72oz Steak Man vs Food Challenge w/ EPIC BEER CHUG!!

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Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel, “Atlas”
with Atlas & Zeus Promotions. Tonight I’m friggin excited! I’m going for win #2 in Scotland
on this trip. It’s day 7. I’m 6-0, hoping to go 7-0. I’m at the Meat House in Dundee,
off of Perth Road. I’m taking on their undefeated, 72 ounce steak challenge. We’ve got the 72
ounce steak broken up into 2 big pieces. We’ve got onion rings, we’ve got chips, and I’m
pretty sure this is going to be my first challenge with macaroni & cheese! So I’m very, very
excited! If I win, I’m going to get the steak free, which I’m sure isn’t cheap, and I’m
also going to get a shirt, and I’ll be the first to win! It’s also going to be fun tonight
because I’m going to be doing this challenge with my friend Nick. This is going to be his
first quantity steak challenge, and I know he’s excited, so lets get it going! Alright,
let me get some Miley Cyrus on and we’ll get this going! Going for win #148. Can we get
a countdown? Five, four, three, two, one! Just making sure it’s cut right. Oh yeah,
it’s perfect! Do that last. I’m going to eatthese onion rings first. 3:20 – all the sides are gone. Let’s get this steak done! The one thing about steak challenges are that you
need a good knife to cut it all. I ordered it rare to medium-rare and it’s just the way
I like it. While I’m cutting these up – when I get back to the states I’ll be combining
all of my favorite words from all eight countries. In Ireland (and here) my favorite word was
“wee”. You can put all sorts of stuff in front of it. Last night after the Edinburgh Cafe challenge, a guy taught me “pish”. That’sa good too! I’ll be using that one a lot too. 26:00 – the other reason I kept them together
was to keep them warm because they don’t stay warm forever. Time to use the soda to finish
it up. 37:15 – People always ask me before any challenge no matter what I’m doing. . .”Am I going to win?” I didn’t come all the way to Scotland just to lose. Win #7 of the trip.
My second steak challenge. Very, very good, cooked just like I wanted it. 72 ounces of
deliciousness. 37:45 – a first to win, so obviously the new record. We are in Scotland.
It is day 7, and I have every other night, so it time to celebrate in Dundee!

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