7: Running Reports: SureTrend Food & Beverage Series

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Welcome to the SureTrend four instructional
video series for food and beverage processors. In this video we’ll cover running reports.
Let’s get started. The reports tab is the most useful and powerful
component of SureTrend software. Here you will generate reports and graphs for trend
analysis, problem solving, and record-keeping. SureTrend comes pre-programmed with over 30
reports, but the possibilities are nearly endless! If you have an idea for a report
that you do not see in SureTrend software, contact your Hygiena representative for help
customizing a report. For a sneak preview of what the report will
look like, click the sample tab on any report. This is a static image of an example of this
report. This will help you get an idea of what this report could look like. Star your
favorite reports to save a shortcut to the report in the favorite reports section. If
you find a report that is almost perfect but want to make adjustments, click the customize
icon. This will save a copy of the report to the customized reports section. On the
settings tab, you can add additional filters, for example, if you are interested in only
a particular test plan or user’s results, you can filter for those selections here.
Next, you may customize the report name and modify the chart title.
The display options are preset to the most common chart type; however if you have a different
preference, you may change the chart type here.
Chart colors can also be customized. We recommend green for pass, red for fail, and yellow for
caution. Finally, you can set up an automatic email
schedule. Find instructions on setting up email scheduling at Hygiena.com.
Once you’ve set all your preferences, click the disk icon on the top right to save the
report. At any time, you can preview the report you
are working on by clicking on the preview tab.
Also in the preview tab, you may print the report, modify the page layout, export or
email a PDF of the report, or add a watermark. Learn more about using SureTrend four by watching
other videos in this series

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