Aam Panna Recipe | Mint Aam Panna | Pudina Aam Panna | Aam Ka Panna Concentrate

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aam panna is a raw mango drink, a great summer cooler & we are flavoring it with mint leaves ingredients & quantities are listed in the description box we need 1 kg raw green mangoes. these have been washed & boiled in a pressure cooker for 2 minutes after the first whistle. these have cooled down now always buy mangoes which have a lot of pulp but not much fiber 750 grams sugar 25-30 mint leaves blended with a little water. we will be straining it out later black salt 1 tbsp table salt first peel the mangoes & discard the skin. retain the mango in the water now mash the pulp in the water & discard the seeds here is all the removed mango pulp in the water add the sugar, black salt & table salt to this and strain out the pureed mint leaves now blend everything nicely. you can use any blender you have the mint aam panna concentrate is ready. transfer to bottles and cap tightly. store in the fridge the amount of ingredients we took made about 1.8 liters of aam panna concentrate this concentrate will stay good for about 15 days in the fridge to serve pour about 50-60 ml of the concentrate in a glass and top with chilled water & stir. garnish with some boondi & a few chopped mint leaves. add ice if needed do try it & share your experience. you can have it everyday in summer if you like the recipe please like & share our video and subscribe to our channel to remain updated on our video uploads. thanks for watching

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