7 Crew & 1008 Beers- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 58.

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Previously on Delos! Frida and Max Join as new crew. Delos is taken out of the ocean. And the crew spends an intense 5 days of hard work. Music… Bum bum bum bum! Attention all passengers flight 213 to Langkawi is boarding at gate b1. Kia Ora friends and family! Bubsie here. Josje, Brady, and I traveled 30 hours from New Zealand. And we finally arrived in Malaysia. This is me- Babs or Bubsie. One of the Leyten sisters. I’ve been traveling for over 4 years. and I was just about to embark on a sailing trip across the Indian Ocean. I was buzzing to start this adventure and I couldn’t wait to meet the rest of the Delos crew. What’s going on guys? Just chillin’ in the back seat. It’s Beer O’ Clock. `Yes we’re going to the airport to pick up the rest of the crew so we’re really excited! It’s gonna be good. This is arnold my moms brother from Holland. Him and his wife Koby have been sailing for over a decade now on their boat Drifter. The last time I had seen both was 4 years ago. And I had no idea that they were in the airport. What an amazing surprise! What are you doing here??? Laughing. So good to see you! Brother! He bro! How are you? Good man how are you? You’re looking good man. This is a sweet shirt! Laughing. Good to see you man! Long time. Yeah, what a coincidence. Koby is here too. So good to see you! I know! Welcome to Malaysia! So this was it, the crew was now complete and it felt so unreal. When I met Delos she was even more beautiful than I had imagined. I remember walking inside for the first time and thinking for the first time and thinking WOW this is my new home. And I’m pretty sure I forgot about my jet lag. We noticed our brand new sails weren’t properly sewn so we all got into fixing mode and did some old school hand sewing. With a few sundowners of course. Big support group over here. Laughing. Everyone’s watching Karin sew- like YEAH go for it! How does it feel guys? Really good! Time to go sailing. Time to get off the dock. So we did a last minute clean, got Delos all ready, and left Rebak marina. We were off to Telaga Harbor. music. Wooo hoo! Sweet! music. Bye bye! Marina office, marina office this is Delos. We’ve just cleared the dock. We’re just out of the marina now. Yes, understand Delos from D22. Yes Delos! What do you want? We’re out…. It’s really good! It always feels so awesome to leave the marina even though we were only there for like a week. It was just really intense. You know, working all day. Just projects, projects, projects. And now we can go anchor by a sweet beach and use our dinghy to go places. and kind of like cruising style. Everybody’s really excited to get out there. Brady got straight into teaching us newbies how to coil a line. You take a little bit of it like that through the center. And then feed that through there so that way you have…. Yeah and you can kind of just carry it by that and it’s nice and easy. We’re gonna put them up forward here. On the…. I dont know what side has room. Even though the trip was just under and hour it felt so good to be cruising on Delos for the first time. Music. With our new sails in tip-top shape we spent the morning taking down the old main and putting up the new one. Music. Nice one team! So here we were. We arrived in the beautiful Telaga harbor and we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon talking about upcoming Delos projects. So maybe we’ll talk about stuff that we need to do before leaving here. Yup! What we really want to do is we want to use Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and Google to boost those. yeah. To send people here. And some good ole’ passage planning. I really love this famous Delos quote. Who wants a beer? It’s Kiwi time. I had the honors of putting up the New Zealand flag. Next to the Swedish one, so along with the huge American flag by the stern we’re now officially a very diverse boat. Go Kiwi’s! Good job!! You did it! There’s Kiwi’s now! With the projects out of the way it was time for some fun! This was it, our first step of this 8,000 NM journey across the Indian Ocean. To finally all be together it felt soooo good and I remember sitting at the beach sipping on a beer and my toes in the sand thinking life is good! You know those moments when it hits you and you realize where you are and awesome life is? You don’t know what tomorrow will bring and it’s pretty exciting cause it makes life a little more edgy. Music. But before we could start this journey we had to stock up Delos with as much food and drinks as possible! Music… So the next day was provisioning day. We’ve never had a crew of 7 before so when we all crammed into Maggie we got some pretty strange but intriguing