Natrel USA. Agropur Natrel USA is a fluid liquid co-pack dairy processor. We have two different plants
one is in Grand Rapids, Michigan the other one is in Maplewood, Minnesota. We have three different processes that we work under we have HDSD for fresh milk
we have ESL for extended shelf-life products and we also have aseptic
and tetra pack that we produce. We’re working with some of the largest branded
dairy companies and retail also on the protein working with the largest branded
protein drinks and that channel as well as foodservice. Whether it’s milk or co-pack we manufacture the top brands throughout
the US. Last year we processed over seventy million gallons of product that
goes through both of our facilities and it continues to grow. What’s exciting to
me is our customers have faith in us to manufacture those brands and we’re an
extension of that company and what we delivered to retail in to their
consumers so that trust factor that we have is important. Our greatest strengths
really are behind our reliability our strong partnerships and the focus on
quality for our products and understanding the impact that we have in
the market for those customers is critical. At Agropur there is a
family atmosphere, everybody cares about the customer that transcends from front
office all the way through the plant we’re all in this together as a team
each one of us sees the vision of where we’re going and how we get there
everybody has a stake in what our success is and that’s what sets us apart
and the fact that we have quality consistent products. If a national branded company comes to us with an opportunity we can work with them from
the milk intake, the pasteurization to make sure everything meets their
standards, what they’re looking for in quality, to package that product, then
ship it out to their DCs is what we do

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