4 Valentine’s Day Beers From Lakeshore Beverage

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So you got any big plans for Valentine’s
Day this year? No, nothing planned. No? You know you should do a Valentine’s Day Beer video. You think? Yeah! I don’t know man, I’m just not feeling the love this year Sad music playing You know what? I will make a Valentine’s
day beer video! Let’s get this straight: you ended up
naked in my bed because that’s right where you wanted to be and for the
record I wasn’t the only one screaming for more. On Valentine’s Day I like to
celebrate with a little champagne Champagne Velvet from the Upland Brewing Company. It’s low in ABV but high in carbonation and flavor, it’s a perfect
accompaniment to your favorite steamy novel. He rocked against her, increasing No Valentine’s Day is complete without a romantic dinner and a glass of Goose
Island Juliet. Juliet is a Belgian style wild ale aged in wine barrels with
blackberries it’s tart, jammy, spicy and tannic perfect
for drinking alongside your Valentine. After a nice romantic dinner, I like to
retire next to the fire with some chocolates and a glass of Virtue Michigan Cherry. Michigan Cherry takes some of last year’s cider, aged in French oak barrels and blends it with some tart Michigan cherry juice. It’s light, slightly sweet and tart: perfect for chocolates I like to finish off my Valentine’s
Day with a nice hot bubble bath, some chocolate-covered strawberries and a
glass of desert beer Tonight I’m having Moody Tongue’s Caramelized Chocolate Churro
Baltic Porter It’s a Baltic Porter with Mexican
cinnamon Oaxacan chocolate and Madagascar vanilla beans. It’s decadent
and delicious. On behalf of everyone at Lakeshore Beverage, we hope you find
good beer and love on this Valentine’s Day.

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