looks. A crew of 7 also requires 2 rental cars. And it was surprisingly easy. It’s a pretty easy system. You just give em the boat name and then you get keys! And that’s it. So off we went to the city of Kuah. Man, we were only in Malaysia for 2 days and we got straight into it. Delos loves their beer and wine, and knowing Langkawi is a duty free island with beers for only .60US each our first stop was to the liquor store. The price list is up there. The Asahi is pretty cheap too. Laughing. These you would have to drink. On the beach. You could even mix that with a bit of water if you want to make it last longer. Dillute it? Laughing. I like it! We’ve done the calculations and we need to double everything! Laughing. YES!!! Woo hoo! 10, 20 white. 20, 25 liters of red. 45 liters actually. Laughing. I say we get one more make it an even 50. Yeah, it feels better. We didn’t recognize the wind brands so we bought one cask of red wine and us ladies decided to have a little wine tasting. We’re gonna buy like 100 liters of wine, so before we do this I’d like to taste how bad it is. What’s it like? Laughing. No comment! It’s very light. Like it’s super sweet right? It’s not like a red wine. Can I try it? 10 bucks. If it’s like… Yea but it would be good to find something a little more red wineish. It’s very sweet. because it’s only 9% right? Oh wow, that’s really light. Do you wanna try it? Yea. It’s not. Laughing. It’s nearly not drinkable is it. Should we go down to the other store and see what other ones they’ve got? Do a wine tasting there? Yeah, compare and then we can compare taste and price. So with our wine tasting done the beers were all ready to be loaded into the cars. Next on the list my favorite. Yummm, chocolad! What do you reckon? There’s sooo many chocolates. Laughing. What do you reckon guys have we got enough chocolate? Hmmmm. I don’t think so. The thing is it’s just like so hard. Maybe. We just wanna be able to fit them. You can’t put everything in the freezer. Yeah. This one looked good. Oh yeah! That’s a New Zealand one. Yeah! They’re real good. Yeah! Looks at these ones! These ones! Oh yeah! That’s quite nice isn’t it`? Should we take a few of these? Let’s load up the cars. The Malay people were super nice and helped us load all the beer cases. Music. Hey how much beer did we get Breeyawn? Ha Ha Ha I don’t know. ALOT! As much as we could get. Ohhh yeah! How much? Give us a guestimation. Individual beers or cases? Individual beers. 924. Ok is that you’re final answer. 924. 924. Ok sweet. We’re doing a little competition. How many individual beers do you reckon we have. Hmmmm. I’m gonna go with 720. Do a random guess. Ummmm. 600??? Wait wait wait… I would say about a thousand! Alright. Nice! Well I already wrote mine down. 800? Ok. What do you think Max? Yea I would say like 650. 650? 650 yep. What is in that? Ewww. What’s your guess on how many individual cans of beer we got? 820? Ok. So I have very good news! We bought all that beer and it was only 778US so we’re actually under budget by almost 200US! And it’s gonna have to last us for the next 7 months. So than you so much for buying us a beer! yes! We love it. So knowing we could spend a little more on alcohol we got more. And Jesus we got more! We make our own moonshine on Delos but there’s some liquor that’s really hard to make so we got a few naughty bottles. That’s dangerous! We’re gonna get a bottle of Absinthe for a good trip. Yeah, can’t go wrong! So we chucked a party in the car and we went on our second mission. Food! We found Lucky Frozen! What? Yeah, we found it! Laughing. We found Lucky Frozen! They found Lucky Frozen! Laughing. Music. Feeling like hungry sailors we stopped in for a quick lunch break. Geez… I feel like we’re a tour group or something. I haven’t been in a McDonalds in about 2 years. This is really weird. Music. Are you gonna get McDonalds? Probably. Yes! I think we should go through all the dive gear and then do it. Laughing. Like. Laughing. Laughing. What??? We were all full and energized. And we were ready to stock up some trollies. These supermarkets were so bright and colorful and the selections were crazy. You guys are getting uhhh, all the Muesli stuff. So cereal, whole meal dried fruit. I can do the fresh stuff. Brian- you can go for the chick peas, sweet corn, mini corn olives, any canned veggies. Ok. And milk. Real 100% juice no sugar. No preservative. We can mix with the rum huh? Oh yeah! And we’ve got enough cous cous to feed… That is a lot of cous cous brotha! Mate there’s even more down here. Mate!!! Cous cous and juice bro, we’re sorted! We got some weird jelly stuff. Ha Ha Ha. I don’t know if we’re gonna bring that….. Shampoo and conditioner!! Nice one! I can’t f**king decide, they’re like all over the place. We’re looking for a stationary book for the Delos folder. Hey bro look at these!! Floss. Chuckle. Gotta keep your teeth healthy! I just found my art stuff. OH SHIT…… Yeah. So I’m just stocking up on all the things. They have pretty good selections. For being here, the quality paper and stuff. This is pretty good. I’m gonna get one of these. Does anybody wanna play the guessing game? How much it’s gonna be? It’s gonna cost? 3,000?? Yea, I say 3,337. Nice! What do you think Brian? 