A box of wine and a six-pack | Kim’s Convenience

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What are you doing here? I’m sorry, I had to work late. I’ll be out in 10 minutes! Lauren’s on her way up. Get out! I have to shower. I smell like baby barf. That’s adorable! Just make that work for you with your library geeks! [knock on the door] Heyyyy! Come through. Right through. In fact, I was thinking we can spend the next 10 minutes or so out on the balcony. Just came from outside. I could use some A/C. Ahh, right. So, what can I get you to go with my ‘mortadella’? Uhh, white wine? Ohh, just in luck. Bought a big box. Ohh! Oh, hi—- My roommate Jung, who is just leaving. Well, I have to get dressed first, but it was nice to meet you. You too. I’m Lauren. What is that? Oh, it’s the pepperettes. I’m doing a bit of a meat board. No, Olio. Yeah, it’s the shea body butter. Of course it is. I love that stuff! – Well, I’m gonna get changed. I’ll see you later.
– Great. Well, Jung seems nice. Does he always walk around half-naked? I prefer to think of him as half-dressed. Ham and cheese or broccoli… and cheese?

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