Advice on Avoiding Alcohol | Jordan B Peterson

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any tips on avoiding booze yeah that’s a real tough one well I would say a couple of things um there is a drug with your a binge drinker there is a drug called naltrexone that you can consider and you did nail Trek’s them every day it doesn’t really have any psychological effect on you like if you’re an elder excellent responder what will happen is that it will dampen your positive response to alcohol so some people who are alcoholic many of them have a very pronounced opiate an opiate effect from alcohol it looks like it’s mediated by beta endorphin and now Trek Simmons is an opiate blocker and so what naltrexone seems to do is dampen the positive response and the positive response which would be opiate and then dopaminergic is the same response that makes you want to keep drinking when you start drinking so if you’re one of those people that has a drink and then has to have another one then has to have another one and you know soon all your money’s gone then the probability that you haven’t helped that response is pretty high and now tricks them can help with that generally when people take note Russell and then keep drinking they try to control but they keep drinking and they learn over time that the alcohol doesn’t have the same punch still Pleasant but doesn’t have the same overwhelming punch that it did it at one point so that would be one suggestion and it’s worth trying the other is like make a plan I would say do the future authoring program you know because it isn’t that you’re trying to avoid booze exactly it’s that you’re trying to restructure your whole life you know because if you’re a drinker then all your friends have drinker ISM and you’re used to drinking in every social situation and the places that you go to socialize are places that you drink in like it’s really built it as a whole set of habits and so what you have to do is kind of redesign your life and you have to think of things you can’t just stop drinking you have to figure out what you’re going to start doing instead of drinking there’s a whole that you have to fill in and you know the future authoring program will also help you figure out what your life could look like in the absence of alcohol and what kind of hell you didn’t end up in if you keep drinking it and it causes all the problems that it can cause and I think you really need to like you need to think through the hell that can occur and you have to think through how your life could be valuable without alcohol so that you can be motivated enough to to try to to regulate it and I would also say if you fail and slip don’t berate yourself and beat yourself up just start quitting again because know if you can cut your alcohol intake down 75% that’s a hell of a lot better than zero and often people go all or nothing just like they do when they’re quitting cigarettes and you know they’ll quit for a month and then have a cigarette and say oh my god now I’m now I’ve broken the pact and then they’ll smoke all pack into me smoking again you don’t have to do that you can just decide that you slipped and that you’re gonna get back on the wagon again and you know it can take a long time but I do believe that you need it a better vision of life right you have to find something to do that’s better than alcohol and that might take something some real consideration especially if alcohol is a very potent drug for you then I would also say don’t hesitate to try the note excellence it’s got a pretty decent clinical history and it is basically harmless so you [Music]

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