2,800! So we loaded everything through the register and we were ready to see the final price. I guessed 4,000 Malaysian Ringit and knew it was going to be cheap but I was well off mate! I guessed 3,000. I guessed 4,000. We were all way off. Mango! Look at how low that car is! He he he he. How’s it going Josje-Rama? Pretty good! How is it in there? It’s hot and stanky. Cosy! The two cars were super low and crazy full. And we were already on our next stop…. Meat and cheese. I knew there was gonna be alot of filming but I was mind blown with how much. I love taking photos and videos of my travels. So was totally in my element. And like Karin said it’s better to have more footage than less. Hey there!! How’s it going? Still going! Music. Music. How’s it going Breeyawn??? They have steaks! Do you guys want steaks? Nice!!! Yeah that would be good. It would be nice with sausages. Yeah! Yeah! Got those cheese grillers. Do you like Lamb? Yeah. Yeah. What have you got Josje? Cashew nuts! OHHH YEAH!!! 170… 190… 220… 250… You can tell you’re in Malaysia when you find crazy amounts of dried fish, different types of mushrooms , and weird fungus things. What are these?? OHhh it stinks. It’s the dried fishies! It’s the dried fishy! And wish enough food and drinks to feed an army we were ready to head back to Delos. Ohhh it’s so hot! One our way back we spotted these guys and decided stay for a little show. And boy did they give us a show! Look at that! Ha Ha Ha ha. He He He He. Music. Music. Music. We noticed the man of the jungle, and you could say he was feeling a little frisky! What??? Oh my god!! Laughing. Laughing. Wow! Hee hee hee. Look at his little wiener! I think he has sperm on it! Uhhhh. Is it? Gross. Monkey jizz! Felling well entertained us gangsters headed back to the marina. Music. Gangsta music… Guardian of the beer! We loaded up all the shopping bags on Delos first. And we managed to fit all the beer and wine and also seven of us into the beast Maggie. Shizam! Awesome job guys! So who won the beer guessing competition? Brady guessed 924. Brian guessed 720. Babs guessed 1,000. I guessed 1,111 which is really stupid cause it’s an odd number. Ha Ha Ha. Laughing. Karin guessed 800. Max 650, and Frida 820. And the winner is drum roll please! Drum roll! Babs there’s 1,008 beers. 1,008! Whew! Oh Shit Yeah! Thank you thank you! Feeling pretty stoked I won the competition. But little did I know what me prize was- to clean all the fruit and veggies! We’re really lucky that we have a crew of 7, so with 14 hands it goes from a crazy mission into a fun easy job. Music… Basically cleaning all the fruit and veg with water and ahh chlorine right? Yeah a little bit of bleach. To get all the bugs and shit out of it. So that we won’t get yeah, bugs in the boat I guess. Laughing. Yeah, so that’s what we’re doing. What do you think Babsie? I think it’s a good idea so we don’t get sick. More beers!!!! This bilge is just swallowing up the beer! I’ve already fit like I think 1,2, 6 or 7 cases of beer just in these 2 compartments so it’s like a massive storage area. That’s awesome! We’re removing the paper because the cockroaches like the glue so they lay their eggs here. So we have to remove this and clean this with bleach. And obviously we don’t know what’s in it so we write on it. We label them ourselves by hand. Kernel corns! Music. What are you doing Karin? Awww. Trying to organize. Going crazy!! It’s really hard! We are running out of space! Getting rid of more cardboard. Get rid of the cockroach eggs. No cardboard allowed! So they don’t infest our wine.. He He and that’s how we tell if it’s red or white. It’s red! Ha Ha Ha This is the secret wine bilge. But did you know about it before? yeah, I found it when I was on my bug destroying mission. So far we’ve fit like 25 liters of wine down there! What are you ladies doing? Filling up the fridge with beer! How many do you have down there now? A few hundred? Alot! This bilge in here is like 4 layers of stacked cans of beer! Like shoved way in there. The last spot is under the dishwasher. And hopefully it’ll fit everything. I am getting the eggs ready to put into the boat. So I have a damp side of the towel with a little bit of bleach. And I have a dry side too. Can you hand me all the small cans first? So the cockroaches won’t go on there? Yeah, just clean