A Guide to Red Wine : Decantation of Red Wine: Part 2

By Brian Lemay 1 comment

Hello my name is Mihaly Fabok and we are here
on behalf of Expert Village. Now I can do it continuously. This candle light helps me
a lot; I can see the sediment in the bottle. When I see the sediment, I have to stop pouring
the wine into the carafe. Usually the old wine has sediment or the new wine which was
aged in the old barrel needs more fresh air so I put it in the carafe. Now there is sediment,
so I can see the sediment, now I have to stop pouring the wine. There is the sediment on
the bottom of the bottle. So I remove the sediment. I don’t need the candle light anymore.
And then I can serve this wine for the guests.

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Mar 3, 2010, 9:27 pm Reply

How old is that wine hand?

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