4: Making Test Plans: SureTrend Food & Beverage Series

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Welcome to the SureTrend four instructional
video series for food and beverage processors. In this video we’ll cover creating test
plans. Let’s get started. Test plans are a convenient way to organize
testing into groups. You may choose to organize test plans by: product type, surface type,
manufacturing line, day of the week, area of facility, zone, rank, etc.
To make a test plan, navigate to the Units tabs and click the plus sign in the Plans
pane. Name the plan, and once completed, press enter. Hygiena luminometers display up to
20 characters for the plan name. You may also click into the empty box under plan name and
start typing, then press enter when finished. Fields can be modified by clicking twice in
the plan name field. Once all plans are listed, you may rearrange the order in which they
will appear on the unit by clicking, holding, and dragging rows to the desired position.
To remove a plan, click the minus sign and select yes.
Now you need to add locations to the plan. First select the desired plan you want to
edit. In the pane to the right, “Plan Locations”, select the globe icon on the top right. This
will open a window that will let you select locations for this test plan from the locations
on this unit. Once you’ve checked the locations you wish to add to this plan, click OK. The
locations will be added to the plan. Now you may rearrange the order in which locations
will appear in the plan by clicking, holding, and dragging rows to the desired position.
Remember to sync your unit when you’re done. Watch more videos in this series on how to
sync your unit, upload results, and run reports.

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