them from cockroach eggs and shit. So bleach is the shit for everything! Yes! So guys this is like the first drink we’re having together. Oh yeah! Yeah! How does it feel? Feel good? Salud! Salud! Skol! I thought you were going to turn around and cheers me. Ha Ha, but cheers! And after all that hard work let’s just say we enjoyed way more than just one beer! Music. We had our rigging inspection done for our insurance. Delos is pretty old but she’s still in really good condition. Fundamentally it would be wise to get the rigging replaced before setting sail so we had to decide if we wanted to get it repalced in Thailand, or South Africa. That’s what I may suggest here. I mean the rig obviously need to be replaced at some point. At some point. It’s just a tough decision whether to do it now or in South Africa. The main reason is the timing. Yeah, well fundamentally yes you’re getting a little bit, a little bit close if you wanna cross fundamentally you have to cross it now. I think it would be at least a month setback, maybe 2. And it’s 20,000 dollars that I don’t have. Chuckle. Give it a nice clean with turpentine. and keep watching it. You were able to look at the top? Yeah fundamentally yes! I don’t know that was the best value for 1,200 ringit that I’ve ever spent. I just don’t feel that he was as thorough as he could have been. I spend more time up there. looking at everything and looking at everything and checking for cracks in the welds and pins. He barely looked at anything. I had to ask him to look at the backstays. I was like do you want to look at the backstays? He was like Oh, I might as well. I was like, yeah. You really should! Music. Before setting sail to Thailand our goal was to fill up Delos with as much fuel as possible. And we were lucky Telaga harbor had a marina with a fuel dock. It’s pretty sweet! For any sailor Music. Music. Music. So we actually don’t need that much fuel. Just about 210 liters, but it’s kind of such a luxury to get it at an actual fuel dock that we don’t have to carry it in jerry jugs. We’re gonna take advantage of this! Diesel! Vin Diesel! What a weird name huh? Yeah I know… My name is Vin Diesel! So with the rigging inspection done, fuel and oil restocked, food and drinks done we were ready to check out of Malaysia. What’s the best thing about Mayalsia besides the chicken chop? That we haven’t been sick yet. Perfect right! I know it just stood there it’s like the perfect size! We just have to bleach it cause then we’ll get rid of all the… And put a line. Yeah! Look at that! I found that in the trash. Treasures in the trash! So Brian- leaving Malaysia. What’s the best thing except the chicken chop. Chuckle. I’m really a fan of Mei Go Raing. Yup. Yep. And then have some wicked curries here. We’re looking forward to some Thai food. So let’s go check out! Yup. Music. Music. We are leaving Malaysia and going to Thailand. Alright! Pretty excited! It’s all good. Ready to get out of Langkawi? Yea we’ve been here for a while. Yea we’ve been here for two weeks now. Cause first we were working on the boat for 5 days and now I think we’ve been 10 days. Here or something. yea, for me like 1 week. It’s pretty long but we’ve never sailed before so I’m pretty excited to see what it’s like. I’m gonna be like I need a bucket!!! Do you know where we’ve going? Do you mean like where exactly? No. Ha Ha. Because yesterday we spoke about lovers hole. He He He. Lovers hole??? He He He. What kind of a sailing trip is this? Isn’t that what’s it’s called? Engine starting. It is Brian’s just giving you shit. Finally the day is here! Delos and the crew are ready and we were all pumped to start the sail to Thailand. Music. Anchor noises. Sweet!! We’re up! How does it feel guys? Wooo hoo! It feels good. How are you feeling Max? I’m feeling funny. I think I have the Dengue fever after thing. Ohhh no! So I’m feeling a bit achy. But it’s fine. It’s crazy how fast a week can go by and I couldn’t wait for this adventure. I had so many emotions but the main emotion was excitement! I reminded myself how amazing this was, taking in a long deep breath and smiling towards the sunshine. Delos leaving towards the big blue ocean and I could hear the waves splashing behind us. Good vibes, reggae tunes, and everyone was smiling. The start of our adventure began! Music. Up next! With the crew complete we set sail to Thailand on our first cruise of the season. Max ends up in hospital. We stay up all night through a nasty squall. And we indulge in our first Thai Massages. Music. Music. Music. Shake it! Shake it! You got a wet bum. Ha Ha He he. Shit mate that’s alot of beer! Souvenir shop. Do you think they have the little baby cheeses? Oh shit oh take me down a right now Im a scared of heights (terrible Italian accent) Malaysian…. Ha he, He He.



