4 thieves rob victim at gunpoint outside liquor store in Lauderdale Lakes

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frightening ambush it was all caught on camera a heavily armed gang rushing a man as he left a liquor store local 2 News reporter Terrell Fournier is live in Lauderdale Lakes where the video deputies really want you to see Terrell and Laurie that video is just as clear as it is compelling that crime happened right in front of this shopping plaza and those crooks didn’t care who was around the white four-door Volvo seen backing into a parking spot appears to be just another car until an unsuspecting victim walks out of a store as soon as he comes out of that store he is accosted by three armed men and these guys are heavily armed some of them have multiple weapons in their hands during this armed robbery the male victim is obviously caught off guard and falls to the ground as he is surrounded by the armed thieves notice a witness speeding off in their own car and another man walking who sees the drama but decides to retreat in the other direction the crime happened last Sunday outside of the J&L liquor store on North West 19th Street in Lauderdale Lakes near State Road 7 the victim kind of cowered in the corner on the floor there rummaging through his person looking for valuables and in the video there is a fourth man who emerges he calmly walks over to the victim’s car and appears to grab something what though is unclear the entire time the three other crooks appear to be nervous the first three are kind of just fumbling they’re struggling they’re dropping things the fourth individual is calm cool and collected that fourth man steals more cash from the victim before all four hop back into the Volvo and speed off the victim walks back into the liquor store were a worker eventually calls for help and so again these cameras picked up that crime this past Sunday and about 7:00 in the evening and that victim actually left the scene before Broward Sheriff’s Office they arrived those deputies arrived to investigate this crime but in the meantime detectives they still are trying to identify those four men who all appear to be armed if you have any information that can help investigators pick up the phone and give Broward Crime Stoppers that number now on your screen nine fifty four four nine three tips and remember you can remain anonymous we are live in Lauderdale Lakes tonight I’m too rough wound a local 10 News okay



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