A Home Brew from Mike & Sarah – Fairgrounds Wine and Spirits Video

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on? It’s Pete from Fairgrounds Wine & Spirits in Danbury, CT. I just did my Bonaventure
California Cabernet Sauvignon tasting, went upstairs to edit my video and forgot I had
a beer a couple of my friends made. Mike Kochanski and Sarah Stefans, this is the next stop on
their little beer adventure for them and I hear they’re brewing some good beer. They
hooked me up with a bottle. They cloned some Moose Drool from Big Sky Brewing out in Colorado.
I gotta tell you, it’s a hell of a beer. It’s a dark, cloudy brown and it’s go these slight
hints of mocha and a hint of vanilla and I got some of these nuts. I remembered that
they brewed it with hazelnuts so I decided to come down here, turn on the camera and
do the end of the little tasting I’m doing. So give me a second to get a tasty-taste.
It’s really good. It’s got this mild sweetness of the hazelnuts, that nutty sweetness. Nice
mouthfeel, nice carbonation on the tongue. The flavor doesn’t linger too much but it’s
a great taste and it’s quite enjoyable. A couple companies out there have hazelnut beers.
This isn’t like that. It’s not too sweet or over done, it’s just’85I’ve had the home-brewed
dozens of times and this is just a home brew beer hat’s fantastic. Hopefully, Mike and
Sarah and the rest of everybody out there that brews their own beer keep going. Maybe
one day you’ll have your own brewery and you’ll grace us with beautiful beer that you have
been enjoying for years. It’s time to spread the wealth. Don’t forget about me guys! You’re
not going to be seeing this on the shelf and if you want any you’re going to have to make
a few phone calls, do a few favors. Good luck and cheers!}

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