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Trigby Chvastek

Jul 7, 2018, 1:22 pm Reply

Awesome crew… great to see you home on Delos Brady with your mana.. 👍🏼bro and of course Your girl from NZ too … sorry my spelling of her name is crap! Lol Goooo Kiwis 👊👊

Trigby Chvastek

Jul 7, 2018, 1:23 pm Reply

Maggie the Aussie connection … lol 😂


Jul 7, 2018, 6:02 pm Reply

Is that Gramatik I hear playing in the background from 22:37 to 23:29 ? I think "Good Evening Mr. Hitchcock" and "Make You Better".

Sorry 2 years late to the party haha


Aug 8, 2018, 2:33 pm Reply

12:53 Chuck the party? As in, "Chuck the party!" from they partyguy in Madagaskar or whereever?…


Aug 8, 2018, 3:13 am Reply

green suite needs to be tossed overboard

james santellan

Aug 8, 2018, 6:04 am Reply

what was wrong with the new sails, that you had to do repairs on them?

cam ron

Oct 10, 2018, 8:07 pm Reply

Rewatching you alls videos and it never gets old. Cant wait to rebuild a boat again and one day live the life.

Sailing Kalamari

Nov 11, 2018, 8:54 pm Reply

cockroaches stuff was so useful.

Pasquale Angiolillo

Dec 12, 2018, 2:50 pm Reply


Wesley Davies

Dec 12, 2018, 8:40 pm Reply

Angry Chihuahua named Toby loves your content!


Jan 1, 2019, 5:05 pm Reply

you guys bought our Dutch national drink were we provide our children with..HEINEKEN.. o_~

Ju Ichi

Jan 1, 2019, 3:25 pm Reply

i miss this crew

sean haugen

Jan 1, 2019, 8:26 am Reply

My all time favourite Delos crew. I miss all of them. P.S….is Babs single? Lol.

Paul Gabov

Feb 2, 2019, 3:25 pm Reply

the most fun your video of all time)

Anita Hardesty

Jun 6, 2019, 9:43 pm Reply

I've traveled to many amazing places in the world in my life. I'm 55 now and the one thing on my bucket list before I die is to sail. The big problem is I got severe motion sickness on a huge cruise ship when it was out at sea. I was pregnant at the time so maybe that was why. Anytime we weren't at port I was sick in bed. I hope before I die I can go on a month sail adventure. We have owned motor boats all our life but have never taken them in the ocean as they are to small.


Jul 7, 2019, 5:08 pm Reply

anonymous alcoholic clubs! yeeee we OMG Buddhist ?😂😂😂😂😂😂

Chuk Wow

Jul 7, 2019, 11:08 am Reply

This episode and to Madagascar are my favourite ones. Perfect mix of wonderful and lovely people. The spirit is beyond 100%.
The Delos style started with this crew.

If anyone is reading this, do you know what those folks are doing now? Pls dot down YT-channels or/and blogs.
Obviously I know what Brian and Brady are up to😁. It’s the other guys I’m interested in.

Matt O

Jul 7, 2019, 8:41 pm Reply

everyone drinks that awful wine where i live its crazy disgusting

David C

Jul 7, 2019, 11:13 pm Reply

OMG Brady broke out the green man suit!!! Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Welcome home Brady and Sosje.


Aug 8, 2019, 8:35 am Reply

Best crew ever


Aug 8, 2019, 4:47 am Reply

I once took part in a 4000 dollar beer run for an entire summer of commercial fishing in Alaska. It only lasted until mid late July. 104 straight days at sea.

Wile CKoyote

Oct 10, 2019, 6:31 am Reply

Epic. Rewatch random episodes.
Edit: really like the background music.

Jayem Destura

Nov 11, 2019, 5:51 pm Reply

I love beeeeeeerrrrrsss 😍😍

M. G.

Nov 11, 2019, 12:00 am Reply

This crew was the best Delos crew, time flies by fast !!!

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